Finnegan's Diary

I Have a New Furry Friend! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Happy Wednesday, dear Diary! I had a fun week. I have a new friend, too! Her name is Sadie Mae and she’s big, like me, and has big feet, too. I knew I wasn’t that different from other furry people. I like her. She was a little afraid of me for a few minutes, but that’s because she’s a baby.

She found my scratching post with the orange feather thingies that spin around. She liked to chew them, but I didn’t care. I never play with them anyway and I don’t use that scratching post either. Mommy says babies need to chew to cut their teeth. She said I probably did that, too, when I was little. I don’t remember that.

We had fun being together. Mommy even gave her one of the toys she bought for me when I came here. I never liked it at all and avoided it. We let Sadie Mae take it home with her. Mommy said I was a good boy for being generous.

I tried to get Sadie Mae to play with me, but she doesn’t know how to do that yet. I wonder, if she’s just a baby, will she grow bigger? Maybe she’ll get real big like our neighbor’s dogs. They like to chase tennis balls. I wish I wasn’t afraid of the outdoors, because it looks like so much fun. Mommy plays with me with my green, pink, and orange balls, but I won’t retrieve them. It’s against my nature. I would rather have her chase them.

Sadie and I visited for a long time. She finally got tired and wanted to take a nap in front of my tunnel. I don’t think I want to share my tunnel, though.

I was sad to see Sadie Mae leave. Maybe next time she’ll know how to play with me. I want to wrestle and kick. I can’t do that with Mommy because she says it hurts. She’s not tough like me. Well, that’s all the news from here. It’s time for my nap and Mommy wants to do something on the computer. I’ll be back next Wednesday! Bye!

Finnegan's Diary

New Little Friends That Scared Me! (Finnegan’s Diary)

It’s me. Finnegan, the most loved rescue cat ever, according to mommy.

We had a busy week! I met four new family members!

The big mommies were nice. But the little ones scared me. I wanted to play with them but they didn’t understand about playing in my way. Every time I tried to sniff them first they would scream and reach for me! That made me run away. Finally, I took shelter under me and mommy’s bed. Mommy brought in my lunch and my water and left them in the closet. Mommy shut the bedroom door and told me I was safe.

I stayed under the bed for a long time but I did come out to eat. Finally I jumped onto my bedroom window perch. Mommy came in and talked to me and petted me once. I decided to try going out again, but as soon as I did the little boy came running after me holding my toy! Mommy says he was trying to give it to me so we could play, but I just wanted to go back in the bedroom. I came out when they left.

It was a different kind of day for me. When the first big person came she didn’t have anything but suitcases. She smelled good and she knew how to pet me and I really liked her a lot. She scratched under my chin like mommy does.

She stayed for a few days. After she left, I looked out the back door to see if she would come back, but she didn’t. Now it’s just mommy and me again. We live a quiet life and things are back to our regular routine which is fine with me. I do like the warm weather time because the front door is open and I can see out and nap in the sunshine.

While our visitor was here, she and mommy would sit in the garage and do crafts but they didn’t let me come out. I wanted to be with them, but mommy was afraid I’d run away and get lost. In the garage there is a big door that opens and the world is waiting out there. I don’t feel safe in the world and I just want to stay with my mommy where I’m loved and safe.

Well, that’s all the adventures I had last week. I wonder what’s going to happen this week? I’ll be back to write about it next Wednesday. Until then, so long, Diary, and all my friends in the outside world.

Finnegan's Diary

A Day in My Life (Finnegan’s Diary)

Good morning! Finnegan here for another update to my diary. Exciting day for me and mommy. She says we are having a visitor for a few days. She’s mommy’s daughter, so I suppose that makes her my sister, right? Not sure. Doesn’t matter, I am happy because I love company. I know she’ll be happy to meet me, too! I am expecting a lot of attention. So, otherwise it’s been a kind of quiet week. I’ve been spending my time playing with the little mice mommy gave me. I love them so much more than any bigger mice or toys. I can toss them in the air and chase them all over the house. The only time I have to cry for mommy’s help is when one of them gets under the refrigerator. My legs aren’t long enough to get them out.

Here I am posing with one of the little mice.

I’m sure I can reach it without really having to move.

Ta-da!!! See I have it. I knew I could do it. Sometimes I will grab Mommy’s leg when she walks by, especially in the morning when she has her jammies on.

I have lots of fun in my play area, though mommy says it is really the living room. Well, that’s how I live! I know I’m a pretty boy and I can look at mommy with my “I love you” look and she’ll always give me attention.

Well, that’s all I have to say this week. I should have more to talk about next week after spending time with what mommy says will be lots of company coming to visit. Until then, have a meowy week!

Finnegan's Diary

Short Note (Finnegan’s Diary)

My mommy hasn’t been feeling good for a few days. She didn’t even take any pictures of me. That’s okay. I just want her to feel better so she will play with me.

She told me I could come on this computer for a minute and tell everyone why I didn’t update my diary this morning. I’ve spent time running and hiding in my tunnels and napping where I can watch over mommy. She’s been napping on the sofa all the time. This afternoon she said she feels better. I’m glad.

I don’t know how to make her better. My favorite aunt came over and gave her some medicine and petted me. That made me happy. But after she left my mommy got real sick. I was scared. But she made dinner for me and her tonight. Now I believe she is over the sickness.

The men with the noisy machines came today to mow the grass so I hid until they left.
I’m hoping I have some fun things to write about next week. And I think mommy will take pictures of me. So, until next Wednesday, don’t forget about me.

Finnegan's Diary

Birds and Squirrels, Oh My! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hello, Dear Diary! I’m back! I’ve been a really good boy. Mommy has been brushing me a lot and I let her do it most of the time, sometimes even without getting a snack reward. She says it is warm weather time and that’s why I’ve been shedding a lot. She even called me Pigpen a couple of times because when I move hair floats out around me. I don’t know who Pigpen is, but she says he is a friend of Charlie Brown, whoever that is!

Mommy has been spending time outside my window perch in the living room. I keep my eye on her so nothing bad will get her. Yesterday the big, noisy machines came again. Mommy says it is to mow the lawn areas. When I hear them I have to run and hide. I either go into the closet or under the bed. I don’t like them at all. Mommy will close the doors when they come. It helps a little but I still don’t want them to find me.

I also had a real treat! Mommy made the big screen she watches have birdies and squirrels eating food. I could hear them! She even moved the chair she uses when she eats in front of it so I could be comfy. Then she goes to her office and works while I enjoy the birdies.

Later that day, I jumped onto the chair when it was back at the eating place and took a nap. The sun was shining on it, so I rested nicely.

I had one thing happen that embarrassed me a lot. All I’ll say is something that should have been in the litter pan stuck to the long hair on my fuzzy butt. Mommy had to hold me down and cut it off. Ugh. She cut the hair short there, and I sure didn’t like that. I growled and even hissed at her. I only did it because I get afraid when I can’t move. But I was glad after it was done because I was all clean again.

That’s about all the update I have to write about today. I’ll be back to talk about my adventures next Wednesday. I’m a happy boy! I love my mommy and my safe home.