Who Am I?

Carol Ann Erhardt

I am a published author who loves to write. You can learn about my books on my Books page.

God gave me the gift to weave words into a satisfying reading experience where characters are flawed and God uses those flaws for His glory. And don’t we all love happily ever afters? Books which leave us with hope for our own lives?

I’m also an avid reader in various genres, and I spend time every day reading the Bible. I enjoy several hobbies other than reading. I have a large collection of colored pencils, markers, and other tools that I use for coloring in my equally large coloring book collection. Another hobby is diamond painting. I have several completed works hanging on the wall in my office and bedroom. I sometimes work on jigsaw puzzles and brain teaser puzzles. Living alone and being retired gives me a lot of hours in the day.

Life is beautiful and filled with God’s marvelous colors. As the years pass, I am happy to age gracefully with God.