Finnegan's Diary

I Love Bread! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Good morning! What a busy week we have had. Lots to tell you, but first I wanted to share a picture of me one week after I came home with my mommy and one now. Let me know in the comments if you can tell how much I’ve changed. Mommy says I looked much younger than my five years when she adopted me. I gained almost six pounds because I LOVE to eat.

On Saturday, we had lots of family to our house. I love having people here! Especially the little ones. I met Luka, who is two-years-old. He like me a lot, and I liked him, too. He kissed me on my nose! There was a lot of noise, music, talking, and laughing. I enjoyed it all and I let everyone pet me who wanted to! Mommy was too busy to take any pictures of me, though. Once I tried to get on the counter and see what the yummy scents were that were hidden in those square boxes, but mommy said, no and put me on the floor. She’d moved all my toys, tunnels and my cat tree into our office to make room for all the people in the living room. I didn’t mind. I liked being on the desk so Luka and others could admire and pet me.

Mommy was gone most of the day yesterday. She said she was going to get her hair cut and to pick up food for us. She didn’t come home until time for me to eat. So when she put all those bags on the counter, I was hungry! I decided to check out what was there and I found bread!! I love bread, but mommy won’t let me have it. So while she was busy putting things in the frig, I decided to help myself to the bread. She caught me before I could get a bite, but I did manage to put a hole in the plastic. I sure did want a bite.

After she fed me, I was tired with my full belly, so I slept in the window bed while she colored. And then, she said she had to leave again! She had small group, whatever that is. I don’t like when she leaves. I give her my saddest look, but she just pets me and tells me she loves me and leaves anyway. I was surprised when she came home and brought a friend I’d met before. Her name is Janet. She brought in a new puzzle board for mommy. And I got lots of pets and attention. Janet really likes me!

After mommy feeds me every morning, she does her daily devotions and Bible reading. I like to be close and the warm light feels nice, so I keep her company.

I’ve learned now that mommy will brush me once a day. I will sit on her lap and let her brush all of me, even my tummy. I purr. And then, because she says I’ve been a good boy, I get treats!! My favorite thing next to bread is treats!

It’s time for me to stop writing now in my diary, so I will say goodbye for now. I’ll write more next Wednesday! Be sure and let me know you enjoyed reading about my life, and if you can tell how much I’ve grown and changed over the past six months.