December Sadness and Joy

Though the month of June is a heavy month for me due to my husband being called home in June after a 10 day hospital stay, the month of December is a mixture of sadness and joy. I love celebrating the birth of Jesus, singing hymns about Him, and the nativity scene beneath the decorated tree.

But I’m missing the earthly presence of my husband. I know many other widows and widowers feel the same. The house seems much quieter during December despite the Christmas movies, Christmas carols, and Christmas cards. Tears press lightly against my eyelids.

The only One who can bring relief is Jesus. Spending time with Him in prayer gives me comfort. I might shed a few tears occasionally, but that is when I feel His arms holding me.

The last thing my husband would want is for me to be sad. He would want me to remember he is whole again with no more suffering and pain. He received God’s promise. And one day we will be together again.

This is all part of aging gracefully as a widow. We gather strength from Lord, trust in His promises, and move forward one day at a time, one hour at at time, one minute at a time. We put smiles on our faces when we are with friends and family. And we give thanks to the Lord for each new day, for our work here on earth is not yet completed.

Lifting my cup of tea this morning with a reminder that life is a gift and God wants us to enjoy it. We need to keep our eyes and heart open to the opportunities He opens and do what we know He is asking of us. Our suffering can help others if we use it wisely. God bless!

A Quiet Life of Trust

Looking back over the year, I cannot fathom how quickly December 1st has arrived! In all honesty, I can’t recall any significant changes in my life since December 1st of 2020.

Perhaps this is typical of my age group. I live a rather quiet and serene life. Hobbies fill most hours in each day fitted around errands, appointments, lunches with friends, laundry, housecleaning, church worship, small group study, and reading the Word.

Accepting the limitations of my aging body is part of aging gracefully. Whining and complaining are not productive. Prayer is what fills my mind and heart with peace. There will be sufferings in the days I remain on earth, but all is part of God’s plan. I’ve learned not to live in anxiety, but to trust Him and give Him my worries.

The greatest benefit, while on earth, is the peace that comes from trusting God. Lifting my cup of tea with much gratitude.

Aging Gracefully with a Conflicted Mind?

I can at this moment call myself fully vaccinated for Covid. Yet, I still see signs requiring masks to enter establishments, or strongly recommend everyone wear masks. Sigh. The older I get, the less I trust anything. I received my flu shot last week, but nowhere does it say I need to wear a mask to protect against flu.

So I hear that vaccinated people can pass Covid to other people and that is why we need to be masked. What is the purpose of getting vaccinated if we can still get or pass on the virus?

Honestly, none of it makes sense. Sigh. My reasoning is because my doctor got his, I decided to get mine…before it becomes mandated. Our world is a crazy mess of contradictions, so I am trusting God.

The eye twitching issue I suffered with for over two months is fully relieved as of this morning. My doctor never did call me back after asking two other doctors for consultation, and sending me home with no resolution and a promise to follow up. He didn’t want to address the other issue I wanted to discuss with him until this one was resolved. I may be trying to age gracefully, but I’m a little miffed that my insurance company paid for this “wasted” visit. My friends and family prayed for me and God answered. He is the Great Physician! I owe this relief to God only!

In our crazy world today, it is difficult to age gracefully. To age with dignity, peace, and kindness. It is a way of life to be practiced daily with prayer. Lifting my cup of tea as November ends and I pray for a December that fills our hearts with hope.

Christmas Decorations, Cards, and a New Great Grandson

The rumbling of the trash truck is the first sign of life in the world outside my condo. All is quiet and serene as the sun kisses the lightly frosted green grass. No sign yet of any flying birds, but in the distance, beneath the autumn clothed trees, ducks waddle toward the morning breakfast provided by a kind-hearted neighbor.

I breathe in deeply, enjoying the peace before setting off on a busy day of errands and appointments. This past week has taken a toll both physically and emotionally. Sometimes aging gracefully can be lost in the rush of busyness. I finally finished making my Christmas cards, writing notes inside, and addressing them in preparation for mailing today. Each card is different. Next year, God willing, I am going to make every card the same.

Yesterday as I was getting ready for church, my daughter in SC called me. I knew it must be important since she knew I would be preparing for church. So, with a mouthful of toothpaste, I rushed to the kitchen to answer. She told me her daughter, my beloved granddaughter, had awakened thinking her water had broken. (She was being watched for high blood pressure during the last trimester of her pregnancy. Originally due in January, they had moved the date up to Christmas Eve.) At 1:30am on Sunday morning, she found it wasn’t water, but blood. She was rushed to the hospital and had an emergency c-section due to a ruptured placenta. Both mom and baby are doing okay, though mom lost a lot of blood and baby will be in NICU for a few weeks. Thanking God for His love and mercy! I can’t wait to meet Wyatt Robert McDine.

With my focus on finishing Christmas cards, the only coloring I completed this week was swatching two new sets of pencils. The Christmas decorations are in place so after this day of errands, I’m hoping to be able to resume coloring some Christmas pictures while listening to Christmas carols.

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing all of you a happy Monday. Until next time…God bless!

A Snowy, Cold, Day After

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Youngest daughter and her hubby hosted our family this year. So much yummy food. I tried everything, of course! I’m a family oriented person, and being with family really warms my heart.

This morning, I woke and it felt chilly. The rain we had been getting changed to a sleety snow. The rooftops are painted white and the grass is slowly getting a light blanket of snow. When I checked the thermostat I realized my furnace wasn’t working. It had dropped to 64 degrees. Thankfully I’m in a small condo so I’m staying warm by sitting in the kitchen next to the stove and it is set to 400.

Ah, aging gracefully isn’t always easy. I thought moving into a new condo four years ago where everything was brand new would be perfect for me. I do love it here, but there are drawbacks even to a new home. I’m hoping the furnace can be fixed without having to replace something major. I found a warranty page inside the installation manual but reading it says it should have been registered within 90 days of purchasing the condo. Sigh.

Trusting God in this. A solution will be found. He always makes a way! Lifting my cup of tea and wishing everyone a lovely weekend. Until then…love and prayers!