About the Author

Carol Ann Erhardt

Carol Ann Erhardt says “God gave me the gift to weave words into a satisfying reading experience where characters are flawed. God uses those flaws for His glory. And don’t we all love happily ever afters? Books which leave us with hope for our own lives?”

She is an avid reader in various genres and reads her Bible every day. She loves God and gives Him all the glory for her books.

When she isn’t writing she enjoys other hobbies like coloring, diamond painting, jigsaw puzzles, and brain teaser puzzles.

After raising three sibling cats for nearly nineteen years, she found her life too quiet and lonely when they crossed the rainbow bridge. So, she visited her local Cat Welfare Association and adopted a five-year-old long-haired orange and white tabby. She named him Finnegan and he brings her a lot of joy. When she is writing or spending time in her office, he is right beside her on the desk.

Carol Ann says of her life “I am aging gracefully with God. He is my rock, my anchor, and provides inspiration for my books.”