Morning Inspiration – Washing Feet

Each morning after my two cats have been fed, I brush them to remove any loose hair. This is especially important as they are now seniors and are not as nimble at grooming themselves as in their youth. This morning the grooming session reminded me of something beautiful.

As I pulled Templeton to my lap and flipped him so I could groom his belly, his brother, Wilbur began washing Templeton’s feet. When it was Wilbur’s turn for belly grooming, Templeton did the same thing for Wilbur’s feet. Yes, it reminded me of how Jesus washed the feet of His disciples shortly before He was betrayed.

I believe feet washing is a humbling act of kindness, but I also believe this act means much more. It means we should care for our brothers and sisters at all times. Maybe we aren’t literally washing feet, but we can be the hands and feet of Jesus when necessary. I learned so much about this when I became caregiver to my husband. It wasn’t the retired life we planned, but it is one God planned for us. Love is all about giving from the heart. About washing feet. Lifting my cup of tea on this Sunday morning as I wish you all a blessed day.

Morning Inspiration – We are Worthy

Ever feel that you don’t have anything else to give? Like you’ve reached an age where you can’t contribute anything worthwhile to further the Kingdom of God? Let me ask you another question: Is there any verse in the Bible which states age is a limitation?

When we grasp and believe the lies Satan plants in our minds, we are led into feeling worthless. God doesn’t ever look on us as useless or worthless. He sent His Son, Jesus, to become human and walk faultless on the earth to teach us the truth, to turn our lives around. And then Jesus was sacrificed to take our sins upon Himself and die that we might be forgiven of the many sins that are part of our everyday lives. That doesn’t sound like a God Who thinks us worthless. There are many stories in the Bible relating people in their old age (much older than any of us live today) who were called to work for the Kingdom.

We are worthy. We are necessary. We were placed here on this earth to live out a holy purpose. We may not ever know what good we sowed during our earthly lives until God reveals this. The best thing we can do is trust in God’s Word. To know that God is Who He says He is, that God can do what He says He can do, that we are who God says we are, that we can do all things through Christ, and that God’s Word is alive and working in us. Lifting my cup of tea with a reminder that you are beautiful, a masterpiece created by God, and you are a necessary part of the Kingdom.

Morning Inspiration – A Beautiful Day for Thankfulness

Good morning! Isn’t it a beautiful day to be alive? Even though it is below freezing again this morning, the weather is supposed to be pleasant and rise into the 50’s. Long range forecast shows 70 and 80 degree temperatures for next week! I love the sunshine and on days when the sun shines, my spirits are high. When the sun hits my face, it feels like God is smiling upon me. I often wonder how any person can look at a tree, a flower, a bird, a sunrise, a sunset, or a newborn baby and not believe in God. He has transformed my life and I’m grateful from every fiber of my being. I lift my cup of tea this morning as I list the three things I’m thankful for this very moment: this computer which gives me a way to share God’s love to the world, this gift of a new day on earth, and my Bible beside me from which I gain truth and guidance. May your day be awesome and your heart be happy. I pray blessings upon you.

Morning Inspiration – True Peace

Very cold start for an April spring day. A coating of white frost on the ground and 30 degree temperature. I was happy when the sun came out yesterday afternoon and the snow disappeared. I know the sun will return and the temps will rise again. This morning, however, I am very thankful for my furnace to add warmth to my home. Yesterday’s dinner was homemade vegetable soup. Yummy! There is enough for three more dinners, so no cooking until Sunday evening. Best of all, eating the soup adds no points to my daily WW count!

So many things to be thankful about! I’m happy to be alive, happy for a new day, and happy to be giving all thanks to God for His goodness! Blessings abound all around me. All it requires is recognizing them. In my sinful past, I didn’t see all my blessings for what they were. I overlooked them as I desired more, coveted what others had which I didn’t. Satan was having a good time with me, keeping my mind from acknowledging and appreciating what God provided. No peace to be found in my heart then. I thought I was happy most of the time, but it wasn’t true. Only when I renewed my faith and trust in Jesus as my Savior and bowed humbly to thank God for true blessings did I find true peace in my life, in my heart. Lifting my cup of tea with a huge smile and a heart filled with thanksgiving to wish you all a day to be kind to yourself and to give thanks to God for his blessings.

Morning Inspiration – Strong Enough to Bend

Brrr. Temperature right at freezing with a wind chill 10 degrees colder. This is what I woke up to this morning. I took the picture of the little pine tree to show how it is bent beneath the heavy, wet snowfall. This reminds me of a country song sung by Tanya Tucker years ago “Strong Enough to Bend.” I’m reminded that in the storms of life, we need to be like the trees. As the words of the song say:

“There’s a tree out in the back yard,
That never has been broken by the wind.
And the reason it’s still standin’
It was strong enough to bend.”

Songwriters: Schlitz Donald Alan, Chapman Beth Nielsen

Though this spring day has turned into a winter-like landscape, this will pass. In the wake will be sunshine, flowers, and warmer temperatures. So bend with the changes, and wait for the new spring God will provide. Then stand tall and bloom. Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and a joyful heart!

Morning Inspiration – Gratitude List

Oh, those early morning wakeup calls meows! No alarm clock could be more accurate. There are mornings when I would love to sleep just a little longer, but Wilbur doesn’t have a snooze button! The very latest he will let me sleep is 6:20am. And that is with me listening to his insistent and ever louder yowls! Still, I am so very grateful for Wilbur and Templeton and their companionship. I like to start my day recognizing three things I am grateful for. Today’s list at the moment:

  • a bowl of hot oatmeal
  • no aches or pains
  • a cute mug decorated as a snail

Starting my day giving thanks to God for the little things makes me happy! Lifting my cup of tea and asking “In this moment, what three things are you grateful for?” Wishing you a happy day! Kindness matters.

Morning Inspiration – A Positive Outlook

The air was a little cooler than I expected as I took out my trash this morning, but already the sun is shining. Each day is truly a gift, the contents unknown, until I wake and give thanks to God. The unwrapping is in stages and each hour reveals something new.

This is the way I like to look at each new day I’m given to enjoy life in my temporary home on earth. Moving through the day with a positive outlook of expectation provides a happiness and joy. Lifting my cup of tea this morning with a reminder that attitude affects gratitude and gratitude affects attitude! May your day be filled with calorie free smiles!

Morning Inspiration – Be Watchful of the World

Eggs are boiling on the stove as I write this post. It is Sunday, my favorite day of the week. It sets the stage for a wonderful week when I gather with my church family to give praise to God for His blessings, His grace, His goodness. Last Sunday, the sermon was about what happens in the minute of our death. Many of us fear death, but if we have been saved, we have the assurance that we will leave our bodies and immediately be present in Jesus. This week’s sermon is about hell. Yes, hell is a real place. It is not fiction. Satan is real, too.

In my devotion today, I read how the enemy uses culture and our skewed sense of conformity to confuse us and draw us into the darkness. The lie is that we cannot offend anyone, so we have to embrace the new culture, even though it is considered sin in the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God. It is our life guide. It is so easy for Christians to become complacent and accepting because we have kind hearts and want to love everyone. It is how we are called to live. However, loving the person does not mean accepting the sin. It is so easy to get sucked into the ways of the world, degree by degree. Be watchful.

So, why did I start with my breakfast of boiled eggs? I’ve been on WW+ and working really hard on losing weight. Sundays my friend and I have lunch at a local pizza place. I know the individual veggie pizza I’ll order is a large number of my daily points. So I need to concentrate on zero point foods for my other meals. It’s a compromise. Lifting my cup of tea and reminding you that compromise is not something you do when confronted with sin. Be strong and be kind. Blessings to you and yours on this day the Lord has made.

Morning Inspiration – Do You Wear a Christ-like Fragrance?

“Now He uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume. Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God.” 2 Corinthians 2:14-15 NLT

I start my mornings reading a devotional in a book by Dalene Reyburn titled Walking in Grace. My daughter gifted it to me this past Christmas. The scripture above is the one from yesterday. I love these two verses. I can envision a sweet aroma, pleasing to God spreading through a world that stinks of rot, and decay.

My daughter also gifted me a fragrance set from Bath and Body Works called Snowflakes & Cashmere. Oh, how I adore the scent. But I’ve become aware that wearing fragrance when one ventures in the company of others can trigger allergic reactions in others. Now I spray the fine fragrance mist all over my body on the days I’m spending at home. Problem is, I quickly become attuned to the scent and the aroma alludes me.

Many of us forget that we are still spreading knowledge of Christ even when we don’t actively speak of our faith constantly. People watch us very closely when they know we are Christians. How we handle situations and show our faith in trusting God, sharing the fruits of the Spirit speaks volumes. Lifting my cup of tea this morning and thanking God for this beautiful morning He has provided. “The cold never bothered me anyway!”

Morning Inspiration -God Time

My good intentions didn’t pan out as I totally forgot to post this morning! I did have a great beginning to my day. I’m really in the groove to stay on WW+ and continue losing weight. Now that I’ve received my first 5 lb lost charm, I can’t wait to get my next one! I put the keychain on my refrigerator door to remind me to eat healthier!

Though the weather was a little cool, the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day. My small group is studying 1, 2, and 3rd John and I’m finding it so inspiring. The questions on the readings really make me think about my life and how these words apply. When you have to really look deep inside yourself and answer questions that are a bit uncomfortable, the result is eye opening. It triggers me to pray. Life is really too short to have a mindset of “I’ll spend more time with God later.” Tomorrow, the next hour, or the next minute might be my last here on earth. I want to spend my remaining time feeling happy, elated, and knowing I can trust God! I’m so grateful for life! Lifting my afternoon cup of tea with a reminder to be kind to yourself!