Finnegan's Diary

No Boring Toys, Please (Finnegan’s Diary)

Mommy says I can only take a few minutes to write because she has an eye appointment this morning and when she comes back, she won’t be able to see good. I don’t understand that. If she is going to see somebody about her eyes, why would they be worse afterwards? She says it’s because they dilate her eyes. Not sure what that means, but I can’t tell her that. Oops, I’m wasting time.

So what happened since the last time I was here. For one, mommy bought me a new toy! Two toys, but one I am not sure about yet. One is a big ball with a squeaky mouse inside. The ball rolls around and the mouse squeaks but I can’t get the mouse out through the bars. I lost interest in it pretty soon because, well why should I bother? It’s like that other senseless toy with the balls on different levels that just go around and around if I bat at them. Boooooring!!!!

Anyway my other toy is pretty good. It has a scratching post and two orange fuzzy things that spin around it. I can chase them, chew on them, and of course I like to grab the post and sharpen my claws.

One night when mommy got out of her favorite chair, I took her spot so I could watch television better. When she came back, I just gave her my innocent look, and she laughed. She can’t resist me. So she sat on the sofa. Haha!

One of my favorite games is hide and seek. I will hide behind doors and wait for her to find me or I’ll zoom into my tunnels to hide. Mommy will always say “Where’s Finnegan?” Then I’ll peek out at her. She’ll pretend to chase me and I’ll run to a new spot to hide. It’s great fun! Even more than chasing the feathers on the wand, or laser chase.

That’s kind of all the stuff that happened since we last talked. I’d better give the computer to mommy so she can go get her eyes all messed up. Hope she can see good enough feed me at lunch time. See you next week!