God blessed me with grandchildren. My youngest is a teenager and my oldest is over 30. Tomorrow I’ll be taking my second oldest grandson (who is 35) to have outpatient surgery for a broken collarbone. Not just cracked, but broken completely in two pieces and separated. When I had shoulder surgery several years ago, my… Continue reading Grandmas

Who Is He to You?

Listening to the radio as I drove to church on Sunday morning, I heard the following question: “Who is God to you?” Immediately I began listing: Father, Savior, Friend, Healer, Comforter, Companion, Teacher, Leader, Guide, Family, Truth, Light, Redeemer, Creator, Counselor, Love, Goodness, Peacemaker, Everything… As I have aged, God has revealed Himself to me… Continue reading Who Is He to You?

Migraine Out of Nowhere

Last evening a migraine plagued me suddenly and painfully. Not sure what triggered it, but I’m grateful for medication and that I could sleep most of it off. Those who have ever suffered with migraines can relate to how they linger for a few days. I’m planning on staying inside and shading the windows from… Continue reading Migraine Out of Nowhere


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