Senior Life

The Winter Storm Within

Yesterday I kept thinking about the food I had that I could eat if we should lose electricity due to the winter storm heading our way. I boiled a few eggs which would due for breakfasts. I even cooked two hamburgers which I figured I could eat cold. I have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, too. I knew I would miss having the availability for a cup of hot tea. I have bread and peanut butter, and crackers. Even one serving of chicken salad. So I felt I was well prepared.

All the preparations for the storm yesterday was a little depressing, and it had me thinking how quickly we could have to live in conditions much worse than a possible loss of electricity and being iced/snowed into our homes. We take what we have for granted so much of the time. We are used to living in luxury. Yes, luxury. We are a blessed country despite all the changes, the grumblings, and the negative things happening. Maybe it is time for us to stop, breathe, and appreciate the people and “things” in our lives.

I’m reminded I do need to take more time to just sit and be still and know God is God. He never changes. He is still in control. He still loves me, loves all of us and wants only good for us. When Jesus ascended, He left us with a message to tell the world about Him. How often do we do this? Do we spend more time sharing our view of the negativity about us than we do talking about the goodness of God?

Since I still have electricity as I watch the ice building up outside my window, I lift my cup of tea and make a commitment to battle the winter storm within my thoughts by being still and knowing He is God.