A Snowy, Cold, Day After

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Youngest daughter and her hubby hosted our family this year. So much yummy food. I tried everything, of course! I’m a family oriented person, and being with family really warms my heart. This morning, I woke and it felt chilly. The rain we had been getting changed to a sleety snow. The… Continue reading A Snowy, Cold, Day After

Peaceful Anticipation

I am aging gracefully this morning with a cup of tea and comfy lounging PJ’s. I wait in peaceful anticipation of our small family gathering tomorrow at my youngest daughter’s home. I can imagine the wonderful scents of thanksgiving: roasted turkey, gravy, potatoes, vegetables, pies, and so much more. Best of all will be the… Continue reading Peaceful Anticipation

A Heart of Thanksgiving

This is Thanksgiving week. I’m happy to be joining family gathering at my youngest daughter’s house and to not cook a turkey. She always gives me easy things to contribute. But I do miss the smell of Thanksgiving and the leftovers. I did purchase a 3 pound turkey breast which is in my freezer. I’ll… Continue reading A Heart of Thanksgiving

The Battle is Real

Ever give in to binges? Confession time, mostly to self, because what I did was dangerous to my health. I continually crave something sweet after dinner, so I don’t keep anything sweet in my home, since I am a diabetic. For me it is difficult to keep my carbs low during the day and I… Continue reading The Battle is Real


I have always loved to sing. I don’t have a lick of talent and sing off key a lot. Sometimes my voice cracks because, well, let’s face it…I’m old! LOL! But there is one thing I know for sure. God doesn’t care!! The only thing He cares about is my sincerity of heart as I… Continue reading Sing!

Always be Joyful

Do you ever stop and thank God for the gifts of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste? Or do you take them for granted? Being honest, I admit I never take my sight for granted as looking at nature opens a natural thankfulness for all He has created. Yet, while I enjoy the sounds I… Continue reading Always be Joyful

The First Snowfall

Wow! Yesterday we had our first snowfall. A mixture of rain and snow lightly fell on my way to church. As I parked, the snow began to fall in huge, beautiful flakes, floating softly to the ground. I expected it to be gone by the time church ended, but surprise! Everything was covered with snow… Continue reading The First Snowfall


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