Trusting God During Rising Costs

It’s been 8 months since I had my hair professionally cut. It took a long time for the short cut to grow to the length I wanted and then I trimmed it periodically myself. Yesterday I had an appointment with my hairdresser for a “real trim.” She did a great job and I’m very happy with the results.

Passing by the gas stations made me gasp. Prices have risen over $2.00 per gallon since the first of the year! I cannot believe the inflation we are currently experiencing. As tight as my budget is, I am going to need to find other ways to cut down my living expenses. Still, I’m trusting in God. Not for Him to send me a sudden bounty of money, but for Him to lead me in ways to live within His provisions. Most important is recognizing and accepting the difference between wants and needs.

My ancestors lived through the Great Depression. I’ve been living a spoiled life of excess. So much richer than those in other countries who live each day wondering if they will even get a bite of food! My lifestyle needs to change, and I trust God to show me the way. I am an alien in this temporary world. I’m a citizen of Heaven.

Believe You Can and Do It!

An aging body is not for sissies! With the sudden glorious weather, I felt inspired to get off the elliptical walker indoors and take a nice walk around my condo area. Full sun from early morning until sunset, low humidity, and temperatures in the high seventies to low eighties, these days are meant for enjoyment.

Tuesday I defied Satan and his whispers in my mind telling me my hips, back, and feet could not handle walking for any distance. Putting on my walking shoes, I stepped out on faith. Each time I reached the beginning point of the five loops I made during a forty minute span I could hear Karen Abercrombie as Miss Clara in War Room saying “Oh, devil, you just got your butt kicked!”

I felt fantastic when I concluded my walk, but on Wednesday morning, my hip joints didn’t want to move! Of course, the best thing to do with muscle soreness is to move, and I had plenty of that going on. Finally, after lunch, I decided to defy the devil again and take another walk. This time four loops in thirty minutes. On Tuesday I was in full fat burning mode, but yesterday I was in cardio mode most of the time. Since I take medication to keep my heart rate low, getting into cardio is a major workout for me. I prefer to be in the fat burning, but have difficulty in maintaining.

The walks have been therapeutic for me. I met two new neighbors who moved in this year and shared brief conversations along the way with those I’m already acquainted with. This move has been wonderful for me as I feel so safe. In my old neighborhood, walking wouldn’t have been safe without staying on my own block. I’ve met more people here than I knew in the 33 plus years I lived in my old neighborhood.

As of this morning, I’m a little stiff but muscles are much better. I’m planning to walk again today. All is quiet this morning as I write this at 7:30 am. It is 53 degrees outside. I may slip on a light sweater and walk soon. Aging bodies aren’t for sissies, but they aren’t useless either. Attitude makes a difference and believing that with Christ you can do what you set your mind to achieve. Happy walking, my senior friends!

Every Minute Will Be Joyful

The desire is within me to take a walk in this beautiful spring weather. Full sunshine, light breezes, clear sky. It beacons me. There was a time when I could walk around the condo area for thirty minutes without an issue. Now it is difficult to make it for 10 minutes. Arthritis is taking a toll on my back, hips and knees.

When I was younger, walking was the bright spot of my day. I’d walk 4 to 5 miles on park trails every day. I know as we age, we look back and wish and sometimes think we can still do the things of our younger days.

I’m able to do non-impact walking on my elliptical trainer for 30 minutes, but it isn’t as satisfying as walking outdoors. I wonder if the voice telling me I can’t do it because of the pain involved is Satan. I don’t want to give him victory.

Today I’m going to pray for strength, take my meds before walking, and just go for it. It doesn’t matter if I only make it for 10 minutes. Every minute will be joyful.

Bubble Baths and Me Time

I remember the days of interruptions, squabbling children, meals to fix, housecleaning, laundry, endless hours of being a mother, housekeeper, bookkeeper, cook and chauffer, all on top of working outside the home at a full-time job.

So many times I longed for peace and quiet…a few hours to rest quietly and regain energy. Usually those moments were found in a bubble bath behind a bathroom door that didn’t lock. During two plus years of that time, there were studies for a college degree.

How did I manage? It seems God gives us the strength to persevere and endure. I hear many young mothers complaining and longing for respite. Perhaps it is a perpetual desire for “me” time.

I have all the “me” time I could ever desire in this stage of life. If only I could have foreseen this time coming and all it meant, I might have taken more pleasure in the hectic years of raising a family. Or not. For there was little free time to think what the future might hold.

Quiet surrounds me. I hear only the tapping of the keyboard and the sound of raindrops on the window of this rainy morning. I talk to myself because I need to hear the sound of voices.

I sip my tea in silent pleasure and wish my husband would wander to the doorway to read me something from the morning newspaper. I miss his voice. I miss his embraces. I miss the warmth of his body next to mine in the bed at night. Despite these things, life moves on. And God continues to provide strength to persevere and endure.

Years of Blessing

I think my mom would have enjoyed living here. The last years of her life, she spent all day and evening watching television and solving word search puzzles. I can see her sitting on the porch and passing time. Add my late husband to a chair beside her and I can hear them exchanging stories. I’d be sitting across from them and listening with a happy heart. It might encourage me to put bird food out to draw the birds closer since both of them liked to watch birds.

Mom lived in a wooded valley and often had visitors of the furry masked kind. She fed the racoons bread and leftovers and always had a pan of water for them to wash their hands. When we’d visit, it was a treat for us when they would knock on her door asking for dinner. We’d stay inside and watch them with awe since we were city dwellers.

Some mornings I watch my quiet landscape and enjoy happy memories. Sipping a cup of tea with gratitude for the years of blessing in my life.