Finnegan's Diary

The Week Before Christmas (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hello again, Diary. I’m having fun this morning! I stepped on the keyboard and somehow music started playing! Mommy came to look and she doesn’t know why. Now I can listen while I hurry to finish this writing so Mommy can investigate. After all, it is her IPad I’m using.

I wanted to tell you about this busy week before Christmas. I was busy helping mommy get things ready.

We had to wrap some presents. That was fun. Mommy laughed at me because I wanted her to wrap me up, but she said no because she didn’t want to give me away.

The sad part of the week has been Mommy left me alone too long. She said she had to go to the family Christmas party. I thought I was part of the family! She was gone for a long time. When she came home once to feed me, she didn’t stay long enough for me to finish! See, she bought me this new dish and it takes me a longer time to eat now. I can’t just gobble it down like I used to. When she finally came home she ate and gave me a snack and then we went to bed.

The next morning she left again. I think it was for church, which she does every Sunday. I was relieved when she came home at the regular time. BUT the next day, she left again! She left early and didn’t come home until lunchtime. I hurried to meet her and she picked me up and loved on me. I kept rubbing against her face and letting her know how much I missed her and loved her. I was happy again. We had our lunch and she spent time playing with me. Since then she’s been home with me. Things are back to normal. I have this special look I give her when I’m hungry and want something to eat. Even if she says sit isn’t time yet, if I give her this look, she smiles and I know she’s giving in.

Still, I think there is more alone time coming because Christmas isn’t here yet. If the weather man is right, her plans might be changed because she says it is going to be very winters with snow and wind and ice, too. If that happens, it will just be her and me for Christmas. She says she has a present for me. I wonder what it is. I hope it is covered in paper like the other presents. Mommy got a present that I don’t really like. She puts she’s feet into it and it vibrates. It looks like other kitties, but they aren’t real. They make me nervous.

Well, I think mommy wants to try and fix the music thing, so I better sign off for now. Meowy Christmas, Diary!

Love, Finnegan

Finnegan's Diary

Not Where’s Waldo, but Where’s Finnegan?

Good morning! Finnegan here with my weekly Wednesday blog! I had mommy take my picture by the Christmas tree to show how handsome I am under the lights. I never bother mommy’s tree because she doesn’t put any toys on it for me.

Want to play one of my favorite games? It’s called Where’s Finnegan. See if you can find me!

I love to hide and have mommy try to find me. So here we go! Bet you won’t be able to find me either.

Bet you had a hard time spotting me! We watched a lot of Christmas movies this week. Mommy had a problem with her back so she spent a lot of time in my play areas sitting in the recliner. Sometimes I would jump up and lay in her arm and take a nap. Sometimes, I’d crawl in my tunnel where she couldn’t see me and take a nap.

And sometimes she would fall asleep so I’d go to my favorite spot and take a nap, too.

I hear mommy coming, so I’d better say goodbye for now. I’ll be back next week! Remember to not worry about the little things or even the big things. God is still in control! Bye!

Finnegan's Diary

I Pose for Pictures (Finnegan’s Diary)

It’s Wednesday!! Here I am to share what’s happening in my corner of the world this past week.

We didn’t have Thanksgiving again, so nobody came to play with me. It was just me and my mommy.

Mommy is a writer, and she publishes books which she tells me is what pays for my treats. Because of that, I let her write whenever she wants to. While she’s writing, I’m sleeping on my window bed so I can make sure she doesn’t leave the room. If she does, then I wake and follow her.

When she isn’t writing, she colors and that is so much fun. I try to help her pick the right colors to use, but she says no and chooses another. Boo! If she keeps ignoring my choices, I will knock her hand cream over and walk behind the printer. That always gets her attention. She says no again, and then picks me up, hugs me and tells me she loves me. What she doesn’t realize is that’s all I wanted in the first place!

Sometimes I pose for pictures. What do you think of this one? Aren’t I handsome? It’s called my half-on, half-off pose.

I did have an embarrassing moment last week. Mommy was writing and I was having a very nice snooze in my window bed. It is so comfortable but I’m a big boy and when I changed position, I fell onto the desk! I didn’t hurt myself because it wasn’t a big fall, but even I heard the noise it made! Mommy looked startled and tried to console me, but I ignored her and jumped back into the bed and got comfortable. I wanted her to think I meant to do that! Sometimes I wish the bed was a little bigger, but mommy says this is the biggest one. Here’s one of my favorite positions.

We always take a break for lunch. After we eat, mommy plays with me. My favorite game is hide and seek in the tunnel. Sometimes I like to roll over in the tunnel and it puts the screen part on the bottom where I can see her, but she can’t see me! I’m a smart guy! When she finds me, I will run out of the tunnel and run through the house. I’m faster than her! We play until she’s tired out and I’m ready for another nap.

Even though we had a quiet week, it’s always nice in the evenings. Just me and mommy with the Christmas tree lights shining, and me on her lap while we watch a movie together. Yawn. I think it’s time for me to get up in my window bed and let mommy do her writing for a while. Until next Wednesday!

Finnegan's Diary

A Finnegan Thanksgiving (Finnegan’s Diary)

Good morning, to all my faithful followers! It’s been a long week and seems like a month has passed since I last sat at this keyboard. I’ve been getting my exercise by zooming around the house and running through my tunnel. I still love my tunnel! I also discovered a plastic ball with a bell inside that rolls all over the floor when I bat it. I love chasing it and it’s easy to find since it makes noise.

On Thursday, mommy watched a lot of movies, and I spent time on her lap. She explained to me about Thanksgiving being that day and how thankful she was to find me. Don’t tell her, but I’m the one who found her. When she was walking around and looking in the cages, I gave her my “please pet me” look and sure enough it worked. Once she knew what a loving boy I was, she couldn’t resist. But I let her think it was her who found me. I mean, that’s what we cats do. We have choices and we decide who we are going to adopt as our parent/s.

I digress. We didn’t have family for Thanksgiving. It was just the two of us, and that was fine with me. But on Friday afternoon, people started coming through the door…people I didn’t know, and some I did. I wasn’t afraid or nervous at all. I let everybody pet me and play with me. I did remember the little girl I met before. She was running around the house like I do when I get the zoomies. She played with me a lot. She also picked me up and carried me, which I tolerated but didn’t particularly like.

Everybody ate except me. I stayed in the living room and watched mommy hoping she’d remember me, too. And she did. When everyone finished, she fed me. And then it was back to the living room to get more attention. It was a good day. I hope we do Thanksgiving again this week.

Mommy likes to watch other kitties on her television. I like them, too. I wish we had another kitty, so I’d have a buddy to play with when I want to. I wouldn’t want it to try to sleep in my favorite spots, though. And mommy said no, that if she let another kitty come to live with us, she wouldn’t have enough money to feed us both. And I don’t want to share. I like my food. So maybe she’ll get me a stuffed one for Christmas. One that purrs and is big like me.

(Big yawn!) I’m looking at my window bed and thinking how good it feels to sleep there. Time for my morning nap. See you next Wednesday!

Love, Finnegan

Finnegan's Diary

Cat’s View of Thanksgiving (Finnegan’s Diary)

Mommy was telling me about Thanksgiving. I heard the word but didn’t really know what it meant. She explained that Thanksgiving means focusing on the things that God has provided in our lives and telling Him how thankful we are. She said gratitude has a lot to do with attitude, and that even though our lives might not be all we want them to be, we should find the blessings and give thanks. She said we should look for the important things we are thankful for, like family, and love.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this word. I decided the most important thing for me is my mommy. She rescued me, and she shows me every day what it means to be loved. She feeds me and keeps my tummy full and even gets on the floor to play with me. I’m thankful for her.

Showing Mommy how much I love her isn’t hard. I follow her everywhere she goes. I like to touch her and give her kisses and hug her. Most of all I like sleeping on her lap. I’ve been doing a lot of that since she explained about Thanksgiving because I want to show gratitude.

Another thing I want to show gratitude for is my tunnel! Mommy bought it for me and I have so much fun hiding inside and running through it as fast as I can! Sometimes mommy will throw one of my fuzzy balls in the tunnel. I run through and when I come out the opposite end, I have the ball in my mouth. I toss it high in the air and then chase it around the floor. Mommy says I’m getting my exercise. So I’m full of Thanksgiving for my tunnel, too.

Mommy says I need to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving before I close my blog today. Wishing all of you lots of turkey and all the trimmings, full tummies, lots of smiles, and a very Happy Thanksgiving!