Morning Inspiration – The Heart is So Much More!

Good morning, Lord! This morning I am grateful for my heart. What an intricate muscular organ. It sits right between my lungs and all day and night it pumps life giving blood throughout my body. I’m comforted by the sound of a heartbeat. But my heart is so much more!

You have filled my heart with the capacity to love, to have compassion, to experience the majestic joy of your creation which is so overwhelming my eyes glaze with tears. My heart allows me to experience a full range of emotions, but thankfully, you have removed any trace of hatred, allowing me to love unconditionally.

My heart – so vital to life in every way – is something I have often taken for granted . So today, I want to say thank you for giving me a heart for Jesus, which many do not have. Lifting my cup of tea with heartfelt gratitude! Lord, this morning I ask that you bless each person who reads this message today.

Morning Inspiration – God’s Handiwork

Good morning! Did you thank God for the gift of a new day yet?

Rain is expected later today, but the forecast also includes temperatures climbing to 80. I’ll take it with much gratitude! As I gaze across the freshly mowed landscape, I’m filled with peace and joy. There is something miraculous in the quiet of the morning amid God’s handiwork. Such beautiful green colors with the treetops moving softly in the breeze. A robin is having breakfast in front of my porch. My neighbor’s tulips are bright and beautiful. The little pine tree that last week drooped beneath a cover of snow, is standing tall and spreading branches to welcome the day. Life is all around me. And I am in the midst of God’s majesty. I am blessed.

Lifting my cup of tea as I smile with true joy at this gift God has given on this morning. May your day be sprinkled with happy views, loving kindness, and gratitude.