Finnegan's Diary

Toilet Paper Is Tempting (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi! Finnegan here. I asked mommy to let me show you a picture of one of my favorite spots. This is where I eat. Mommy bought a funny food bowl that has little compartments. It makes me take longer to eat my food. But it’s okay. I don’t mind eating slower. It keeps me from from feeling a little sick like before when I gobbled my food in seconds. Mommy says it comes from me having to fight for my food on the streets. I wish I could tell her the truth about my past life. She doesn’t understand what’s in my memory banks.

I like all the food my mommy gets me. Doesn’t matter if it’s chicken or fish. I love to eat! She doesn’t buy me the food I really love which is dry food. I kind of miss it. She says it was making me too fat. I don’t think I’m fat, I’m just fluffy!

I eat at the same time mommy eats. We have three meals a day and then a snack before what she calls ‘Nite Nite Time.’ That’s when the lights get turned off and she gets in the bed I let her share with me. Sometimes I sleep where I can look out the window. There are different things to see in the night time. Once I saw a bunny under one of the bushes outside the window.

We had a quiet kind of week. Mommy went out on her church day, but I was good. I only napped in the office window bed while she was gone. The only bad thing about Sundays are having to wait a little longer for lunch.

When mommy came home from church this week, she had a new kind of brush for me. I haven’t decided if I like being brushed at all, but she keeps trying. She says if I don’t get brushed I will get matted fur and have to be shaved again. I don’t want that to happen! She also had new treats. The only time I get treats is after I get brushed. So I’m getting a little better about letting her brush me. It doesn’t hurt, it’s that I don’t like being touched on my body. I try not to get defensive, but I can’t help laying on my side and getting my back feet ready to attack. I smack with my front claws and my ears go back. I know it scares mommy, so it keeps her from brushing me. She suckered me in yesterday, though. She sprinkled my ten treats in different spots on the carpet in front of me. While I was too tempted to eat, and she spent the time brushing my tail and sides. One good thing is I can’t eat on my back, so she hasn’t been able to brush my tummy! Ha!Ha!

One afternoon I went into mommy’s bathroom and found what I thought was a short roll of paper towels. She’s put our paper towels under the sink now where I can’t play with them. So I grabbed this new roll, but it was a lot softer! I loved it! I started to bite it and was going to bunny kick it when she came in and saw me. I tried to play innocent. I gave her my best innocent look ever. I hoped she’d think I found it on the floor and was just trying to put it back for her. Don’t think she bought it.

Later I went into my bathroom where my litter is kept. Yep, sure enough there was another of those shorter, softer, paper towels on a roller! I couldn’t resist! This time mommy didn’t catch me. I had a lot of fun unrolling it! Later mommy found it. She laughed ’cause I heard her.

I have learned it isn’t a roll of paper towels. It’s called toilet tissue. Imagine that! I didn’t get into trouble, though the only thing mommy does when she gets upset is to tell me no and then move me someplace else. I don’t like that though and I jump around and give her a dirty look to let her know I don’t appreciate being told what I can and can’t do. Too bad she ignores me.

Mommy also got something new from one of her friends. It’s a puzzle board. It sits on a table and it slants to different angles. There are four hidden drawers, too.

I tried to jump on it once, but it was slippery because mommy puts a cover over the puzzle she’s working on. So now, I just enjoy walking under it. Truthfully, it’s boring. I don’t understand what fun she gets from sitting there so long. I’d rather be lame and lay on the floor and roll the balls around on my toy. She keeps it, a tunnel, a kicker stick, and a mouse on the floor in the office so I can entertain myself when I get bored or the sun gets too hot in my window bed.

Gotta go now. Mommy is getting ready to take over the computer. See you next Wednesday here on Finnegan’s Diary! Have a meowy good week!