Finnegan's Diary

Finnegan’s Happy Home (Finnegan’s Diary)

I’m having the “luck o’ the Irish” for sure! I like my new name of Finnegan. I don’t hide in that dark spot any longer. I can go all over my new home. It’s nice as can be! I love to be petted and to play and purr! Now I have this all the time! And food! Lots of food to eat!

I have something called a cat tree. I like to lay under it, but I don’t jump on anything unless my new mommy puts me there first so I know it’s okay. She put me on the spot where I can look and see a great big open outdoors! I don’t want to go there where there are scary things again. I saw some big people and I jumped down and ran because I didn’t want them to see me and take me away!

But last night my mommy put me on the sofa where she sits. I like it there. I found a spot where I can lay and watch this big thing that has moving things and changes colors and makes noises like people do. My mommy looks at it as so does my uncle. So I like to watch it, too.

Once my mommy put me in her lap. I liked it there. She was loving me, and I was purring. Oh, how good this felt! I stayed for a long time and then moved to my spot to look at the big box again.

When the people went to their rooms and shut off the lights, I went back to the sofa and went to sleep. I curled up right where my mommy sits.

I’m really going to like it here!

My mommy says I’ll be handsome when my hair all grows back. Right now it’s so short in a lot of places, but she still brushes me. That feels good, too.

I’m a happy kitty now!

Finnegan's Diary

First 24 Hours (Finnegan’s Diary)

I’m a very shy guy. I was rescued from the streets by a bunch of people who put me in a cage in a room where there are lots of cats wandering around and other ones in cages like mine. I had a comfy blanket for a bed, and a separate room where I could go to eat and kind of hide away. The doctor came to see me and gave me a bunch of shots, and then, horrors! They used some kind of vibrating thing on me and it made all my beautiful hair disappear on my body! I was so embarrassed. No wonder I didn’t want to come out of my cage.

Then this person came to visit. She was really nice and petted me a lot. I rolled over and let her rub my belly. It felt so good! I purred and purred. She left and I felt sad that she was petting lot of other cats I’m afraid of. But then, wonder of wonders, she came back! She didn’t seem to mind at all that I didn’t have all my hair. I wanted her to stay and keep petting me, but once again she left.

I was sad and then I was taken from the cage, had my nails trimmed, and was put in a cardboard box kind of thing. This was scariest of all, even though I had a nice soft flannel blanket to lie on. I felt the movement of the same kind of thing that brought me to the place I’d been living and I was more scared than ever. One thing I never did was voice my fear. If I was quiet, maybe they wouldn’t know I was there.

Then I felt a different movement and the noises changed. I heard the person I’d liked talking. Then she opened the box and picked me up! I didn’t know where I was. I was so confused. She put me in a litter box like the one at the other place and I saw a small opening behind something big. I squeezed into that place and felt a lot safer. All I could do was listen to all the strange noises, but I could hear the person talking to me from time to time. Eventually I showed my face and she touched me, just like she did at my old cage. This was nice and I began to purr and rub my face against her. But I wouldn’t come out of my safety spot.

Finally things were really dark and quiet. I did come out and nothing threatened me. I found the litter box and used it, drank some water, and ate the whole bowl of food before crawling back into my new “room.”

The person I like gave me some special fishy food and I had to come out. I didn’t see the person so I gobbled all the food and went back to hide.

All day this person fed me and once I even came out and ate even though the person was right beside me. I looked up a few times, but the person didn’t reach for me. I felt safe enough to purr and eat before going back to hide again. I hope I get to stay here. Maybe I can get more pets and love soon. I like the sound of my person’s voice talking to me and the feel of the hands on my head. Maybe this life will be better.