Writing in the Great Outdoors

Saturday morning…not a usual day for me to blog. The reason is a new tablet and bluetooth keyboard I’m trying out. As I sit here with my cup of tea, listening to the birds singing, I find it a nice change from having to squint at my laptop screen. If only it wouldn’t be so difficult to view outdoors!

This setup is working nicely so I’m feeling encouraged. Today is my cleaning and laundry day but I have all day to deal with that. Right now I simply want to drink a cup of tea while enjoying this lovely day and birdsong.

I’d like to find a way to write my books on this tablet, but my writing program doesn’t work with the Android operating system. One cannot be choosy, though. Actually this tablet is replacing a 12 year old iPad. It had an app that worked for writing. If I can write and save as a word document, I can then email it to myself and then upload it to my laptop writing program. Perhaps I will find an app.

For now I’m happy to be able to sit outside and blog!

Front Porch and Sunshine

Oh, what a glorious two days! I opened my windows to let in fresh air and sunshine for the first time this year. The temperature rose into the low 70’s. I cleaned out my front garden and found coneflower stems coming to life. God gave me glimpses of coming months and my heart lifted with renewed hope.

Wednesday was a perfect day to arrange my porch for outdoor sitting. Then I decided to take a short walk around two of the condo units. With my arthritis getting more severe in my back, toes and ankles, I need to take it slow and work up to longer walks. Thursday I lengthened my walk to making a full circle around the condo community. I needed to sit when I returned, but both of those walks brought me joy!

I also spent several hours sitting at the table on the porch and wrote. I love writing outside! The time is coming when I can sit outside in the mornings and enjoy my tea while I write. Today and tomorrow God is bringing rain. It’s all right. I know rain is needed for spring to bring forth new growth with beautiful colors.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time enjoying the weather on my front porch. I sat quietly and rocked filling my heart with gratitude. I even colored for a little while, although the sun began to melt my colored pencils causing me to stop. I’ve been working on another picture in the Worlds Within Worlds book. It’s the Belongs To double page spread. One side of the tree is finished, and I hope to finish the left side today while skyping with my daughter. Then I can begin adding other colors. May your hearts be filled with love, joy, and trust in the Lord.

A Cup of Tea with Jesus

Sitting on my porch as I write this blog, sipping on a cup of Red Riding Hood tea from Adagio Teas. The sun is shining brightly and it is a lovely breezy morning at 55 degrees F. Although the weather forecaster has predicted rain, there is no indication of such.

I took a walk to look at the inlet to the pond, but the growth was still too thick to see the water. I was hoping to find a few geese and ducks floating around.

Front porch sitting is wonderful. I never had this luxury before moving to this condo. It is peaceful with only the sound of the windchimes and the birds. A perfect morning to spend time with Jesus, drinking tea and looking at all the Lord has made.

Lifting my cup of tea as I wish each of you who read this a day to appreciate all God’s wonderful provisions.

Flowers, Birds, and Tea

Sitting on my porch with a cup of warm tea and enjoying the birds singing. The way my chair is turned, the picture above is directly in my view. I’m not sure what the pretty pink flowers are among the petunias, but this is such a lovely hanging basket. When I look at it, my heart smiles with joy. Thank you, Lord, for creating such beauty for my eyes to enjoy.

It rained last night which is sorely needed, but we need a lot more to really encourage the grass and the flowers to show their colors. It’s like us when we slip away from God and put other things in His place. We begin to lose our colors, too. It’s important to keep Him first in our life so that everything else falls into perfect place and we bloom.

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and heart filled with gratitude for this new day. May you become a beautiful bloom that gives joy to the life of others.

Plants, Coloring, and Bees – Oh, My!

What a beautiful week this has been! The temps have been really hot, but I’ve enjoyed the sunshine and heat so much after the long, cold winter. I’ve spent a lot of hours sitting on my porch and doing Bible Study, brain puzzlers, reading, and coloring. I especially enjoy using my pastel pencils to color outdoors. They do leave a chalky residue that is easier to blow away outdoors! Also, when there is a breeze blowing, nature takes care of that for me! LOL!

Saturday, I was hounded by an aggressive yellow jacket. He would not leave me alone! He buzzed around and around my head, and when I swatted at him with paper, he kept coming. I escaped into my home, but even after waiting, with no sign of him, he came after me only seconds after I stepped outside! I have looked but find no nests anywhere and haven’t seen him since. I had an infestation of them underneath the front door at my old house and had to call the exterminator twice. They even managed to get inside the house! I sure don’t want to go through that again.

Due to the extreme heat, I’ve had to water my plants more than usual. Here is a little tour of my “garden” area. The cone flowers seem to be doing fine after the transplant from my friend’s garden to mine. I can’t wait to see if they bloom this year.

I planted coral bells two years ago, and they are doing great. All these pictures were taken from me standing on the porch and hanging over the railing, so consider the perspective! I have one bush on each end of the porch.

I bought two “mosquito” plants, also dubbed “citronella”, though true citronella is a grassy plant. These are a variant of a geranium, but I love the scent and they are pretty. They are sitting on two plant stands on the porch.

I purchased a lovely hanging basket of zinnias. Love the beautiful yellow color!

And, lastly, a beautiful mixed floral hanging basket.

I’m fortunate to have put up sun shades on my porch since I get the direct west sun, from about 1pm to 8pm. It shines straight at the front of my condo. And with this heat, it can really make it unbearable to sit outside. The grass, which was gorgeous, just a short week ago, is now turning brown from lack of rain. I am praying we get some relief this week. According to the meteorologists in the area, the high heat will change near the end of the week and drop to near normal in the low to mid 70s. A nice change for sure from this near 90 degree heat.

As for coloring, I did finish the monthly picture I do with two of my daughters as a color along, but can’t post it until we all reveal on the last day of the month. I also had “ruined” a pretty picture to color in my newest book. I forgot to put card stock behind the one I was coloring with alcohol markers and the green bled through. I didn’t want to trash the picture, so I used darker colors of alcohol markers and tried to salvage the picture. While the colors weren’t what I would have chosen to use, I kind of saved the picture. It’s not the best, but I want to share the good, bad, and ugly! This picture is from the Color n’ Chics book Fairy Fantasy grayscale by illustrator Derya A. Cakirsoy.

Next I finally finished the two page spread on the Introduction pages of the Jane Maday “Natures Sweet Moments” coloring book. I used glitter gel pens to color the top of both pages and for the bottom I used a variety of colored pencils: Black Widow, Brutfuner, Crayola, and Cezanne.

Last, I colored a picture in Ruth Sanderson’s book, “Fairies” grayscale fantasy coloring book. This one was done completely with Faber Castell pastel pencils with added “glitter” of Gelly Roll white gel pen. I had so much fun coloring this one.

And that is all I have to share this week. I hope you are all had an enjoyable week, and I am praying you will be blessed richly during this coming week. Until next time…