Author's Life


Throughout our lives, we are taught balance. We begin with holding our head upright, then our upper body, and finally learning to stand and walk. I remember when my son began to walk. He’d get on his feet, take the first step and wobble run on his toes unable to stop without falling. He was a later than usual walker and I believe part of that was an off and on problem with his ears.

But I digress, we learn more about balance as the years pass. We even learn to balance our bank accounts. In all things, balance is required. I remember having to balance a work life, with a family, and college classes. But I did it. Why? Because we always find a way when things are necessary. Love drives us.

So, as a senior, what should I have to balance now? My children are grown with their own families and balancing acts. My husband is in heaven. I’m retired.

But I still write. I still publish books. I have a new cat in the household who needs attention and food, and lots of love. I have financial needs to meet. Oh, and I have diabetes, A-fib, and require being on a blood thinner, which demands being checked frequently. I need to balance nutrients in what I eat daily. I have to balance my introvert tendencies with being social.

Throughout my life, I’ve learned the art of balance. It’s part of life, of being alive. I’m grateful for every item I balance and especially grateful to God for leading me!