Weekly Reflections

March Sneaking Past Old Man Winter

March is sneaking in on tiptoes so as not to trigger Old Man Winter’s breath of freezing temperatures and snow. Yesterday’s abundance of rain in high 50 degree weather was a blessing which brought a deep breathing of fresh air and hope for spring as the last bits of snow on the landscape disappeared.

This triggered a need to clean my garage floor from the ravages of salt and road debris. Picture this. Me grabbing a broom (not a good straw broom) and sweeping the filth from the garage floor section by section (4 sections). I have a 2 car garage. I believe at 77, this was a great exercise. I did manage to sweep the floor fairly clean but it still needed to be washed. Next, picture me filling a two-quart pitcher with warm water from the kitchen sink and doling it out bit by bit onto the floor and sweeping and sweeping to clean and to push the water out of the garage. How many times did I fill that pitcher? Honestly, I lost count. I didn’t take a break, just kept at it until the floor was looking much better. Then I left the garage door open so the floor could dry.

This morning I smiled at the image of my husband on my laptop background. I thanked him for showing me how one can use ingenuity and muscle power to do anything they set their mind to! He was a genius at doing this. I also told him how much I missed him and that I was doing the best I could to keep on keeping on. All the while he smiled at me. I’ve had to learn how to do a lot of things I took for granted that he did to maintain our home. Today I’m feeling the muscle soreness of an accomplished work. I’m planning on purchasing an adapter for the kitchen sink and one of those expandible hoses for future cleanings of garage and porch. I could buy a long hose and attach it to the outside faucet on the end condo unit, but I really don’t want to do that. Small and compact are my standards of living now.

Thursday I received my 2nd COVID vaccine. As with the first one, I had discomfort in my arm for less than 24 hours. No other issues. My friend told me at church yesterday that a nurse said drinking a lot of water before and after receiving the vaccine would help to move the vaccine through the body. Maybe that’s why I have had minimal reactions. I drink water constantly all day and night long. It’s the only thing I drink beside a cup of decaffeinated or herbal tea in the morning. I would encourage anyone who is hesitant to receive the vaccine to just do it. We won’t receive all the answers to questions we harbor about all of this, but I’m trusting in God. He gives us wisdom through the Holy Spirit. We need to tap into that through prayer and He will guide us to make wise decisions.

One decision I made was to contact my internet provider and talk to them about bundling streaming tv onto my internet in hopes of eliminating the pay per month apps and still enjoying my favorite shows and saving money on my internet. Satisfied with what I was offered, I gave the go ahead. A couple of hours later, I searched and searched but could not find the provider’s app for streaming. Called them back and talked to a different person who told me the salesperson should have asked me what kind of tv I owned. Why? Because roku and my internet provider have not reached an agreement for streaming channels!! And I have a TCL Roku Smart TV. They suggested “casting” the app from a tablet or laptop onto the screen. What?? Sigh. So stop the billing immediately. I do have the privilege of changing to a different provider (only one other is in my area) but if I do I lose the benefit of paying only $14 a month for my cell phone usage. So, I’m going to be content with paying $80 a month for internet and additional charges for other channel apps. It’s painful how much money I spend for having the benefit of internet.

This past week, I ran quite a few errands along with my normal upkeep of home and laundry. I enjoyed quite a few tutorial videos on You Tube, mostly crafting. The remainder of the time I read two books and listened to two other ones while coloring and diamond painting. Oh, and I bought two foam poster boards which will work as a backing for two of my larger diamond paintings. I just have to think a little more about how I want to mount them. This will save tons of money it would have cost to frame them! I’ll show you all the results when completed.

And now, here are the pretty colors I added to my journey this week.

This is the buddy color with my daughters this month.
Book: Fairy Companions Grayscale
Illustrator: Selina Fenech


Book: Fairy and Fantasy 2 Grayscale
Illustrator: Christine Karron
Picture Title: Transience


Book: Chibi Girls 2 books in one Grayscale
Publisher: Jade Summer


Book: Colouring Heaven Issue 47 Steampunk Special
Illustrator: Hannah Lynn


Book: Creative Haven Rose Windows
Illustrator: Joel S. Avren


Book: Creative Haven Rose Windows
Illustrator: Joel S. Avren


And that finishes the coloring pages through yesterday. I do have two works in progress which I’ll add to next week’s unveiling. Oh, and please, if you read this blog, leave a comment on my blog to help me. All you need to do is click the “leave a comment” tag right under the title of the blog. Thanks a lot! I’m looking at a beautiful shade of blue sky peeking through an abundance of fluffy white clouds. It’s a gorgeous March day! May your views be awesome, your hearts be full, and you smiles be many through this week. Until next time…


Weekly Reflections

This Journey On the Other Side of the Hill

Each Monday, I think “What will I write about in my blog today?” Two days ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about, but since I didn’t document it, of course it just slipped away. Aging minds are not to be counted on.

I had finished some research this morning on when one should stop getting mammograms…surprisingly, after 75 those who do test positive for breast cancer have a low chance of survival. Seems 1/3 of the elderly die after diagnosis. Interesting. For those who have no history of breast cancer in families, the probability of getting breast cancer must drop since it is after 75 they mammograms are no longer considered a necessity. So as I sat on hold waiting to make my annual mammogram appointment at age 77, I was torn as to whether to continue waiting or make the decision to not schedule. I disconnected the call.

Then my brain began thinking about something I read when Obama was preseident. There was a paragraph talking about teaching the elderly to die gracefully. Not sure if any of this was true, by the way. It’s just the way politics seem to try to create disruption. But I did think about it. I’d never heard until recently about not having those annual mammograms. Could this be part of teaching the elderly to accept their lives are nearing an end? If I were to be diagnosed with breast cancer, I’m not sure I would elect any treatment. I’ve lived a good life and I fully believe God is the one in control of my numbered days on earth. I’m not afraid of dying. I know I’ll be dying only to receive eternal life in heaven. I only worry about my loved ones and any adversity they might face when I’m gone. That comes from my maternal instinct to “protect” and yes, I admit “control.”

So I decided to let go of this mammogram thought and picked up my devotional Walking in Grace by Dalene Reyburn. Today’s reading included this: “Like change, suffering can be a catalyst that awakens something in you — a deeper urge and urgency to live fully. To invest your time and your potential in things that matter more. And that is such an excellent thing.”

This caused me to reflect on the journey I’ve traveled since my beloved husband, Ron, was called to his eternal home. I can honestly say this broke me into little pieces. Even though his health was failing, I never focused on us not being a twosome. I was lost. Only my faith in God, my relationship with Jesus, kept me walking one step at at time. It was through this grief and change that I began to focus on eternity. Fear no longer had a hold on me. I knew without even thinking about it that God is always in control and that He listens to our prayers. Sometimes He answers them as we have asked, but sometimes He has a different plan and even though this may include our suffering, His plan is ultimately good.

In this devotion I also read these words from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

And so, through my grief and suffering, I believe I found found this appreciation, sensitivity and understanding of life. Through God’s grace I find compassion, gentleness and loving concern for others. I cry when I pray or even when I think about communing with God. He is my lifeline. And I know I am blessed.

Please excuse me for being maudlin. I had no idea this is what I was going to write today. Sometimes God just takes control of my hands and my mind and the words flow. I pray only that someone will find a closer relationship with Jesus through reading these God-ordained words.

And now, to take a peak at the color I added to my life this week while being snowed in and very grateful for heat, electricity and water.

Book: Woodland Fairies Special (Colouring Heaven Issue 49)
Illustrator: Christine Karron
Picture Title: Northern Lights Fairy


Book: Creative Haven Rose Windows
Illustrator: Joel S. Avren


Book: Spellbinding Images
Illustrator: Nikki Burnette
With this picture, I have completely colored every picature in this book. My first completed book!


I cannot give credit to the publisher or illustrator of this book. All the words are written in Chinese. I won this book from the beautiful and gracious Ann on “A Colorful Life” You Tube channel. The book is truly lovely!

And that is the last of the pictures I colored this past week. I did complete the Christmas diamond painting! It is really beautiful. It is waiting, along with two other completed diamond paintings, to be framed. I also started a new diamond painting and am excited to finish and display it here. May your week be beautiful, may your smiles be many, and may your blessings overflow. Until next week…


Weekly Reflections

I Was a Writer….

Once upon a time I dreamed of writing a book. It was many, many years later, after being let go from a corporate job during a downsizing before that dream became a reality. I had time to write and so I did. I finally found my niche in the Christian/inspirational genre and today still have several books on Amazon available for e-readers. I retired about a year ago because I lost the passion for writing novels.

BUT, there is no such thing as a past tense writer. Once God gives you a gift and a passion to use it, the gift remains even if your mind decides to retire. So not…I was a writer, but I am a writer.

Thus, the passion to write kept burning. My Facebook timeline has always been a ministry of sharing the hope and joy of having a relationship with God. After telling my mind I was no longer going to write novels, I needed another way to continue sharing my gift. And, thus, this blog was born.

Along with sharing thoughts and emotions, I also share my hobby of coloring, which has kept me busy and sane during the isolation days of the worldwide pandemic. Color makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. A perfect pairing.

I scribbled these words in a small 2 inch by 4 inch notepad while waiting for my optometrist to call me into the room for my actual exam. And in this waiting period my eyes were being dilated. Thankfully, I could still see fine, but I also realized I need to carry a larger notepad with me for such a time as this.

So, back to gifts. One can go for years without accepting and utilizing their gifts. I was young, elementary school age, when I discovered my love of reading which led to a strong desire to write. I wanted to entertain people, but being shy this discouraged any chance at an acting or singing career. Well, that and having no talent in either.

Even though I have “retired” from writing books, a part of me is still in love with being a writer. I can’t not write. Yes, that is correct grammar, despite what my son-in-love says. And so, I embrace this gift as I sit at my desk with my laptop and transfer my thoughts to my fingers to tap out the words. And I thank God.

Today I am waiting for the next round of snow to hit in a few hours. The wind is howling as it blows outside my condo, the sound battling with the sound of the furnace. It’s like a battle of forces to see which is stronger. There is still about four inches of snow on the ground with another round of 6 to 10 inches to come. The temperature is 24 degrees which isn’t bad considering…it is the wind chill causing a desire to stay inside. I spoke with my brother and my sister, both of whom live in Texas, and they are experiencing ice, snow and bone chilling temperatures. One of my friends lives in an area of southern Texas and she has 5 inches of snow!

So much change is affecting our nation, not just the changes due to the pandemic. I feel God is speaking loud and clear…”Children, wake up! Repent!” And so I wait quietly, sitting in His presence, knowing nothing is in my control. It is faith, trust, and hope that sustain me. The Bible is my lifeline. I pray you will remember what is important and be grateful, not snarling and snapping because things are not to your liking. The one thing you can control is your attitude. Choose happiness.

And now, I come to the time where I share my hobby results from this week. I had a slow start coloring because I wanted to finish my diamond painting. I didn’t finish it completely, but hopefully it will be finished today. I did spend many hours enjoying the splash of color both in my diamond painting efforts and applying color to my coloring pages.

Diamond Painting from Diamond Art Club. I love this scene. You should see how well it sparkles!


Book: Beautiful Angels
Publisher: Creative Haven
Illustrator: Marjorie Sarnat


Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale 2 books in One
Publisher: Jade Summer


Book: Creative Haven Rose Windows
Illustrator Joel S. Avren


Book: Colouring Heaven Steampunk Special Issue #47
Illustrator: Hannah Lynn


Book: Fairy and Fantasy 2 Grayscale Coloring Book
Illustrator: Christine Karron
Page Title: Leaf Rider

And that, my friends, brings today’s blog to a close. I wish you well. I wish you happiness. I wish you love. Until next week…






Weekly Reflections

On the Wings of Time

Another week has come and gone, flying swiftly on the wings of time. Memories drift into a special depository to be used as warmth and comfort on a future day. I cannot control the passing of time, in fact, I cannot control any facet of my life, not really. Each moment, each hour, each day is in the hands of Almighty God. He is the Creator and Ordainer of time. So I smile at this new day, a precious gift, each more treasured with the passing of time.

Today I bask in the blessing of warm air, protecting me from the bitter temperatures outside my home. Snuggled in sweatshirt, sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers I live the dream of long ago as my fingers tap, tap, tap words onto the page. No longer the author of fiction, but now the author of reality. Life lived as a widow, as a senior citizen, as a blessed child of God. And I am grateful.

Thursday God opened an appointment for me to receive my first COVID vaccine. I highly recommend that everyone who can, get the vaccine. I had a slightly sore arm the first day, but that disappeared within 24 hours. I am hopeful for a future where the disease is not a pandemic and where we can share loving hugs again.

With Lent quickly approaching, I think about the many times I chose to give up or sacrifice something for Lenten season, not because I fully understood, but because it seemed the right thing to do. Many of my friends, and even family, were relinquishing something during this sacred time. I confess I gave up things (in the past) to try and change a habit to something good. Like eliminating sugar to lose weight, eliminating shopping on Amazon to save money, eliminating chocolate because my mother did and I, too, loved chocolate. But now I realize these were not the things, nor the reasons, I should choose.

So, I’ve been thinking and praying about Lent. One of my daughters gifted me with a box from She Reads Truth. The box contains three books to read/study during Lent. The first book is reading the book of Joshua with reflections and notes at the end of each week. The second book is reading the book of Mark with reflections and notes at the end of each week. There is a devotional booklet to go along with this. The idea of She Reads Truth is to focus on spending time in God’s Word on a daily basis, something I am not faithful in doing. My daughter is giving up her social media platforms for Lent. By “giving up” this time, she is filling it with God’s Word through this study.

On the other hand, I live alone. No interruptions. No one to cook for, to care for, to clean for. Each day is a clean slate with a lot of hours to fill. I don’t have to give up anything to do the study. Unless it is an hour filled with doing little…maybe coloring, diamond painting, or watching learning videos on You Tube. This will not be a true sacrifice. I now believe when one “gives up” something for Lent, it is to allow more time to focus on God and to build a closer relationship with Him. So, this year, I have decided there is nothing to give up. Just plenty of time to fill up. Fill up with God’s Word. My social media platform is Facebook, but I don’t spend hours of my day scrolling and interacting there. Instead I have a morning ministry of sharing something inspirational, something to offer hope in order to show God’s love in action. It is my way of honoring the gift God has given me.

And so, as this week dawns, I reflect back on what my hands created during the past week. I share my colorful journey in pictures that filled some lonely hours.

Book: Colouring Heaven, Issue 49
Illustrator: Christine Karron


Image Illustrator: Mystic Art Mirrors


Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale
Publisher: Jade Summer


Book: Rose Windows
Publisher: Creative Haven
Illustrator: Joel S. Avren

These next three pictures are from a new book. I wanted to have mandalas on black background so I could use my glitter gel pens to color each of them. The book is Nighttime Mandalas illustrated by Kameliya Angelkova.

Book: Nighttime Mandalas
Illustrator: Kameliya Angnelkova


Book: Nighttime Mandalas
Illustrator: Kameliya Angnelkova


Book: Nighttime Mandalas
Illustrator: Kameliya Angnelkova


My dear friends, may your week be filled with laughter and happiness. Remember your happiness does not come from other people, but from inside yourself. Choose happiness over bitterness. God bless…until next time…

Weekly Reflections

Swatching Colors is Satisfying, Snowstorm, and Masks

This week I’ve been busy with swatching all my coloring tools into a new book. Why? Because the book I was using has been revised and is in a larger size edition. It is so much nicer and has great space for adding color pallettes and blends. And, I will admit, I’ve always been good at organizing in past worklife and still love to organize! Plus, it is just plain easy on the brain and satisfying to swatch colors. LOL!

I received a new text letting me know that I’m still on the registration list for my COVID vaccine. Still no idea when I’ll be able to schedule an appointment, but I don’t mind waiting. As I write this blog, my cat Wilbur is loudly meowing right at my shoulder, so I am going to have to take a break and feed him and his brother.


Okay, I’m back! Naptime for the cats, so I should be able to finish without interruptions.

We had a snowstorm on Saturday night that put us at a level 2 snow emergency because of the bad roads and church was cancelled. I’m so grateful that I’m able to watch church online when I need to! But I miss the outing. Staying homebound on Sunday, which is the one day I can count on getting out of the house, seeing family, and having lunch with my best friend, made it difficult today. Seems like I haven’t seen anyone’s face or spoken to a human being in too long! Though I don’t mind entertaining myself most days, knowing I have Sunday makes it much easier. Sigh. Hard to believe it has been almost a year since our lives changed so drastically and face masks became normal attire.

Speaking of face masks, how many of you are wearing the disposable masks and how many of you have purchased more fashionable masks? I admit I purchased two pretty black masks with blue flowers and blue butterflies. They are much softer than the disposable ones so they don’t scratch my face. When this first happened, I remember saying the clothing industry would not miss the opportunity to offer outfits with matching masks. Yep, I’ve seen that! Some of my more talented sewing friends have made a nice business out of making masks for people.

Lately, I’ve spent more time praying for our country, and for relief from the rising crime rates which is making life even more difficult for struggling business owners and individuals. Sometimes I fear I might become a real hermit staying away from the danger outside my door. I’m sure many, especially elderly, people feel the same.

But, enough about the negatives. Overall, life is beautiful. I’m thankful for every day and for knowing that God has a better plan for me and for all who have chosen salvation. This home is only temporary. He says we will have pain and struggles on this earth, but not to worry because He has overcome the world. I hope you believe His Word and that you trust Him as I do.

And, now, for the reveal of the pictures I’ve colored this past week.

Book: Colouring Heaven Sarah Kay Collection

I love this book with the cute children reminiscent of an earlier time. This litle girl with her teddy bear just called to me to color her.

Book: Spellbinding Images
Illustrated by: Nikki Burnette

I’ve had this coloring book for almost two years. I’d forgotten about it and pulled it from the shelf to discover I had only a couple of pictures to color to finish the entire book! I will be so happy to see some finished books on my shelf by the end of this year, God willing.

Book Rose Windows
Illustrated by Joel S. Avren (Creative Haven publisher)

I grabbed two blue tone markers the other evening while watching television, and colored this mandala. It is really vibrant but I’m not sure it shows up as bright in the picture. I love coloring these with markers. They are quick and fun.

Book: Fairy Companions
Illustrator: Selena Fenech

This picture is the one chosen for my two daughters and I to color this month. I used markers for this version and pastel pencils on the one below.

Book: Fairy Companions
Illustrator: Selena Fenech

I’m still working on learning how to use these pastel pencils to color pictures. I love how they lay down but I need to add more layers to get more vibrant colors. I’ll keep practicing!

Book: Fairy Companions
Illustrated by: Selena Fenech

This picture was colored in December by me and my daughters, but since there are two copies in the book, I decided this morning to color the second one use pencils. The one for December I finished in markers. My goal is to complete the book by using markers on the first set of pictures, and pencils on the second set.

And that is all the coloring I completed this past week. I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay healthy and safe. Until next time, may God bless you and yours!

Weekly Reflections

Coloring, Covid Vaccine, God’s Timing!

This has been a quiet week for me. Our small group decided to meet at our church where we could be socially distanced and we met on Tuesday afternoon. However, everyone took off their masks since the feeling was social distance made it safe and easier to talk. Then on Saurday, I learned that our facilitator was very ill and pretty sure she had Covid. Ugh. So that meant I had to postpone a lunch scheduled for that day with my daughters. And I missed church. I decided to self-quarantine just to make sure I didn’t pass any germs on to other people. I am pretty sure I already had this virus in March of 2020 before doctors were diagnosing this virus. Instead the doctor said I had a very bad strain of the flu. It was the worst ever and I don’t get sick…don’t get the flu. I did recover without having to be hospitalized and for that I give all thanks to God!

And though I really want to get the vaccine, I didn’t realize how nearly impossible it would be to get an appointment! I am, as I write this, in an online “in line” queue to see if there is any availability at the grocery/pharmacy chain I frequent. I still have 20 more minutes to wait to even check for availability. I received an email from my local hospital at 5:43pm on Friday with a link to register. I clicked to get an appointment at 5:55pm and all appointments had been filled! Should it be so difficult? But I have given this over to God, because all things happen in His timing, not mine. When it is time, I will be scheduled. It’s the impatient part of being human that causes the frustration! UPDATE: After my time came, I learned nothing was available around me. I’ve tried all my alternatives and today is the first day for those over 75. As I said, all in God’s time.

All in all, I accomplished very little outside of normal cleaning, laundry, and picking up my new glasses. So my hours were filled with listening to audio books and coloring. I played around with pencils, markers, and my new pastel pencils. Below are the pictures I finished. Coloring makes me happy and fills in a lot of empty hours in my day. I thank God every day my youngest daughter got me started with this hobby! I am constantly learning and it’s fun!

Illustrator: Hannah Lynn
Book: Sweet and Simple Whimsy Girls

I pulled out my pastel pencils to color this lovely lady. I found it so much fun to use the pastels and they were super easy to blend! I’ll be using these more as time passes.

Illustrator: Jane Maday
Book: Adorable Animals

I’ve had this book for a while, but I rarely color in it. As I looked through, I found a picture I’d started and never finished. So I grabbed pencils and finished coloring! I love the result of coloring this picture with various pencils.

Illustrator: Jane Maday
Book: Adorable Animals

Another picture I found partially colored. I only had the birds, apples and a couple of flowers to color to finish it.

Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale Published by Jade Summer

I used markers to color this fun picture. I wanted to make a pink motorcycle, so that put me in a dilemma as to what color to use for her outfit. I think the light green turned out okay.

Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale
Published by Jade Summer

Another marker picture. These are fun and don’t take a lot of time. Relaxing.

Image purchased from Etsy store: leanasanjoseart

Colored this beauty on tan paper with Prismacolor Premier pencils. I like the result achieved, though camera doesn’t do justice to the coloring. Next are the pictures I colored with markers while watching television!

Rose Windows book by Creative Haven, Illustrator: Joel S. Avren

Rose Windows book by Creative Haven Illustrator: Joel S. Avren
Rose Windows book by Creative Haven, Illustrator: Joel S. Avren
Rose Windows book by Creative Haven, Illustrator: Joel S. Avren

I wish you all a beautiful week filled with joy and God’s blessings! Until next week…

Weekly Reflections

The Joy of Gifts Given and Received

I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts this morning. There are many kinds of gifts. The most important are the gifts we receive from God. Those gifts are gifts that should be shared for building the Kingdom. I have struggled for years with whether I’m using my gifts to honor and bring glory to God or whether I’m using them selfishly. I suppose I have cultured a belief through the years that I am inadequate and can never be enough. Looking back I can see the times when my soul was injured and I have continued to hold on to and believe the lies. But the Bible tells me I am who God says I am. He never tells me I’m not good enough. He does challenge me, gives me new grace every day, and lets me know I can do all things through Christ. Breaking the stronghold the lies have in my mind is done through affirming God’s truth through His Word.

But on to other gifts. My daughter gave me a mug for my birthday which shows a back view of me sitting with my three cats and our names are included. After losing Charlotte, this mug became even more dear to me. My daughter gave it with love knowing how I would love it. This morning, my fingers failed me and I dropped a glass into the sink which hit the handle of the mug and broke it off. The glass also broke. Since the pieces were large, it was easy to clean the debris from the sink, but it made me so sad that this favored mug was now imperfect. I had to remember that nothing had changed except my view. The joy from the gift still remained. It is not perfect but neither am I. I, too, have been damaged through the years, but God still sees me through eyes of love. I still see the mug through eyes of love. And the joy of knowing my daughter received joy in the gifting as I received joy in the receiving remains a beautiful memory indeliably etched on my heart.

I look around my home and see it filled with gifts given and received with love. And I know I am truly blessed. My life isn’t perfect, but I choose to look at the positive in daily happenings. My mug might be broken, but it didn’t shatter and my hands weren’t cut. The gift continues to give.

Though last week was busier than usual with appointments, I still managed to find joy in coloring. Here are the results of my efforts:

Another mandala from the Creative Haven Rose Windows book. Illustrated by Joel S. Avren
Book: Colouring Heaven Burlesque Special Issue 69.
Illustrator: Neil Kendall
Book: Fairies
Illustrated by Ruth Sanderson Colored with pastel pencils
Also from book: Fairies
Illustrated by Ruth Sanderson Also done with pastel pencils
Book: Enchanted Forest
Illustrated by: Johanna Basford
Weekly Reflections

But…Then God Sent Sunshine

What a week…is all I can say about the first full week of January. It’s been a week where I’ve been really happy to stay at home and away from the news and social media as much as possible. Though most of the week was heavily overcast, God did send sunshine! The last days of the week and most of the weekend, though cold, were filled with beautiful rays of warmth from the sun. Sunshine makes me smile and lifts my spirits.

It has been a week of prayer and tears for our country and for several of my loved ones. My granddaughter’s dog had to have surgery and has been severely ill. He was given a 50/50 chance to pull through. However, he seems to be doing good and should be coming home today. When I heard about the surgery, I cried and couldn’t stop until I turned and saw that God had sent fingers of sunlight to warm and paint my front porch. God gave me a heart for animals and for the connection their family has with them. I don’t understand why, but I accept it. I seem to feel for them very deeply, and I pray for them. When God directs our hearts in a certain direction, we should accept and do what we can. Prayer is powerful!

For me, I tried to fill this week with positivity and color. I love looking at an array of colored pencils or markers! Seeing them makes me smile. I open a book and find a picture that is speaking to me and begin to add color to the blank page. Watching the picture come to life, gives me pleasure. My work isn’t up to par with so many accomplished colorists, but for me it is all about bringing joy and having fun. And, shouldn’t we all have these things in our life? No matter what hobby you might have, I hope you find joy and fun in the creating.

I’ve been working on the “buddy color” picture with two of my daughters. I’ll save the “disaster” story about this picture for the end of the month when I can share the finished product. LOL! As for now, here are the pictures I completed this past week.

Creative Haven Rose Windows book, Illustrated by Joel S. Avren. Colored with Caliart Alcohol markers.
Illustration purchased on Etsy at Leanasanjoseart. Printed on tan paper and colored with Prismacolor Premier pencils.
Jade Summer Chibi Girls grayscale. Colored with Beileza alcohol markers.
Sheri Baldy My Besties Fluffy Girls. Colored with Castle Arts colored pencils.

And that is all from me for this week! I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Stay safe, and may God bless you and yours. Until next time…

Weekly Reflections

What God Revealed to Me About Hope

As the new year ended, and the new year dawned, I was still praying for God to share my word for this year. The theme for me to live out in 2021 revealed by God was “hope.” I wondered about this word because I feel I always have hope. Hope that things will get better, that God will bring goodness out of a bad decision, out of illness, out of pain. So I thought about what God wanted me to see in hope…how I could use this to bring glory to Him…and how to encourage others to embrace hope.

And as I read chapter 9 of One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp this morning, I began to wonder if she had a website with more info on seeing gifts. The website led me to read her blog and I found this wonderful blog about hope from December 21, 2020. Click here to read it, please! I know you will not be disappointed. I’m so delighted to have found this blog and intend stay connected.

Why have I never thought of hope as an action before? I’ve thought of it as something I have, but not as something I do! God is so patient with me. I’m still a work in progress.

The verse to supplement my living out hope is: “I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on Him. I have put my hope in His Word.” Psalm 130:5 NLT

As I move into setting up my planner with a vision board that I hope brings glory to God, I’m not only feeling hope, but anticipating living out this wonderful word. A word that will strengthen my faith and build my trust in God. And, so friends, I end my brief discourse on hope and turn to share the colors I’ve immersed myself in during this past week of deep gray skies.

This first picture I colored with Black Widow pencils and gel pens. My pencil sharpener decided to roll over and die and I barely finished the bright orange colored suit. So for the rest of the week, I resorted to other media until a new sharpener arrived. LOL!

Steampunk Special Issue 47 by Colouring Heaven
Illustrator: Hannah Lynn

This next one I colored with alcohol markers. I just love coloring in this book and seeing the beautiful results of a stained glass window.

Rose Windows by Creative Haven, Illustrated by Joel S. Avren

This picture is the one I completed the first week of December but couldn’t reveal until the end of the month. It was so much fun to see how my two daughters colored the same picture. One did a beautiful pink dragon, and one did a very scary looking green dragon. I used markers, pastels, and stickles glitter on this one.

Fairy Companions Book Picture: Dragon Skies Illustrated by: Selena Fenech

This picture I completed with the Gelly Roll Stardust glitter pens. It is the first picture in the same book as the Dragon Skies above.

This is from the Fairy Companions book illustrated by Selena Fenech.

And lastly, I worked on my diamond painting. This one is Fireside Christmas purchased from Diamond Art Club. It is a 22 inch by 22 inch (56cm by 56 cm) painting. For those who diamond paint, you’ll understand what I mean when I say it is nearly all confetti! I am not officially half-finished. Maybe I can actually hang it on the wall next Christmas.

Fireside Christmas
purchased from Diamond Art Club

And that is all my completed works for this past week. As 2021 unfolds, I wish you all the joy and peace that comes from living in hope! Until next week…keep believing.

Weekly Reflections

The Quiet Pause Between …

The week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is when I take a quiet pause to reflect on the months that have passed and to anticipate the upcoming year. I do not make resolutions. I rarely set goals. What I do is contemplate things I’d like to accomplish and envision how I will go about doing this. I also spend time talking with God as I listen to the word He places on my heart which will be my word for the year. Last year, the word was contentment. Never did I think how important that word would be for 2020!

I have a new Christian Planner where I keep my appointments, reminders about birthdays, and write my weekly sermon notes. I have a journal one of my daughter’s gave me Christmas 2019 which is half filled. I will continue to write in it and will probably have it completed by the end of 2021. I also have a beautiful journal, which I shared with you in a previous blog, another of my daughters gifted me on my birthday in October. That journal has become my give thanks to God journal. I also use it to record scripture that speaks to me, and things I read in books that speak to my heart. I hope to have this filled with at least 1000 gifts from God that I’m thanking Him for.

Life is unpredictable, and we have no idea what lies ahead tomorrow, let alone in 2021. But God wants us to live each day fully and happily, and to shine His Light where ever and whenever we have the opportunity. So I plan to continue posting uplifting and humorous morning posts on Facebook. I don’t have an active social life, so this is the means I use to reach out to others in hopes of brightening their day.

My coloring book stash is quite sufficient, and I plan to continue coloring and improving my skills without putting any specific goals in place. Coloring is my stress reliever and fills the time during the day instead of becoming a television addict! It is a pleasant way to pass the hours and challenge the brain.

Last week was really busy with Christmas preparations and celebrations so I didn’t color too many pictures. I really enjoyed those I completed. This first one I worked on throughout the month. It is colored with glitter gel pens. I can honestly say, I will never again do something like this with glitter pens! I like to use them for embellishments, but not for completing entire pictures. Tee hee!

Advent Calendar from Colouring Heaven “Cutesy Christmas” Issue 68 Illustrator: Rozrysowanamama

The next picture is one done with alcohol markers. I don’t try to blend with alcohol markers. This might be something I try to learn this year, but honestly, I just enjoy straight coloring with markers sometimes. The markers fit my hands well and the coloring time is a lot less than using pencils. I think she is adorable.

Also from Colouring Heaven Issue 68 “Cutesy Christmas” The illlustrator for this picture is Hanna Lynn.

I just love this picture. There are so many cute ones in the Colouring Heaven Issue 68. Lots more left to color for next Christmas!

Another from Colouring Heaven “Cutesy Christmas” issue 68. The Illustrator is Mariola Budek.

This last picture was printed on tan paper, a gift from one of my daughters for Christmas. The picture was illustrated by Christine Karron and is available in her Etsy shop. I love Christine’s work. I also love this paper! The picture printed nicely, and the pencils I used just glided like butter on the page. I added some light green pastel (kind of like mini chalks) for the background, so the tan doesn’t really show. It was so much fun, and I look forward to coloring more pictures on this fantastic paper.

Illustrator: Christine Karron available in her Etsy store.

And that is all I have to talk about today. As you can tell, colors are a big part of my life.  Hasn’t God created a beautiful and colorful world for us? Until next week, may your hearts be full, your tummies be full, your smiles be many, and your love spread where ever you may be.