Inside the Writer’s Mind

My writing routine involves getting my chores completed first thing every morning and leaving the remainder of the day to schedule hobbies and quiet time with God. I used to do my devotions first thing in the morning, but I’ve learned my mind is better suited to afternoons when I can rest with a clear mind while in communion with Him.

This morning after prayer, I vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, tended the cat litter, fed the cat and myself, washed a load of laundry and now I’m able to sit and work on blog time. I will be Skyping with my writing friend this morning before I open my manuscript and focus on a scene I’ve been thinking about this weekend.

Some people think seniors sit and watch television all day long. Some might. My mother and grandmother did. But today’s seniors are different. We were raised in a time where we worked outside the home and raised a family. We are used to multitasking. Though I admit I am not as good at multitasking as I used to be. Honestly, not as good at a lot of things as I used to be. I’ve learned it is all right to slow down. I’m not under deadlines any longer. There is no reason to rush through anything.

It’s comfortable here where I can read slower and truly absorb each word and think about how it applies to my life. I can look out my office window and daydream the scene I’m writing as it plays out in my imagination. I can appreciate the sunshine, rain, snow, wildlife and changing seasons. I write from a more relaxed frame of mind these days.

There are ups and downs to every part of life. Looking back I see how God was with me through everything. The times I thought were the worst of times were not. The times I thought were the best of times were not. They were learning experiences in the journey of life. I do see how God turned my bad decisions into good. And that’s what I write about in my books.

Leaving you with the finished picture I’ve been sharing in stages and wishing you a peaceful week ahead, no matter your age.

A Repurposing Success

My colored pencils give me pleasure in the beautiful array of tones and shades on the gray, dreary days where outdoor colors are muted. I’ve been working on a double page spread in my newest book for two weeks. Since I’ve added a 3-year Bible study reading plan, verse mapping, and writing a new manuscript I spend less time coloring than a year ago.

This newest coloring book’s pages cannot be done in one or two sittings. There is a lot of detail work. These pages are perfect for my smaller window of coloring. I uncovered a tool my daughter made for me to use when I was crocheting and I’ve repurposed it to hold the pencils I’m working with.

Today I’ll be Skyping with my daughter in NC. I’m hoping to make more progress on the belongs to pages I’ve shown before. This week I put some work into coloring the animals. I have finished a lot of the double page spread, but there is a lot left to color. The pencils above are the ones I used for the animals. I believe there are 16 colors. My work is achieved by layering colors. It is fun to watch the new blended colors take on new shades. This is what achieves the dimensional look to the picture. Here is the latest progress picture as of last night.

I still have more shading to do on the animals, but I think they are coming along nicely. It is a dreary, dark day today, so working with my pencils will give me joy! Coloring makes me happy. I thank God for giving me a passion to be creative in different ways, and for the ability to see the possibilities in repurposing!

A Fat Winter Robin

I was cheered by watching a fat robin foraging for breakfast this morning. I love robins and how they refuse to give in to the hardships of winter. They have learned how to adapt to the changing seasons without complaint.

While I wouldn’t want to be a robin, I admire their fortitude. They trust God completely. And He cares for them. So who am I to complain? God tells me I am worth more than a robin and I shouldn’t worry.

The biggest battlefield I face is the one in my mind. It’s my job to capture unhealthy thoughts and dispel them with the sword of truth. Each day I arm myself for the spiritual battles that are my responsibility. In this way, I’m also different from the robin. Yes, like him, I live in survival mode on a daily basis. We all do. But we have knowledge, the Word of God, spiritual armor, and the freedom to make choices.

I watch the robin find his breakfast in the below freezing temperature and smile at his success. God is faithful and His promises are true.


I finished coloring the sundial. The colors blend well with the opposite completed page.

Why I Love a Rainy Day

It’s a lovely rainy day! While the sky is cloudy and the grass is brown, I gaze through the raindrops on my window and see spring preparations. Soon the trees will be budding, the grass will turn green, and flowers will appear along with sunshine. There will be birds building nests, sitting in high places and singing songs of joy to praise God.

Yes, my back kept me moving slowly this morning, my knee grumbles when I bend it, and my left thumb revolts against being used. It’s all part of growing older. These are signs of changing weather, my own personal weather gauge. But I’m happy. These signs also give me reason to thank God for life, for another day. So, yes, I love a rainy day!

I did finish the picture over the weekend and wanted to share it with you. I’m excited to begin a new picture in the Worlds Within Worlds coloring book.

My Hobby as a Colorist

Most of you know I love to color. It is my way of relaxing. It is therapeutic in keeping me calm to lower my blood pressure, which in turn helps my heart. Last week, I decided to purchase a book which has intimidated me for some time. I’ve come a long way since I began my coloring journey. I chose to color this picture with oil pencils. After finishing the water and the bookshelves, I took a short break.

Tuesday I was looking through Amazon and saw a set of 120 pencils I’ve wanted to try for over a year. They were on sale at 25% off. So I ordered them and they arrived yesterday. They are oil based pencils and they are square in shape. I have another set that is wax based where the pencil barrels are hexagonal. They are my favorite pencils as far as comfort goes. Aging fingers do not grip round pencils without difficulty. So I wanted to see how the square pencils worked.

Wow! They feel fantastic and they are very pigment saturated. I loved swatching them. Today I am going to use them to color the books. I’m having a lot of fun coloring this picture. Kirby Rosannes is the illustrator. He has many fantastic books and all are different types of pictures filled with little objects. This book is called Worlds Within Worlds. I’m enjoying coloring something besides portraits.

Here is a picture of what I have completed so far and a picture of the pencils. I will share the final picture once it is complete.