When a Writer Pours Her Heart Onto the Pages

Dear Reader,

While my tea is steeping, I decided to stop in for a few moments. I’m staring at a heavily frosted landscape. It is 28 degrees F. I’m left longing once again for a warm spring day, wondering if this will elude us in 2022 and instead have summer come crashing in with hot temps and humidity. Our summers are getting shorter and shorter each year. My daydreams consist of sitting on my front porch in the morning hours and soaking warmth into my chilled bones. Afternoons are too hot on my porch when the sun moves to the west and shines directly onto the front of my condo with no trees to protect it.

I remember how I enjoyed time writing on the porch the first year I moved here. Yesterday I wrote, as usual, at my desk in the morning hours. The first and last scenes of a book are the most fun for me. The characters are at a place of major decisions which will change their lives. It’s the time when they must trust in God’s love. This has been an especially emotional time of writing for me. I’ve been immersed in memories of grief and faith from my own Christian walk. I’ve left fingerprints from my heart on the pages.

My hope is you will fall in love with Katy’s heart in this book which is what the story is about. The title reflects this, too. Katy’s Heart.

And, so, dear reader I will sign off now to drink my tea before moving on with the writing. Look for the published release on Amazon in June. Don’t worry though. I will be notifying you and offering a special introductory price. Until later, God bless!

Love, Carol Ann

Good Friday is Here

Today is Good Friday. Why is it called such a happy name when it is the day Jesus was crucified?

Here is what the Billy Graham website has to say. (Click here to read the full answer)

“Why is it called “Good Friday”? Because by His death, Jesus became the final and complete sacrifice for our sins. We cannot erase our guilt, nor can we overcome our sins by our good deeds. But Christ did what we could never do for ourselves, by dying for us on that first Good Friday.”

I am looking forward to the worship service at church this evening. A time to remember the sacrifice made and how this made a way for me and for you to be called children of God. Because of Jesus, I am free!

There is a Place For Me

I’ve been reading about all the different sacrifices required in Leviticus. How did they remember every single detail? It boggles my mind. I can’t retain but a tiny fragment. Reading this book of the Bible during this particular week, correlates in my heart with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. God gave His Son as a sacrifice for us because we could never live up to the laws He established. Jesus became the atonement for our sins, creating a way for us to enter heaven and have eternal life. Believing in Him is the only way.

This was and is a gift. We can’t earn it. We can’t purchase it. We can’t brag about it. It is given to us through our repentance and acceptance of Jesus as our Savior.

I love reading the Bible. With the 3-year reading plan I began January 1st of this year, I’m finding time to read slowly, think about what I’m reading and how it applies to my life today. I am beginning to understand why I’ve heard the Bible is a love letter from God. It is.

I’m grateful for God’s mercy and goodness. For without Him, without the sacrifice Jesus made, my life would be different. Only by the grace of God am I able to see I am a foreigner in this world and do not have to be part of it. My citizenship is in Heaven and one day He will call me home where there is a place for me.

A Trick of the Eyes

My camera and I do not see things in the same way. I’m in awe of how beautiful the white pear tree blooms are against a beautiful shade of rich blue this morning. My camera does not see the blue sky. It’s very disappointing I cannot capture the beauty I see.

I believe this is how true love sees. When in love we see the entire person, not just the outside. This makes them beautiful in true love’s eyes, while others may see only the outer layer and wonder why we see beauty. God sees as true love sees.

He knows us intimately and looks at our hearts. This is how we, too, should look at others. With a heart like Jesus, we should see the potential in others. No one is perfect. There is beauty in all things if we see through eyes clearer than my camera lens.

Aging Gracefully as a Writer

I pray for God to lead me when I write, whether it be a blog post, a Facebook post, or a book scene. I’m nothing without Him. He called me to be a writer long ago. Even though I’ve said no and turned my back on doing His will many times, He is still faithful. My senior years provide uninterrupted time to devote to writing, and writing makes me happy. Through writing for Him, I am blessed.

Yesterday I was grateful when my characters took the lead, surprising me with whose point of view I’d write in! I wasn’t sure how the scene would play out or end. The scene seemed to write itself. I’ve learned long ago, to let God lead my characters through my writing. After all He is the Author of Creation!

Having lived through more than half of last century and over twenty years in this one, I’ve learned lessons along the way. God teaches me through daily life because I’m willing and eager to grow and become the person He wants me to be. Why now when I am considered old?

Younger people might see me as having already lived my life, as one who is resting each day, rocking and waiting to join Jesus. I do rest each day, and I do rock. I’ve always loved to rock. I rocked my babies, my grandbabies, and now I rock to meditate and to read. Those times, though, do not dominate my daily routine, but are vital to do my best. With my eyes open, the Holy Spirit shows me opportunities missed and those I didn’t. And I learn from these moments. I learn I’m still a work in progress, and God’s given purpose for me has not yet been completed. It’s all part of aging gracefully.