Finnegan's Diary

I’m a Boy Who Knows What He Wants and How to Get It!

Good morning! It’s me, Finnegan, coming to you live from home base. Ha, ha! I’m not really in my tunnel, though I love to play and hide in my tunnels. They are my favorite things besides my mommy and maybe my orange ball.

I like to bat my orange ball under the television stand. Then I can reach through the back and bat it back out again. It’s so much fun! It’s like my ball is playing hide and seek with me, but I can always find it.

This week I was kind of bad. Mommy wasn’t giving me enough attention, and I’m a boy who need a lot of attention when I’m not napping. I can be vindictive. When I jump on the kitchen counter, mommy tells me no in a firm voice and then puts me on the floor. Well, the other day I just got fed up with that and jumped to the counter and knocked the remote to the floor! Oh, she gave me attention then! I ran into my tunnel to hide. I think she knew where I was though.

Mommy feed me at the same time she makes her meals, but most times I finish eating first. A few days ago, she was all involved in watching something on television so she was turned away from the plate where she had a cheese sandwich. I thought she was finished, so I decided to sneak up and check it out. I don’t know how she knew when I clamped down on a corner of the sandwich….oh, the bliss of bread on my taste buds….but she turned and said no! Well, I wasn’t about to let go. I wanted that piece of bread. She took it away, though. She even cut off the part where my teeth had been, but did she give it to me? No! She threw it in the trash. Sigh. What a waste.

But mommy does play with me. She plays chase, which I really like. She shuffles her feet like she’s coming after me and I take off running. Oh, what fun that is. I get lots of exercise that way and so does she, because she said I wear her out. Hmmm.

She also plays with me with the feather thing. I like that a lot, too.

Mommy did fix my window bed real good. I sleep in it now and keep her company when she’s working. But when I finish my nap, she better be ready to give me some attention or I’ll knock things off the desk. The other day I pushed a whole magazine holder with her coloring book supplies to the floor. I give her my “take that” look. But she gets mad and I hurry to my tunnel but on the way I send her water mug flying, too. She doesn’t like it when water gets all over her stuff.

Maybe one of these days she’ll break down and get another cat for me to play with, but I’m not sure if I’ll like that or not. I am a pretty spoiled boy.

I’m kind of ready for a nap now, so I’m going to let mommy have the computer and I’m going to my cat tree so I can look out the window there for a while and then fall asleep. See you next Wednesday!

Finnegan's Diary

Entertaining Myself on a Rainy Day (Finnegan’s Diary)

It’s a rainy day again. I can tell because the sun is hiding. I’m waiting for the raindrops to hit the window, but they haven’t started yet. Where have all the birds gone?

I decided I’d go in the office and see what mommy was doing. I hid in my tunnel. She said, “I can see you!” I knew she couldn’t but then she showed me this picture. I must be bigger than I think I am.

Sometimes I get bored on these dreary days when the sun isn’t shining. Mommy took a picture of me two days ago when the sun was shining. I’d found a sunny spot on the bed and she said my fur was really shiny!

I like my scratching post with the feather thingies on it. Sometimes I even nap on it.

Mommy did fix my window bed in the office. She said she used super extreme hold strips to keep it securely on the windowsill and that the braces underneath that fit against the wall won’t fall again. I’ve tried it out a couple times taking naps in the sun in the afternoon, but it’s not my favorite spot right now. Maybe one day I’ll fully trust it again. Instead I spend a lot of time on the floor entertaining myself with that boring toy that has balls that go around and around. Don’t tell mommy, but I do like to push the balls back and forth. But when she catches me playing, I pretend I’m only resting!

And that’s all I have to put into my diary this week. Things have been pretty calm. I did hear the garage door last night and went to wait and see who was coming, but mommy said it was just the neighbor again. Guess it was. So, I’ll sign off on this diary entry and I’ll be back next Wednesday with more pictures and stories about my life.

Finnegan's Diary

Puzzles and Big Windows (Finnegan’s Diary)

One of my favorite places to be is at the front door when it is opened. There is a big glass window much bigger than me! I can relax on the floor and watch through the window. One day mommy said it was like spring and then she carried two big pots of green stuff from the garage and put them on the big table on the porch. I stayed inside and watched through this big window. I don’t want to go out there because it is a little scary, even if that’s where the birds are.

It’s been a quiet, normal week for us. Mommy still goes out sometimes, but I hear her when she comes back and wait for her by the door. She is always happy to see me and that makes me purr. She didn’t bring me any new toys. She says I have enough. I think I need more because I do get bored. She’s been talking about how I need a buddy to wrestle with and play chase. Mommy plays chase with me and I will run from room to room, but she never tries to really catch me. Then I dive into the tunnel and she plays like she can’t find me. It’s better than nothing, but she gets tired quickly.

Mostly I content myself with sleeping close to her in whatever room she’s in. I helped her put together a puzzle. Well, mostly I supervised. It was a big puzzle and do you know what she did when we finished it? She took it apart! That made no sense to me at all.

This puzzle was a little lame because it had a dog in a chair. Should have been a cat! Mommy says she we are going to work a puzzle next with lots of cats in the picture. That’ll be fun. I’m a good supervisor. Her puzzle board tilts up and I’ll run from one side under the board to the other side. She laughs. That’s part of supervising. Making sure she laughs.

Nothing much to share this week. Mommy didn’t take many pictures. I need to remind her she needs more pictures of me for my blog. It’s looking like another sunny day, so I’m going to jump to my window bed and take a morning nap. Mommy is coming and will want to take over the computer. So, until next week, this is me reporting from Finnegan’s Diary!

Finnegan's Diary

Finnegan Gets a New Tunnel (Finnegan’s Diary)

I’m so glad it is Wednesday and I’m able to tell you about my week. But first something new is coming. Mommy and I both like to type our words on this iPad, but it does sit kind of low and my face is right up against it as you can see. So mommy ordered a stand that will raise it a little higher. She says it is coming today. So, this one last time, I’ll work up my diary post to share from this position.

Okay, last week mommy did something that makes my sleepy time so comfy. My favorite window bed was becoming uncomfortable because my legs would hang off the edge and sometimes when I changed positions, I’d fall off. I let her think I did it on purpose, but I don’t think she believed it. Anyway, she moved the bolster from the window side and put it on the outside. I don’t know how she did it, but it’s wonderful. She also took the little yellow flannel blanket Cat Welfare sent home with me and rolled it up like a bolster and put it on the window ledge behind the bed. Now I can curl up inside and it is warm and cozy. My mommy is the best!

So one morning last week while I was snoozing and mommy was working, there was a big, bright strike of lightning followed by a loud crash of thunder! It made me look to see what was happening. I could tell mommy didn’t like it. She said it was time to go in the other room. She turned off the computers and the light, but I just yawned and went back to sleep. The storm didn’t bother me because I know inside my home nothing can hurt me if my mommy is here. After the storm ended she petted me, kissed me and told me I was a very brave boy. I guess I am.

Maybe that impressed her because when she left to run errands she brought me home a new tunnel! Now I have two!! This one is different. It has three openings. I decided to try rolling in it and it got stuck against my other tunnel. Took a few seconds, but I figured out how to roll the other way. Tunnels are so much fun!

I have so much fun with all my toys and tunnels and especially when mommy gets the feather thing and I have to jump to reach it. I can play with mommy like that for a long time and then I need to rest. I kind of think she does, too. She often says, “Finnegan, you wore me out.” I think that means she needs to rest.

I have fun when mommy looks for me. I have such cool places to hide. My favorite is behind the jungle tree. She walks past me and starts looking in the bedroom, then in my cat tree cave, and she even peeks into the bathroom to see if I’m in the litter. Tee hee! And then I jump out! She always laughs. I like it when mommy laughs.

I can’t think of anything else I need to tell you, so I’d better let mommy take over this keyboard. She’s faster than me on the keys. Do you know she doesn’t even need to look at them! My mommy is smart, just like me. See you next Wednesday! Bye!