I’m Not Giving Up!

I didn’t follow through on my exercise goal last week. There were some days when I was so tired after getting home from running errands, etc. that I simply had to sit and read to relax. It would be so easy to feel as if I’ve failed and give up, but I’m not going to do that!

This week I’m going to work out a better routine and do my exercise time in the early morning hours. I love how I feel after exercising. I have more energy and I feel mentally alert. Now, exercise for me as a senior looks a lot different than that of my youngest daughter. She’s a beast! She works out regularly on various at home machines, goes to a gym, and she is a marathon runner! I have a cute little machine called an elliptical trainer. I watch a video podcast or something similar while I exercise for 30 minutes. It gets my heart rate up and I burn calories, but it is not too strenuous.

After my fail last week, it would be so easy to give up. I’ve done that in the past. But not this time. I’m so blessed that God never gives up on me! I’m always praying for strength to exercise, eat healthy, and be a better person. I’m a work in progress.

Life sometimes gets in the way of goals, but often times we allow life to get in the way of goals and use that as an excuse. I could have followed through and exercised last week, and I would have felt better. But I didn’t. I reverted to thinking I’m old, I’m tired, I have back issues, diabetes and heart issues. I deserve to rest. Ah, how we can so easily slip into bad habits and buy into listening to the wrong voice!

This week I am determined to listen to God instead!

I did stick with my 21 day fast which is over as of today! I’m going to continue with the no eating after dinner because I believe that is a healthy habit. As for no TV in the evening, I will allow some leeway there, but I do intend to continue writing in the evening. It’s a good productive time for me since all my to-do’s are completed by dinner time. All in all I’ve enjoyed the fasting and spending time with God these past 3 weeks.

And with that, I leave you on a positive note! Until tomorrow…

Grow Where He Plants You

Another day much the same as the one before greets me as I type this. I love the window behind my desk that allows a view over the beautiful landscape of my condo home. As the seasons change, so does my view. I’ve no desire to live where there are no distinct season changes.

When I lived in the house prior to moving here, my office view wasn’t as beautiful. To help, I planted lilies and coneflowers in the garden area outside the window. The house was a bilevel which put my window at ground level. In the summer and early fall, I’d see brightly colored finches perch on the stems of the coneflowers and eat the seeds. It was fun to see them balancing as the stem moved with their weight.

In the warmer weather in this new location, I see neighbors walking their dogs, a variety of brightly colored birds, geese, ducks, an occasional rabbit or deer. The foliage changes with each season from vivid green to oranges to desolate barren trees. When winter arrives, I can see the large pond in the distance. In spring and summer, I can walk to the canal close to my condo and watch the geese and ducks swimming back and forth from the pond.

This is the perfect place to sit quietly and feel God’s presence and be thankful for what His hands have created. When I sit on the porch, I listen to the birds, windchimes and just relax knowing I’m not alone.

It’s in these quiet moments, I thank God for bringing me here. I am blessed.

Going Undercover

Last night Templeton decided he liked sleeping under the covers. We long ago determined I had one half of the bed and he had the other. But sometimes he will sleep at the foot of the bed on my side. When that happens, I can’t stretch my legs. In order to do so, I have to move to his side of the bed.

Well, as of last night, he wanted to try sleeping under the covers on his side and I gladly let him for my own sleeping comfort. He was very content except those times I moved from my left side to my right side. When that happened, he let me know he didn’t like being disturbed by uttering little whiny noises!

Honestly, my cat is very spoiled. But how can I resist? He’s going to be nineteen this summer. He’s an old man who has difficulty with arthritis in his hips. He spends most of the time sleeping these days. I don’t mind giving up a little of my own comfort to accommodate him. We have our routines and he has given me such joy over the years.

I’m not sure how long the undercover sleep will last. He tends to get bored with sleeping arrangements. The nice soft bed he used to sleep in all the time is ignored. The red crocheted afghan he was enamored with for a couple weeks is ignored. My warm wrap with sherpa lining he adored is being ignored.

For now, I’m going to enjoy being able to stretch my legs at night!

Cut! Take 2!

I have a writing program which reminds me of a movie set where the director gets to call “Cut! Take 2!” I’m not sure, but I believe the “cuts” aren’t deleted until the movie is ready for public viewing. Often, we will see “out takes” of blunders made while filming.

My writing program allows me to do the same thing. When I opened the book I began a few years ago, I needed to remove scenes and reorder some. Last night this part of the work began.

Here’s how my book is structured in the program. There is a column on the right showing each chapter folder and inside each folder are all the named scenes. I also have them coded by color to let me know which point of view the scene is written in.

I added a new folder at the end of all the chapters which says Old Scenes. Then I’m able to move each scene into this folder leaving the chapter folders in their place. Now I’m ready to begin writing new scenes! Later, I will be able to move the “old scenes” back into different places when appropriate. I love not having lost anything during my revision process.

Life doesn’t allow these kinds of massive cuts. Once something is said or done, it is permanent and cannot be deleted or erased. Not by us. But God…

God is the master creator and planner! He is the ultimate author of life! He allows for the sins of our past to be erased through the Jesus Christ. Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that these things happened, the people who were hurt, the damages done, but it gives us a new “take.” Through confessing our sins, asking for forgiveness, accepting Jesus as our Savior, and believing, we begin the process of being changed.

This is what I thought about last night as I worked on my book.

My Ridiculous Pity Party

God always put the best people in our lives! He always provides.

Yesterday I had a momentary breakdown. My mind was in tangles about my vehicle and where to go for the battery. My BFF called to tell me about the auto parts store very near me that had installed a battery for her for free.

I thought that was best but called my dealership just to see what they said. No help. Even though I had no idea when I’d have a running vehicle, they said I needed an appointment for a battery! That made me a little upset because I’ve been using them exclusively for nearly 10 years.

I made another call to see if my glasses which I’d ordered over a week ago were in and was told they were due in today but they didn’t have a working lab because so many people were out. They wouldn’t be ready until later in the week.

This just added to my frustration! I knew I needed to turn to God to take away these feelings of being overwhelmed, the unfairness of life, and impatience.

As I prayed I began to cry. God revealed I was being impatient like the rest of the world. We have become a people of instant gratification. We think of ourselves first. We want, want, want. And we want it right now! The more we talked, the more I wanted to laugh at myself for being so petty. How could I deny the truth? He answered my prayer and I had instantly felt at peace with a new perspective.

And He provided.

He provided a good Samaritan to take care of the battery issue. I was able to pick up my prescription. And later, I received a call that my new glasses were ready for pickup!

My day was filled with thanking God for His goodness, laughing at Him at my earlier pity party, and admitting that without Him I could do nothing. He is my rock, my strength, my friend, my loving Father, always with me.