Weekly Reflections

Oh, the Fun and Blessings of Family!

Mother’s Day was a wonderful day. Attended church with family and close friend followed by an afternoon with three of my daughters. We ate homemade tacos with all the trimmings including chips and homemade guacamole. And we all wore matching shirts provided by my second youngest daughter. The shirts have printed front: “The devil whispered I’m coming for you. I whispered back bring tacos.”

After we ate, we spent the afternoon doing Bible Trivia questions. Lots of fun and we learned a lot, too!

My second oldest daughter arrived on Wednesday and we’ve been enjoying our days with crafting, chatting, and eating! She made ratatouille one evening. I’d never eaten it before. Yum! It was delicious. Lots of yummy fresh veggies which were quite healthy. Of course, we had to have a lunch the next day to counter all that healthiness…we sat at the kitchen table and colored while eating Velveeta and Rotel green chilies dip with Tostada Scoops! Yum!

I’m going to be blessed with her presence for three more days. The house will seem too quiet when she leaves on Thursday. As for my coloring, I haven’t really finished anything this week. I have been coloring several introductory pages in two books, but nothing is completed. I hope to share something next week. So the only picture I can share is one I should have shared last week. It’s the April buddy color with my daughters. It is titled “Green Man’s Door” and is in Selina Fenech’s book Fairy Companions. I colored it with a variety of mediums: colored pencils, pastel pencils, paint pen, and gel pen.

Looking back over my week, I feel so blessed. Almost overwhelmingly blessed. God has been so good to me in my lifetime and I’m happy I’ve spent the last few years of my life truly appreciating the real blessings. Focusing on my relationship and spending quality time in His presence. I’ve taken on a love for working puzzles and my daughter gifted me with one for Mother’s Day which I’ll work while thinking of Heaven and my future life and thanking Him for the blessing of the present and the person who gifted it.

And so, I leave you with a smile and a prayer that you have a beautiful week. May your table be filled with food, your shelter be warm and comfortable, and your heart be filled with gratitude. Until next time…

Weekly Reflections

God’s Plans are Always Better

Good morning! God is sending rain this week to prepare the soil for May flowers. I was hoping to have sunny and dry weather since my daughter is coming to visit for a few days and spend Mother’s Day with me. I’m so excited to see her after a year and a half of no face to face time. I hoped for porch sitting time, sunshine and fresh air. God had other plans and I know His plans are always better than mine. So I’m thanking him for the refreshing rain He is sending as well as this anticipated time with my daughter.

Last week I had several commitments and I have learned to accept my limitations. I’m good from morning until early afternoon, but then my body needs to rest. I am not able to do as many things as I did even eight years ago. I tell myself, as I told my husband when he became ill, to be grateful for being able to do some things others cannot. Thank God for what you can achieve and listen to your body. I must confess it is easier to give advice than to accept that same advice for myself!

I had lunch with two friends last week, a Skype visit with another dear friend, a Skype visit with my daughter, a haircut appointment, grocery shopping, and, of course, went to church where I heard a wonderful sermon on “Chasing Carrots – the Endless Pursuit of More.” The weather was fantastic! It reached 79 degrees on my front porch, so I spent the afternoon there and finished coloring a picture. My closest neighbors were all sitting on their porches enjoying the warm weather and beautiful landscape. I walked to one of my neighbors and visited for a time with her. She puts out the most beautiful gardens every year and is very creative. I can’t wait to see a garden ornament of a watering can with light beads hanging from it to represent water with a basket of flowers beneath!

The picture above was taken one morning as I woke to a perfectly cloudless sky. Isn’t the blue just perfect? I feel God surrounding me when I view the beauty He provides as views from my front porch.

So today, the rain just makes me smile as I thank God for yesterday’s blessings and today’s blessings. Here are the few things I colored last week.

This is the first picture I colored last week. It took me three days to complete. I started by using Copic markers for the skin, but one of the markers I used to add shading “burped” a large amount of ink which spread all across his face. So I had to rethink and make his skin dark. I used several layers of ink with some colored pencil to even things out. The pencils I used for this picture were from the Crayola 120 pack. I paid less than $20 for this set of pencils. I hope this shows one doesn’t need to have expensive tools to create pretty pictures. For the hair, I used a base of a light gray with Caliart markers and used strokes with the black Crayola pencil to make the hair black leaving highlights with the gray showing through. This was a fun picture to color! The picture is titled “Johnny Thunderstorm” by the artist, Sarah Richter. It is in the Colouring Heaven issue 70 “Creatures of the Night.”

This is the cover page of the newest book I purchased. I bought it to use markers and practice with shading. I just love the sweet pictures of flowers and some animals by the talented Jane Maday. I am looking forward to coloring in it. I colored the “belongs to” page last night while watching television. It is shown below:

When I purchased this book, I also purchased some water based Ohuhu marker pens, a set of 60 pretty colors. I didn’t use them on this, however. I pulled out my Southsun Brutfuner oil pencils. They work marvelously on this paper. This set was gifted to me by my daughter a couple years ago and are one of my favorite pencils and are not an expensive pencil. I’m hoping to get a backup set soon as some of the pencils are quite small now.

And those two pictures are the only ones I have completed. As the weather warms offering more things to do, I will most likely be coloring less pages than during the cold and lockdown seasons. Yet, every single pencil or marker stroke is a joy. I thank God for providing these tools to bring me comfort and happiness in this season of my life. May your week be full of blessings! Until next time…

Weekly Reflections

It’s Been an Up and Down Kind of Week!

Good morning! Look at the pretty clouds in the sky. Couldn’t resist taking a picture through my window. There is a frost advisory, but I don’t think it will affect my little area. The sun is already breaking through to warm the day. Yesterday was my grandson’s 21st birthday. I’ve celebrated this milestone for several other grandsons already, and a few more to go. Thank you, Jesus, for your blessings.

What a week! It was cold during the middle of the week, so I spent a quiet week at home bundled in sweat pants and slippers. On Tuesday afternoon our small group met and it was a lovely day. We had a wonderful time discussing the Bible and how we each interpreted the meanings in the scriptures of 1 John 1:8-2:2. Our small group is a women’s group. We share from the heart and there is no judgment, only love. I’m so glad we are able to meet in person again!

Satan has been actively attacking me this week. Oh, how he tries to put negative thoughts in my head, but I’ve been heavily cloaked in the armor of God. Did you know that singing praise songs makes that evil one turn and flee? I have to laugh when I picture him that way! When he grabs me unexpectedly and sprays me with sadness, I just say Jesus and begin to pray. Then I order that nasty deceiver away. So, that has been my week. Fighting the battlefield of the mind. This happens when I spend too much time in my little space alone without hearing another human voice. Looking forward to summer months where I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and visit with neighbors. God fills my porch with so much love, there is no room for Satan to enter.

But, I’ve been busy with puzzles this week. I also started practicing some shading techniques with markers. Another thing I’ve been battling is getting sleepy and dropping off into little naps. I used to crochet or knit while watching television, but since my fingers cramp and lock when I’m holding the hook or needles for any length of time, I’ve given up that hobby. So I started bringing out a small table and coloring while watching tv in the evening. Yes, it can be done! Without further ado, here is what I accomplished this week with my hobbies.

This cute little girl is from Chibi Girls 2 Grayscale. Colored her with markers. Quick and easy.

Finished this puzzle. I didn’t realize when I read the words “perfect snap” on the box, it meant just that. I picked this puzzle up and held it upright and not a single piece let loose! It was truly locked together! I don’t keep puzzles, so I began trying to take it apart. Ha! It took a long time because I had to pull one piece at a time. I got bored and called my brother to keep me company while I dismantled this one.

Later, the evening I finished breaking down the cat puzzle, I began working on this one. It had less pieces and they were a little larger. I completed this by the following evening.

This is the first picture I colored in Damita Victoria “100 Easy Flowers” coloring book. I bought it so I could practice with makers and shading since no shading is provided in the pictures. I like how it turned out.

This is the second picture colored with markers in the Damita Victoria book. I tried to mimic the picture the way it was depicted on the front cover. Not as happy with this one, but practice is all about learning and having fun.

This picture is in Christine Karron’s newest coloring book, Fairies and Fantast 2 Grayscale. I used multiple media tools: Faber Castell pastel pencils, Copic Sketch markers, and Black Widow pencil sets.

In addition, I finished coloring the picture of the month buddy color which cannot be revealed until the 30th, so I’ll include it in the next weekly reflection post. I’m lifting my cup of tea this morning and wishing you all a beautiful Monday. May your hearts be light and may your joy be abundant. Until next time…

Weekly Reflections

That Little Girl In My Past

Another week has passed. I remember when I was young, my mother would say how quickly time passes as one grows older. I couldn’t imagine it. Each day seemed so long and so full of life! Would I ever grow up? Would I ever be a teenager? Now, here I sit writing this weekly reflection and looking back at my life. That little girl in my past is now only two and a half years from reaching the age of 80.

Now I see the plentitude of ancestors God has given me as a huge blessing: 8 children, 19 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and 1 great great grandchild. That little girl never dreamed I’d one day be the matriarch of such a family. She dreamed of being on stage singing and dancing, a writer of songs, an author, a teacher…someone who would be recognized and loved. Growing up as an only child, when you know you have a brother and sister you don’t see very often can be extremely lonely. A little girl who never knew her father, who gave all for his country before she was a year old.

That little girl would walk to church every Sunday and learn about Jesus. The little community she lived in was considered a “hollow.” City water was a long time coming to the hollow. She grew up pumping water, going to an outdoor toilet in the wee hours, running through the woods searching for arrowheads and living in a pretend world. She spent hours walking along the creek, being alone with her imaginary horse named Spooky. She would make blanket tents, crawl inside and while away the hours reading, escaping into other worlds. Her imagination grew on those long, somewhat lonely days.

In these “golden years,” my imagination can take me places I don’t want to go. I struggle against Satan’s lies telling me I’m still that lonely little girl without anyone to love her. At times, I give in, but then God reminds me I’m so much more. He reminds me of the blessings He has given me throughout the years. Yes, sometimes I have taken a turn off the path He led me on, but God, in His great love, has turned those wrong turns into something good.

So I pull my memories away from the distant past to now. To last week. I bought three new puzzles since I enjoyed working on the last one so much. It has more pieces than the last, but I’m making progress.

I was happy to finish three previous works in progress. This first one I started two Fridays ago. It is from the coloring book “Fairies” by Ruth Sanderson. I wanted to use my oil pencils and see how they worked on these dark grayscale images. I also used a lot of glitter and pearl paint for the background.

This next one was started a couple of weeks ago. It is in the Steampunk Special from Colouring Heaven and the artist is Hannah Lynn. I used both markers and pencils. (note: only 13 pages to go and this will be another completed book for me!)

This next picture is a mandala colored with glitter gel pens. I actually started this picture about three weeks ago while my car was being serviced. I decided to bring the 50 Nightime Mandala coloring book illustrated by Kameliya Angelkova. Not a lot to carry since I used only 5 pens.

I colored another mandala in this book with glitter pens one evening this week while I was watching/listening to a podcast on You Tube by Phil and Jase Robertson in their Unashamed series. I love listening to their Bible Studies and things they encounter in their Christian walks.

This last picture I started on Friday while skyping with my daughter and finished it on Saturday. It was done with alcohol brush markers and Prismacolor Premier pencils. The picture is titled “Nocturnals”, artist Sarah Richter, book from Colouring Heaven titled Creatures of the Night. When I chose this picture to color, I envisioned the owl as a snowy owl. The rest of the colors evolved after the owl was colored. This is my favorite one from this week.

And now, I come to the close of this week’s reflections. I’m still working on losing some of the extra pounds I’ve put on the past three years. My feet, legs, and hips will be thankful as well as my heart. I’m hoping I can also control my blood sugar better and perhaps get off the medication I take for my Type 2 Diabetes. The weight loss is slow. If only I could take it off as fast as I put it on! A new week has dawned and I’m looking forward to seeing what God has waiting in each gift of a new day. Wishing you all a happy week full of blessings and love. Until next time…

Weekly Reflections

The Joy of Easter and New Beginnings

Monday after Easter. The sun is shining brightly. The pear trees are blooming. Jonquils have opened their beautiful faces to smile at the new beginning of spring.

Yesterday was a day of celebration of the resurrection! People saying “Happy Easter!” “He is risen!” “He is risen indeed!” Church was filled with individuals joining their voices in praise and worship. My heart was overflowing with the joy of being alive, being saved, being a child of the King. The sun was also shining, warming the skin of my daughters and me as we sat on the porch together. The small family gathering for a meal after such a long time is exactly what my heart needed. God is so good!

Last week was one where I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. Still feeling cold unless I sit in the sunshine. Boo! I also overdid exercise and slightly injured my knee. My mind is so willing to do things that my body doesn’t agree with. Honestly. I need to be focused on moderation.

This day is beautiful and the temperature is climbing. The sun is working its way to the front of the condo and soon my porch will be filled with the warmth of the sun in mid sixty degree weather. Perfect for sitting outdoors and doing something. I think today will be spent in Bible study. Just me and God. And a cup of tea!

The colors in my life last week were mostly in beautiful yellows smiling from neighboring gardens, and the lovely greens of new spring growth. I didn’t complete any coloring pictures, but I do have two works in progress. Seems my mind and my heart are concentrating on the colors of nature as I watch the once dreary landscape come to life. After a long winter, too much isolation due to weather and Covid-19, and lack of communication face to face with friends and family, I am hopeful for a much more robust spring and summer!

The picture I’m sharing is one I colored early in March. It is the one for buddy color-a-long with two of my daughters which we revealed the end of March. Had to smile because each one of us colored the fairy hair the same color of blue! With the name of the page being titled “Strange Kind of Blue” may have been the catalyst. LOL!

May your week be filled with beautiful colors and may your heart be filled with God’s love. Until next time…

Weekly Reflections

Diabetes Issues, Fun Shopping, Laughing, and Added Colors in My life!

Happy Monday! Happy Easter week! This week I’m mostly focused on Jesus, thinking of the price He paid for my salvation. When I really focus on the pain and the humiliation, the terrible violence of the nails He endured, I’m moved to tears. It is hard to watch reenactments and not crumble into a small heap of unworthiness. I cannot focus on the miracle and joy of His resurrection until after the deep, humble, acceptance of the payment He made. He came to serve and to give His body to ransome me. That love is beyond any other love I can imagine.

The week past, I’ve been struggling on identifying the source of my constant feelings of cold. It’s a condition I’ve felt for several years. Since the doctors haven’t been able to tell me why my body temperature is dropping to hypothermic levels, I’ve had to do some research on my own. It seems that Type 2 Diabetes plays a part in lowering metabolism. One of the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy is the feelings of always being cold. It also can cause anemia and cause circulatory issues. Several times when the weather has been in the low 70’s, I’ve been bundled in sweat pants, sweat shirts, heavy socks, gloves, and even under a blanket and wearing a hat, I’m cold. My core body temperature has dropped as low as 94.6.

What to do? I’m keeping my exerciser (called an elliptical trainer) set in front of the living room television. When I get cold, I exercise for 10 minutes. This actually triggers my metabolism and I get comfortably warm. This will last for a while. I do intend to ask the doctor to test my blood to see if I am low on iron, and even run a thyroid test since my mother had thyroid issues. But I’m doing better with trying to control this on my own. Well, not just me, but with the help of God. He is directing my path of research and action.

I had a wonderful week actually. For the past year, I haven’t done any shopping other than a quick run to the grocery store. Wednesday I went to Dollar Tree to pick up a few supplies, and made a visit to Target where I bought a few more needed supplies. Met a friend for lunch after and then traveled to Hobby Lobby. Disappointed they didn’t have the pens I wanted, but I did purchase a book by Phil Robertson. I love listening to his Unashamed podcast where I learn even more about scripture and how it applies to life. I planned to shop at Aldi’s then for my weekly groceries, but when I parked there, I realized I did not have a quarter! Ugh! So instead I headed to the gas station to fill up my tank, and to the Giant Eagle store near me to pick up groceries. I was exhausted when I got home! But also felt so good about being out and about. Maybe the two covid vaccines have helped make me feel God approves my adventures as long as they aren’t extreme!

At Target, I purchased a puzzle. Only 500 pieces, but it is one I thought might be challenging to work. Ha! I tried to work it on a large piece of cardboard on the ottoman while I watched tv. No way were the cats allowing that to happen. Giving up, I placed the pieces back in the box and ordered a puzzle board for the table. It has 4 drawers to hold puzzle pieces and a piece of felt to work the puzzle on and then (adding a blowup tube) you can roll up the puzzle and store it in a bag. The board then can be kept under a sofa. But I am choosing to leave it on the table with the felt to cover the puzzle. Visitors are rare, so it isn’t an inconvenience. I can eat at the breakfast bar.

On Friday I joined my daughter and her small group at Olive Garden for dinner. What a wonderful time I had! The beautiful person sitting on my right side and I had so much fun laughing together. We triggered the entire table to laugh with us! Honestly, I felt like a teenager again. There is something wonderful about sharing time with ladies with a heart for Jesus! I’ll be joining these ladies for the next four weeks on a Bible Study of Esther. Looking forward to that.

I only managed to color two pictures this past week. One I completed while sitting on my front porch! Oh, how wonderful that afternoon was! The sun felt so good, even though it tended to overheat my colored pencils making them very soft since they are wax based!

Here are the colors I added to my life during last week:

This is my puzzle board! It takes up nearly my entire table!
A picture of the puzzle when completed
The puzzle in progress!
This is the picture I colored mostly while sitting on my front porch enjoying the sunshine and listening to a book. It is in Colouring Heaven Issue 72 artist Herb Leonhard.
I had a so much fun coloring this image in Hanna Karlzon’s Magical Dawn coloring book. While I was in Target, I purchased a box of 120 crayons by Crayola. The entire picture was colored with crayons and I felt like a little girl again! Just proves one does not need expensive tools to have fun and color!

And that concludes my picture show for this week’s blog. I wish you all a blessed Easter week and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, your salvation, and the hope we have in Him! May your heart be filled with love and may your fruits be multiplied! Until next week…

Weekly Reflections

The Eyes of the Heart

How do you view the world? I fell into a slump last week when the weather shifted to cold and rainy. I felt totally out of touch with everything! I lost interest in coloring, in reading, in every escape I enjoy. I wanted to sleep to avoid what I lacked feeling. My emotions were topsy turvy and tears threatened constantly. Yet, I couldn’t understand why I was like this. It just wasn’t me.

I prayed for God to help me. I didn’t even know what to ask for, other than His help.

Yesterday, Sunday arrived. I woke feeling much better. As the sun dawned on a beautiful morning, I decided to rearrange the living room just a little. I smiled as I did this, feeling energy rising through what had been a lethargic body. I smiled as the day brightened even more. I left for church wearing only a light flannel shirt over my clothes to warm my arms. As I sang, watching my youngest daughter on stage singing her love for Jesus with a beautiful smile, my heart lifted. God was in the sanctuary, as He always is on Sunday mornings.

After church, I enjoyed lunch with one of my best friends. A couple from church came in after us and we shared a smile and greeting. I laughed. I smiled. I felt in touch with God’s world again.

At home, I opened all the windows and breathed in the warm, fresh air. My son-in-love and grandson came by for a short visit and moved my round glass-top table to the porch. I cleaned the porch, sprayed to deter the spiders and bugs, and cleaned the sun screens. The porch is ready for mornings with Jesus!

I took a walk in the beautiful, warm, sunshine and was happy to complete four laps around the condo area! Slow but steady is building up my muscles and I so enjoyed walking with the warm sun hitting my body. All in all it was a beautiful day. As the sun set, I smiled thinking back over the awesome day God had provided. Then He spoke to me telling me why I’d been out of touch with everything. I had been looking at God’s world with my eyes, but not with my heart.

As I woke to another lovely spring morning, I looked out the window with the eyes of my heart. I saw a striking cardinal fly across and land in one of the pines. Nearly took my breath away! Oh, how much better I see when I look through the eyes of my heart!

I colored only 4 pictures last week which I’ll share with you now:

Book: 50 Nightime Mandalas by Kameliya Angelkova
I colored this using only glitter gel pens.


Book: Steampunk Special Issue 47 from Colouring Heaven
Artist: Hannah Lynn
Completed this one with markers.


Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale 2 by Jade Summer
Colored this with markers and white gel pen for accents.


Book: Fairies Grayscale Fantasy Coloring Book
Images by Ruth Sanderson
Colored this with oil pencils and added glitter.


I’m looking forward to this week. Weather is supposed to be in the mid sixties with sunshine most days. Planning outdoor walks and even some coloring on the porch. After being cooped up for so long, the freedom of enjoying the world outside the walls of my home is intoxicating. God reminds me He is still in control. Our pastor yesterday gave us this advice for when the devil reminds us of things in our past we have been forgiven for to remind satan of his future! I’m going to remember that! May you all have a fabulous week…until next time!





Weekly Reflections

Media Impacts on My Life…Thank Goodness for Coloring

There are times when I want to unplug my television and never turn it on again. Why? I don’t like the time I spend for winding down and relaxing to be a bombardment of things that are just the opposite. I believe in Jesus and stand on the truth of the Bible.

For the past couple of years I’ve been watching shows on Hulu instead of live. Yesterday I changed my subscription to no ads, because even the ads disturb me.

I don’t want to avoid what is happening in the world, so don’t misunderstand me. When my son was in Desert Storm, I glued myself to news constantly. I became very anxious and was unable to sleep. I clung to the worst of the worst media shoved at me and I suffered. One can be aware without being sucked in. Without living life in fear and hopelessness.

I worry about what the young children are dealing with. When all they see is the hatred and anger, the destruction, what are they learning? Are they learning to be better, productive people? Or are they learning how to commit crimes? How to release their fear and anger in the wrong way?

With all the distractions going on, it is easy to focus on the negatives instead of focusing on what we should be doing to prepare ourselves for eternity. See, the good news of the Bible is this: Jesus died on the cross and took my sins with Him, I am forgiven, and when I die I, too, will be resurrected to live eternally in heaven. The commandment I want to live by is to love God with all of my being, and to love my neighbors. If I do these things, then I will live the best life I can here on earth and I’ll be learning how to love the way Jesus did.

I sit here rereading what I’ve written and I almost want to delete every word and write something funny, or inspiring, or “fluffy.” But I needed to get this off my chest. My intent is not to offend anyone. It is just a brain dump of my personal thoughts. How I wish we could all learn to just love one another and find peace. I know this isn’t going to happen. The Bible is a living testament to this truth. But I can choose. I’m given that freedom. So I may choose to unplug.

So last week, I took some time off. Down time. I colored less. What time I did spend coloring was mostly with markers instead of pencils. I needed to destress and relax. Here is what I completed:

Rose Windows coloring book by Creative Haven. Illustrator Joel S. Avren
The following three mandalas are also from this book and illustrator.





Happy to report that the Rose Windows book is completely colored! Two books so far this year on my finished shelf.


Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale 2 books in 1 by Jade Summer.


Free extra design from Colouring Heaven as a prelude to the new book release Fairy Stories Special illustrated by Fabiana Attanasio.


I’m disappointed in the last picture I colored with pencils. I think I will print it on card stock and try again using markers. But I still had fun coloring her and am excited to receive the book. Unfortunately, due to delays in shipping from England, I still haven’t received the February release yet.

I wish all of you the best and leave you with these words taken from 1 Corinthians 13:7-8. “Love. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” May your lives be filled with love given and received. Until next time…


Weekly Reflections

Thinking About God’s Purpose for My Life

Purpose. I’ve been thinking this week about what God’s purpose means in my life. While I realize books attempt to show us how we are each given a purpose only we can carry out, I’m not convinced our purposes are uniquely individual. Oh, I do believe we are all here for a purpose, don’t get me wrong. But here is my humble opinion.

We are each given gifts. God has a plan for our lives. But, we are called to love the Lord, our God, with all our hearts, minds, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is the greatest commandment which sums up all the other commandments of the law into one. If we obey this commandment, we will live according to God’s plan. It is my humble opinion that the gifts we are given are to be used to bring glory to God, and to spread the truth of His goodness and grace to as many as possible. He expects us to do good to others, to be kind, to love, and to place our whole trust and faith in Him.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that God’s purpose for me, and maybe every one of us, is to love with every fiber of my being. This will show others the power of God’s goodness and glorify Him. Exodus 9:16 (NLT) says, “But I have spared you for a purpose–to show you my power and to spread my fame throughout the earth.” Doesn’t love sum up everything? Isn’t God love? If I live my life with love in my heart, cultivating the fruit of the Holy Spirit, I will be living in God’s will. Galations 5:22 NLT: “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

This is the kind of life I want to live. Am I there yet? Not 100%. I’m still a work in progress! I believe each day of our lives we learn how to become better people. Our earthly time just might be for that purpose. To learn how to truly love.

Since it was a quiet week, I actually did a lot of coloring. I just love color and how different shades go together to create something pleasing to the eye. I also experimented a bit with using Crayola crayons to color in backgrounds. I will admit holding a crayon feels a lot different than holding colored pencils. So here we go:

Book: Fairy and Fantasy 2
Illustrator: Christine Karron
Picture title: Beloved


Book: Jade Summer Chibi Girls Grayscale 2 books in one


Book: Magical Dawn
Illustrator: Hanna Karlzon


Book: Creative Haven Lovely Swirls
Illustrator: Stefania Miro (done with glitter gel pens)


Book: 50 Nighttime Mandalas
Illustrator: Kameliya Angelkova
Done with glitter gel pens


Book: Creative Haven Rose Windows
Illustrator: Joel S. Avren
This and the next two pictures are from the same book. I was experimenting with shades of the same colors.  Only four more pictures and this book will be complete. I wish they would publish another like this!

I love how these blue shades turned out!


A study in pinks



Book: Colouring Heaven Issue #47 Steampunk Special
Illustrator: Hannah Lynn


Book: Inspire Bible
Publisher: Tyndale
This Bible was a gift from my daughter a few years ago for Mother’s Day.
While waiting for church Sunday morning, I decided to pull out my gel pens.


I’ve been reading the book of Joshua for the first 4 weeks of Lent. Thus these were the two illustrations in the columns of the chapters I was reading earlier in the week were my focus.  At the end of this coming week, I’ll have Joshua illustrations completed. Next week I’ll begin reading Mark and I’ll color all the pictures that appear in this book as well. I don’t know that I’ll share them all or not!


And that’s the end of my sharing for this week. I wish you days of joy, love, and God’s goodness. Until next week…