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Seniors Need Goals, Routines, and Challenges

Everyone knows I stopped doing the 75 Day Soft revised challenge I set for myself, mostly because of the exercise and because my brother was coming to visit, so I knew I wouldn’t follow the plan. On Sunday, I’ll start over again. I know that with God I can do this. Since I’ve been exercising for the past two weeks and following most of the rules already because of established habits, I need to motivate myself to stay on track with eating, drinking water, and exercise for health benefits. I want to get back into reading nonfiction on a daily basis, too, and spending at least 5 minutes in close prayer and communion with God.

Now I need to also establish a daily routine for writing and hobby time. This probably sounds silly to those who are writers and already spend a portion of their day doing what they love. For me, my mind wants to plot and write books, but my goal for this year is to complete a book of my early life to gift my family for Christmas. It’s not as exciting as fiction writing! As for hobby time, I want to get back into the habit of doing something relaxing like coloring or diamond painting on a daily basis. I DO NOT want to become a television addict, which could easily happen. There are so many other fun and stimulating things to do. I want to get back to allowing a max of two hours for television entertainment.

Does this let you know I am a creature who enjoys structure in my day? I admit it is true. Living alone with no daily commitments makes it easy to fall into a routine of being lazy and doing nothing to stimulate my brain. So, I need goals, routines, and challenges! I may be growing older, but I don’t have to fit into a stereotype old lady who knits, watches television and rocks in her chair. My arthritic fingers won’t let me knit any longer anyway! LOL! Though I do like my rocking chair!

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Life Changes

My house is seeming a bit quieter since my brother went back to Texas. I so enjoyed our time together! But now, the only talking I do is to Finnegan, my newly rescued 5-year-old cat. He has turned into a great companion with a definite personality of his own.

I’m still recuperating from a busy week, plus the past few months with writing, editing, and publishing. I suppose I need a rest, but I need to get busy on completing the book for my family as a Christmas gift. It is too easy to get out of the routine of writing, and I don’t want that to happen again.

Coloring has also lost an appeal for me. I tried to color yesterday, but I found no joy in it. I need to re-establish a routine that doesn’t include writing most of the day! Scheduling my day is a good thing, but I always need to stay flexible.

Finnegan is settling into a routine, too. This house is now his permanent home and I think he’s feeling safe and happy. He has certainly investigated every nook and cranny! He doesn’t meow like normal cats but makes a little kitteny mew sound when he’s looking for a toy or me. Once in a while I hear a low meow. He definitely likes to eat! I’ll have to watch his diet, so he doesn’t get overweight!

When we experience changes in our lives, we need time to adjust. This is my adjustment period. I’m grateful for God providing all He does! My heart is happy, and my days are full, as I rest and ease into the latest life changes.