Inside the Writer’s Mind with Binoculars

I had a little fun on my Facebook page, Books by Carol Ann, yesterday. I used my binoculars to watch a few hawks who’d perched atop electric poles across the pond from my office window. As I did so, my imagination began to kick into action, as happens with writers.

I wondered what neighbors would think if they spied me at the window with big binoculars! Would they wonder if I was spying on them, or if I’d seen something they couldn’t see. The more I thought about this the funnier it got, so I started posting on my page little funny posts about this.

Later I had brunch with my daughter and she and I started laughing about it. She decided it would be funny to come to my place and she’d take pictures of me with the binoculars peering through the slats of the CLOSED blinds. I agreed it would be hilarious to add this to the post. I had posted on my regular FB timeline, too, and that’s where she put them. I added them to my Books by Carol Ann page as well.

You are invited to come to visit my page to see the pictures and I hope you’ll leave a comment, too. Here’s the link or if you have Facebook, you can search for Books by Carol Ann. Like the page if you want to. I’d love to interact with you there.

I suppose the point of the post is that writer’s have very active imaginations. While my last book, Katy’s Heart, was not a romantic suspense as are my other books, I seem to always think of the what ifs in a suspenseful format. Thus, the binoculars. Perhaps they will appear in my next series…to be announced soon.

The Joy of a Recycled Journal

Yesterday, I stumbled across a journal my second youngest daughter gave me in 2020. I am going to use it to continue my journaling. She gave it to me for Mother’s Day in May 2020. I used it for taking study notes while I was studying my Bible and only used about 1/4 of the pages. Since it is spiral bound, I removed the pages I’d filled and now it is a perfect journal for me. There is a scripture on every page, just as I had wanted. It also has a beautiful cover.

It’s wonderful when God leads me to forgotten treasures!

So why do I journal? I’ve found it is a way to pour out my thoughts and emotions at the end of a day. We never know what is going to happen as we open each gift of a new day. Journaling is a release for me of the stresses before I go to sleep. It is talking to God while writing the words in my heart. The journal is also a place where I share my joy at God’s beautiful creations, the happy moments in my day, or the plans for a new day. In short it is just opening up my heart at any given time and releasing the words. Sometimes the words are a prayer.

I’ve often used the words, I write because I can’t NOT write! As an author, words are a part of my inmost being and I believe this is a gift from God.

I’m so grateful to my daughters who provide the means to journal, to capture scripture, and to record blessings. And I’m so grateful for a God who loves me so much and tell me I am worthy.


If you have not read Trapped, the first book in my Havens Creek Series, you can get the ebook for free on Amazon through Saturday, July 23!

Low on faith and high on fear, Summer Grant flees from death threats and is involved in an accident which leaves her trapped in Havens Creek, a small town not far enough away from danger. Though she doesn’t trust cops, she has no choice but to accept the hospitality of Police Chief Jake Taylor.

Staying with his sister and her five-year old daughter in an isolated mountain home is the ideal place to recuperate, but if the man Summer is running from finds her, no one will be safe.

Turning Things Around

My writing is usually about showing how God can take broken lives and mend them providing hope and forgiveness. However, my first two books were written for the secular marketplace and published through a traditional publisher. In order to offer the kind of books I wanted to write, I became my own publisher at a time when self-publishing was looked down upon. However, I knew this is where God was leading me.

My time with the publishers taught me the basics of the publishing world and I spent time learning as much as I could before publishing on my own. Since that time, the publishing world has changed drastically. Many, many people have begun self-publishing. This, to the extent, that a reader has a lot of choices. While my first two books remain showing on Amazon as unavailable, they can never be deleted. Sad. So when I republish them, they will have new titles and new covers.

With thoughts about turning things around, I decided why not use the two stories I wrote nearly 20 years ago and make them new? Resurrect them and give them new hope? Write them from a Christian viewpoint? So that is what I am doing now.

I have learned it is possible to write a good story without needing curse words or sex scenes. The books I write and want to continue writing offer a safe reading experience about real people, real emotions, and the problems they face. But they also offer hope and healing because God always has a better plan.

Look for two new books to be released this year that have been resurrected and given new life through God’s better plan! More to come…

The Child I Was – Background

I’ve been thinking about some books I’ve written about heroines scarred by living in bad foster care situations or with mothers who suffered addiction or mental disease. I have memories as a child that made me long to be with a mother who abandoned me for four years and my brother since he was two and my sister a baby. I will never know her full story because she didn’t ever want to talk about it. As a child, my imagination spun stories all revolving around my mommy coming home to get me.

I was different from my friends, who all lived in families with a mom and dad and siblings. I lived with my grandmother and grandfather and my brother lived far away with his dad, my stepdaddy. My baby sister lived with her aunt and uncle and was raised as their daughter.

Those early formative years for me began the process of making me an introvert. I never felt truly loved or wanted. Not even after my mom came to get me to live with her and my new stepdaddy. We all lived in a house with my new grandparents. I missed my other grandparents and cried and cried when I was taken away.

Throughout my growing up years, I never felt as if I belonged anywhere. I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. When I lived with my grandma and grandpa after mom left, we had running water, a bathroom and bathtub. After mom took me away, we lived in a house that had a pump outside where we drew water into a bucket. We didn’t have a bathroom with a tub and toilet. The toilet was outside in a little wooden house.

This was a huge change in my life. But children adapt easily. Except for a little girl, whose imagination, created stories of better places, better things. Stories made while riding a horse made from a stick and galloping into fairy worlds beside the creek waters.

This is the memoir I’m trying to capture for my family. The book I’m titling “The Child I Was.” The years they never knew me. I want them to understand what made me the woman I am today. So why did I begin this with the previous novels with heroines who had scarred childhoods? I think you can figure this out after reading the blog post. And also because in novels you don’t often find parents being a big part of the story. In many novels, the parents are deceased.

No one is perfect. We have children and do our best to raise them with good morals, hope, and lots of love. We make mistakes along the way because we are learning along with them, and our pasts help and hinder us.