Senior Life

My Ridiculous Pity Party

God always put the best people in our lives! He always provides.

Yesterday I had a momentary breakdown. My mind was in tangles about my vehicle and where to go for the battery. My BFF called to tell me about the auto parts store very near me that had installed a battery for her for free.

I thought that was best but called my dealership just to see what they said. No help. Even though I had no idea when I’d have a running vehicle, they said I needed an appointment for a battery! That made me a little upset because I’ve been using them exclusively for nearly 10 years.

I made another call to see if my glasses which I’d ordered over a week ago were in and was told they were due in today but they didn’t have a working lab because so many people were out. They wouldn’t be ready until later in the week.

This just added to my frustration! I knew I needed to turn to God to take away these feelings of being overwhelmed, the unfairness of life, and impatience.

As I prayed I began to cry. God revealed I was being impatient like the rest of the world. We have become a people of instant gratification. We think of ourselves first. We want, want, want. And we want it right now! The more we talked, the more I wanted to laugh at myself for being so petty. How could I deny the truth? He answered my prayer and I had instantly felt at peace with a new perspective.

And He provided.

He provided a good Samaritan to take care of the battery issue. I was able to pick up my prescription. And later, I received a call that my new glasses were ready for pickup!

My day was filled with thanking God for His goodness, laughing at Him at my earlier pity party, and admitting that without Him I could do nothing. He is my rock, my strength, my friend, my loving Father, always with me.