Finnegan's Diary

A Day in My Life (Finnegan’s Diary)

Good morning! Finnegan here for another update to my diary. Exciting day for me and mommy. She says we are having a visitor for a few days. She’s mommy’s daughter, so I suppose that makes her my sister, right? Not sure. Doesn’t matter, I am happy because I love company. I know she’ll be happy to meet me, too! I am expecting a lot of attention. So, otherwise it’s been a kind of quiet week. I’ve been spending my time playing with the little mice mommy gave me. I love them so much more than any bigger mice or toys. I can toss them in the air and chase them all over the house. The only time I have to cry for mommy’s help is when one of them gets under the refrigerator. My legs aren’t long enough to get them out.

Here I am posing with one of the little mice.

I’m sure I can reach it without really having to move.

Ta-da!!! See I have it. I knew I could do it. Sometimes I will grab Mommy’s leg when she walks by, especially in the morning when she has her jammies on.

I have lots of fun in my play area, though mommy says it is really the living room. Well, that’s how I live! I know I’m a pretty boy and I can look at mommy with my “I love you” look and she’ll always give me attention.

Well, that’s all I have to say this week. I should have more to talk about next week after spending time with what mommy says will be lots of company coming to visit. Until then, have a meowy week!

Finnegan's Diary

Playtimes (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi, Finnegan here again! Mommy says it is spring and soon there will be pretty flowers to see. I like looking through the storm door. I can see things differently than when I am in my window beds. I watch other mommies with their doggies. Most of them are little, but some are big and black. I still don’t want to go out there, even though they have fun. Maybe if there were kitties out there…

We’ve been playing a lot this week. I have a lot of fun running and trying to catch the red dot. Sometimes I catch it, but then when I raise my paw to look it isn’t there and I see it running away! So I chase it again. I get tired and then I lay down and when I do, I see the red dot on the thing mommy is holding. That’s when it disappears and I really don’t care because it is time for a nap.

Mommy tied some toys onto my cat tree. It’s fun to play there, too. And then when I get tired, I can curl up and sleep with a view through the window.

Mommy says I’ll get to see somebody tomorrow. I’m happy to have a visitor even though she tells me it is a surprise. I wonder who is coming? I love company a lot. I think mommy does, too.

I’ve been a good boy. Mommy taught me what brush, brush, snack means. It means I have to be good and let her brush my tummy for a minute and then I’ll get a snack on the floor. Mommy will give me a snack and while I eat it, she brushes my back and sides. She tell me I’m shedding a lot now because of spring coming. I can be good only as long as the snacks last. But I’m getting better about letting her brush me since she never hurts me. But I haven’t learned how to play nicely without claws. I’m trying, but I’ve used them all my life. Why doesn’t she want me to do it now?

We play hide and seek and catch me a lot, too. But she’s not as good at it as a cat. She says I need another cat to play with. She’s been saying that for a long time, but I still only see cats on that thing she holds in her hands sometimes. I do see a kitty in the windows mommy calls mirrors. I cry for cats to come out, but there just aren’t any who will come play with me.

Well, I need to get off because mommy is coming. I’ll be back with more updates on my happy life next Wednesday. Have a Meowy blessed Easter! Bye!

Finnegan's Diary

Entertaining Myself on a Rainy Day (Finnegan’s Diary)

It’s a rainy day again. I can tell because the sun is hiding. I’m waiting for the raindrops to hit the window, but they haven’t started yet. Where have all the birds gone?

I decided I’d go in the office and see what mommy was doing. I hid in my tunnel. She said, “I can see you!” I knew she couldn’t but then she showed me this picture. I must be bigger than I think I am.

Sometimes I get bored on these dreary days when the sun isn’t shining. Mommy took a picture of me two days ago when the sun was shining. I’d found a sunny spot on the bed and she said my fur was really shiny!

I like my scratching post with the feather thingies on it. Sometimes I even nap on it.

Mommy did fix my window bed in the office. She said she used super extreme hold strips to keep it securely on the windowsill and that the braces underneath that fit against the wall won’t fall again. I’ve tried it out a couple times taking naps in the sun in the afternoon, but it’s not my favorite spot right now. Maybe one day I’ll fully trust it again. Instead I spend a lot of time on the floor entertaining myself with that boring toy that has balls that go around and around. Don’t tell mommy, but I do like to push the balls back and forth. But when she catches me playing, I pretend I’m only resting!

And that’s all I have to put into my diary this week. Things have been pretty calm. I did hear the garage door last night and went to wait and see who was coming, but mommy said it was just the neighbor again. Guess it was. So, I’ll sign off on this diary entry and I’ll be back next Wednesday with more pictures and stories about my life.

Finnegan's Diary

No Boring Toys, Please (Finnegan’s Diary)

Mommy says I can only take a few minutes to write because she has an eye appointment this morning and when she comes back, she won’t be able to see good. I don’t understand that. If she is going to see somebody about her eyes, why would they be worse afterwards? She says it’s because they dilate her eyes. Not sure what that means, but I can’t tell her that. Oops, I’m wasting time.

So what happened since the last time I was here. For one, mommy bought me a new toy! Two toys, but one I am not sure about yet. One is a big ball with a squeaky mouse inside. The ball rolls around and the mouse squeaks but I can’t get the mouse out through the bars. I lost interest in it pretty soon because, well why should I bother? It’s like that other senseless toy with the balls on different levels that just go around and around if I bat at them. Boooooring!!!!

Anyway my other toy is pretty good. It has a scratching post and two orange fuzzy things that spin around it. I can chase them, chew on them, and of course I like to grab the post and sharpen my claws.

One night when mommy got out of her favorite chair, I took her spot so I could watch television better. When she came back, I just gave her my innocent look, and she laughed. She can’t resist me. So she sat on the sofa. Haha!

One of my favorite games is hide and seek. I will hide behind doors and wait for her to find me or I’ll zoom into my tunnels to hide. Mommy will always say “Where’s Finnegan?” Then I’ll peek out at her. She’ll pretend to chase me and I’ll run to a new spot to hide. It’s great fun! Even more than chasing the feathers on the wand, or laser chase.

That’s kind of all the stuff that happened since we last talked. I’d better give the computer to mommy so she can go get her eyes all messed up. Hope she can see good enough feed me at lunch time. See you next week!

Finnegan's Diary

I Love Family Visits!

Good morning, Diary!

Guess what? Family came to visit yesterday! It was the best time ever! I loved getting so much attention. I learned a new game called Cat in the Middle! I was the Cat. Four people from my family sat in a circle around me and tossed one of my balls back and forth and I had to try and catch it. What a fun game it was.

My family gave me a lot of playtime. Here are some pictures of me while they were here. I knew you’d want to see some.

Last week we got snowed in, according to mommy. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together. It was nice to be with mommy all this time. She likes it when I try to help her with coloring. She likes it so much she took pictures after she set everything up to color and watch television. I always lay right on the picture she is trying to color. I really like to play with the pencils. I like to chew on them.

On Christmas morning, mommy talked to me about Christmas and told me how this day is one in which we celebrate Jesus being born into this world a long, long time ago. It’s like a birthday celebration. Then she brought out a present and said it was for me for Christmas. Can you believe it? I got a present even though it was not my birthday. Oh, how I loved having all these toys on the floor. Mommy played with me a lot and we had fun. She laughs a lot when we are playing together and I like that sound.

Mommy told me it will soon be time for a new year. I’m not sure what that means or what will happen, but I’m looking forward to spending all the time I can get with mommy. I know she wants me to let her trim my sharp claws, but it always scares me. I try to be brave, but I just can’t. This would be a good present for me to give her, so I’ll try harder when the new year comes.

Here are some other pictures of our week and snowed in time. I spent a lot of time watching the birds through the windows. I’m so glad I have three windows to choose from.

It’s time for me to close now. I’ll be back next week to tell you all about the new year, whatever that is.

Love, Finnegan