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Finding Your Mojo

It is so easy to lose my mojo when it comes to the things that occupy my time during the day. I love to color and listen to audio books. It is a way for me to relax and find happiness in a finished project. But there are days when coloring doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ll look through books and not see a single picture to inspire me. And so, I put them all away and look for something else to occupy my time.

Jigsaw puzzles are fun. I have one on my kitchen table now, partially worked. This is something I like to do when Finnegan, my cat, is sleeping or having his quiet time…usually when his tummy is full. I can only work on a puzzle for limited time or my upper back begins to bother me. Sometimes I look at the puzzle and it is daunting so I just walk away. it doesn’t interest me.

I enjoy reading but most of my reading is done on my iPad and I choose Christian nonfiction books. But, like reading my Bible, I have to stop and absorb/think about what the author is telling me, so I read about a chapter at a time.

Then there is writing. I have established a writing schedule which is after dinner, leaving my daytime hours flexible. I write until I reach or surpass the daily word count to finish the book on schedule. Sometimes I stare at the blank page with no idea what comes next. If I don’t stick to it, I can easily lose my mojo.

I’ve learned over the years, I’m a person who needs routine. If I stick to my daily schedule, I’m a happier person. But if I miss just one day of writing, or reading, I can easily lose my mojo and become unsatisfied and in a confused state. Not sure if you can relate to this or not, but if you can, I want you to know it’s important not to completely lose your mojo. If you have to miss a day due to life interruptions, don’t quit! Be gracious to yourself and embrace your routine on the next day. It will only happen if you want it to happen.

Senior Life

Unexpected Breakdown

Saturday while I was doing laundry, I suddenly began to cry. Not just tears, but hard sobbing. I finished folding the clothes while I continued to sob, until I finally needed to lie on the sofa. I missed Templeton so much. But then I began to think of his brother and sister, who preceded him to Rainbow Bridge.

As the feeling of loss consumed me, it grew worse. Emotions of being without so many loved ones drew me deeper into depression. My dad and mom both gone, my husband, my son, my “bestest” friend and her husband (also a dear friend), and now all three of my sibling cats. My heart was burdened with loss and grief.

Throughout the day, I would burst into tears as I felt all alone. Usually something will trigger a small breakdown, but this was the worst I’ve experienced in many years. Life is not always smooth. There are hills and valleys. This was a sudden drop into a deep valley with steep hills on all sides. It was a time when I couldn’t find the words to ask God for help. It was a time to just call out to Jesus to help me and to recite Psalm 23.

Sunday was a better day. Rejoicing and praising God is greater than any medication. I had lunch after church with my best friend. We talked about life, the past, and laughed a lot. Awesome medicine. I spent the afternoon coloring.

And now it is Monday. Today I’ll begin working on formatting my soon-to-be released novel, Katy’s Heart. The sky is cloudy, but it is a pleasantly warm day with a nice breeze. I’ll be Skyping with another dear friend, also an author, this morning. We Skype every week, though we haven’t seen each other in person for a long time. Since we both have books in the publication stages, we are planning a get together soon.

The day is overcast, and a few raindrops just kissed my office window. I’m grateful for this day, grateful for every breath, every scent, and give praise to God for His healing in my time of need. I know I will be reunited with my loved ones one day. Our parting is temporary. I don’t know if I’ll see my furry babies in heaven, but I can hope. God created all animals, and I know there are horses in heaven.

Aging gracefully with God is an ongoing process for which I give thanks.


My Hobby as a Colorist

Most of you know I love to color. It is my way of relaxing. It is therapeutic in keeping me calm to lower my blood pressure, which in turn helps my heart. Last week, I decided to purchase a book which has intimidated me for some time. I’ve come a long way since I began my coloring journey. I chose to color this picture with oil pencils. After finishing the water and the bookshelves, I took a short break.

Tuesday I was looking through Amazon and saw a set of 120 pencils I’ve wanted to try for over a year. They were on sale at 25% off. So I ordered them and they arrived yesterday. They are oil based pencils and they are square in shape. I have another set that is wax based where the pencil barrels are hexagonal. They are my favorite pencils as far as comfort goes. Aging fingers do not grip round pencils without difficulty. So I wanted to see how the square pencils worked.

Wow! They feel fantastic and they are very pigment saturated. I loved swatching them. Today I am going to use them to color the books. I’m having a lot of fun coloring this picture. Kirby Rosannes is the illustrator. He has many fantastic books and all are different types of pictures filled with little objects. This book is called Worlds Within Worlds. I’m enjoying coloring something besides portraits.

Here is a picture of what I have completed so far and a picture of the pencils. I will share the final picture once it is complete.

Morning Thoughts

First Breath of Winter

The first breath of winter is in the air this morning and a freeze warning is in effect for tonight and tomorrow morning. All is quiet outside my window as I sip my morning cup of tea. Templeton is sitting beside me on my desk as he awaits his morning brushing.

Feeling very blessed to be enjoying the still of the morning with a warm beverage and a purring companion. Yesterday I was thinking God might be calling me home. I suffer from A-Fib. I suffered a very strong attack with chest tightness, jaw pain, and shortness of breath. that came on suddenly. A little over 3 hours later, after prayer and rest, all went back to normal.

My job on earth is still not completed, so I welcome this day with a joyful heart. Once all the excitement of seeing my daughter later today and wishing her well on her journey in the morning, I will settle into a routine that includes more resting, reading, and coloring.

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and thanking God for each person who reads my blog. May you find joy in the little gifts He gives you as well as the bigger ones!


The Joy of Changing Seasons

I am delighted Autumn has arrived! I slept so soundly under my comforter as the outdoor temperature plummeted to 40 degrees. I haven’t used my A/C or heat for two months now. There’ve been nights when I’ve struggled as the inside temps rose to 80 degrees. Thank goodness for overhead fans! Now it is a comfortable 70 degrees inside.

Last winter there were many times when my body temperature dropped and I shivered and couldn’t get warm even though the inside temperature was 70 degrees. I am going shopping for thermal underwear because I’m setting my heat to 68 degrees this year in response to the rising costs of natural gas.

Oh, if one spends time watching news, there is danger of growing fear over inflation, supply chains, and such, but what good is it to worry? Worrying only means one doesn’t trust in God. I do. He gave us common sense, but many don’t use it.

There are people saying Christmas isn’t happening this year! Why? Because of supply chains. Crazy, right? The world wants to make Christmas a commercial holiday. I’m not buying into what the world has to say. Christmas is a holiday Christians celebrate to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Supply chains can’t deter that!

As for my cat, Templeton, he is doing great! His digestive system has calmed down after many months where he continued to decline and I feared he would die. He is now eating a digestive health canned food along with his dry food. Life is back to normal for him and me. I’m humbled by answered prayers.

I’m enjoying my small group Bible study and the camaraderie of these beautiful women. Every Wednesday I have lunch with a dear friend, and on Sunday after church she and I have lunch together. I spent a little time with my daughter on Friday and she presented me with a gift for my upcoming birthday–a fantastic outfit. My favorite part is a very warm, cuddly long cardigan! I’ll be wearing this a lot as the weather continues to change. It’s perfect for snuggling in when I’m reading!

Last week I did a lot of reading. When I get caught up in reading, I have difficulty tearing myself away from the story. As such, I didn’t work on my Christmas cards, nor did I do any research for my winter book project. I did work on a puzzle in short spurts of time, but it’s going to be another week before it is finished. I colored a few pictures, too.

As Autumn brings beautiful colorful changes into view, I’m happy to enjoy every moment with gratitude. And I realize how special each day is, bringing unique opportunities. I’m thankful to learn new things as God teaches me how to age gracefully. Lifting my cup of tea and leaving you with these words: The Word of God should be the source of truth for our lives. Until next time…