Morning Thoughts

A Scratching Thingie? (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi! It’s me, Finnegan. So things have been quiet this past week. Sunday was Mother’s Day so my mommy went to lunch with her human daughters. My favorite one stopped by for a few minutes while mommy fed me and I was so happy to see her! She was the one who really made me relax when I first came here and was so scared. But they didn’t stay long.

So for my mommy I gave her a present. One of my friends helped me and I’m not going to say who it was (whispers: I don’t know who, but don’t tell). Mommy was so full of smiles when she got it in the mail.

Mommy has been cleaning my ears with the medicine the doctor gave her and it is helping. I’m feeling a lot better and not scratching like I did before. And I’m super happy because mommy decided she was going to start giving me a little dry food. So I get my wet food twice a day and dry food which is super yummy once a day. Mommy says it is hairball and weight control stuff, but I don’t believe it. To me it tastes like the best food ever!

Yesterday mommy went shopping again. She came home and put the groceries away and then put something down on the floor. She said it was for scratching and keeping my claws in good shape. Ha! I showed her what it really was. It’s a chaise, or in kitty terms a bed! See!

Well, I did scratch on it a time or two, but it’s a good spot for napping. Well, that’s about all I have to talk about today. I’m seeing sunshine so I want to jump up in my window spot and watch the birds. See you next Wednesday!


The Spiritual Fruit of Self Control

“No one can serve two masters. either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24 NIV

I’ve been doing a forty day fast from refined sugar. Each day I’ve been reading the accompanying devotional in the book by Wendy Speake, The 40-Day Sugar Fast. It was only two days ago on day 36, God revealed something to me in my reading.

In the verse above, the word money can be substituted with any other word. Sugar, being one. But I have also been known to spend money on things I don’t need and can’t really afford. Not just recently, but all my life. So I could add sugar and money. But it isn’t just sugar. It’s carbs. I love carbs and eating them bodes ill for my diabetes. So now I have ‘you cannot serve both God and money, sugar, and carbs. Interesting. What does this mean. This is what God revealed to me:

I do not have the spiritual gift of self-control!

It isn’t sugar or carbs or anything else I’m addicted to. No wonder I have been struggling with my dieting and diabetes for years. I prayed for God to help me stop eating poorly and choose better. And I prayed for Him to bless my finances. Now this isn’t a bad prayer, but I should have been praying for self-control. Why didn’t I see this before?

If I realize that my enemy is myself and my lack of self-control, I have a better chance of succeeding at everything in my life. At times I’ve been a frivolous spender and wonder why my finances aren’t better. Food has always been a problem. I was raised with the idea that food brought comfort.

Friday I had lunch out with a friend and chose a chicken tender wrap and opted for a side salad instead of fries. The salad was delivered first. When the sandwich came the plate also contained fries. I ate half of the sandwich and the salad minus the croutons. I should have taken just the half sandwich home, but I shoved the fries in the box, too. Excuse, no need to waste them. Yes, I ate them—every one. The fries weren’t the enemy, my lack of self-control was.

Lack of self-control has undermined me all my life. I have blamed things other than myself. God sort of whacked me on the head and told me to wake up! I’m so grateful He did. Satan knows my weakness is lack of self-control. He will whisper to me I deserve to buy something, or I deserve to eat something. God revealed to me why Satan is able to sneak into my thoughts. No longer! No more deceiving this gal.

Self-control is a spiritual fruit and God will help me to gain this if I stay focused on Him as my only Master.

Writer's Journal

Danger Lurks in Taking Too Long of a Break

What does taking a break do for a writer? Does it give clarity to questions about the strength of a work in progress? Does it give clarity about questions of what’s next?

When I have questions, I need to step away and pray, think, calm my mind and soul. I believe this is necessary no matter what our lifestyle might include. But, as a writer, I’ve learned that staying away from what my heart longs to do is detrimental. It allows doubt to creep in and creates a perfect state of mind to let Satan do his best to destroy my courage and confidence.

I forget everything about the characters I’ve created and their story. Oh, I know the minimal basics but the longer I stay away, the more cardboard and dull everything seems. This is exactly what Satan wants! I can hear him saying, “That writer is in doubt. Attack!”

My most recent break extended into more than a month. In order to get back to the writing, I had to print out what I’d already written, well over a hundred pages, and start reading from the first word in chapter one. Imagine! You’d think I would be so invested I wouldn’t need to do this. Maybe some would be able to jump right back in. Not me.

All the doubt surrounding my story is falling away as I read. I thumb my nose at Satan. God is stronger than him. When I turn my writing over to God, I find the words flow freely. I need to remain aware that God is with me always. The Holy Spirit guides me every day, and when I’m writing I have the counsel I need when research is needed. I feel as if Jesus is smiling at me when I’m in the zone. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Now that the weather is permitting, I can sit outside and write while listening to birds singing. My porch is the place where I feel in the midst of the beautiful sanctuary God has created. This is where I find my peace and once again I am writing. It’s all about Him.

No matter what our life dreams are, if we actively pursue them, we need to be aware that Satan is watching us. He will use any weakness he spots as a sign to attack. In these end times, he prowls more openly to turn us against ourselves. We need to stay grounded in our faith and pray without ceasing. God will not put doubt into our minds. Stay strong and be kind, compassionate and loving. And remember everything good happens in God’s timing, not ours.

Finnegan's Diary

New Little Friends That Scared Me! (Finnegan’s Diary)

It’s me. Finnegan, the most loved rescue cat ever, according to mommy.

We had a busy week! I met four new family members!

The big mommies were nice. But the little ones scared me. I wanted to play with them but they didn’t understand about playing in my way. Every time I tried to sniff them first they would scream and reach for me! That made me run away. Finally, I took shelter under me and mommy’s bed. Mommy brought in my lunch and my water and left them in the closet. Mommy shut the bedroom door and told me I was safe.

I stayed under the bed for a long time but I did come out to eat. Finally I jumped onto my bedroom window perch. Mommy came in and talked to me and petted me once. I decided to try going out again, but as soon as I did the little boy came running after me holding my toy! Mommy says he was trying to give it to me so we could play, but I just wanted to go back in the bedroom. I came out when they left.

It was a different kind of day for me. When the first big person came she didn’t have anything but suitcases. She smelled good and she knew how to pet me and I really liked her a lot. She scratched under my chin like mommy does.

She stayed for a few days. After she left, I looked out the back door to see if she would come back, but she didn’t. Now it’s just mommy and me again. We live a quiet life and things are back to our regular routine which is fine with me. I do like the warm weather time because the front door is open and I can see out and nap in the sunshine.

While our visitor was here, she and mommy would sit in the garage and do crafts but they didn’t let me come out. I wanted to be with them, but mommy was afraid I’d run away and get lost. In the garage there is a big door that opens and the world is waiting out there. I don’t feel safe in the world and I just want to stay with my mommy where I’m loved and safe.

Well, that’s all the adventures I had last week. I wonder what’s going to happen this week? I’ll be back to write about it next Wednesday. Until then, so long, Diary, and all my friends in the outside world.

Writer's Journal

I Have the Stylus!!

My daughter came to visit for a few days. Next youngest daughter stopped by yesterday and we had a nice time just sharing and having fun. Before she left, she wanted to take a selfie with the three of us. Then older daughter decided she wanted to use her phone and take a picture. She had a newer phone with a stylus that could be used for selfies. She had trouble getting a good angle, so younger daughter took it and held it. She touched the phone button to take the picture, but older daughter said, “Don’t press the button. I have the stylus!”

Okay, two daughters. What do you think happened? Yes, younger daughter kept pressing the phone button, and older daughter was insistent she had control with the stylus. You guessed it…here is the result.

I can think of nothing better to do when I’m not writing than having a great time with family! I also learned I don’t want one of those styluses!