Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – A Beautiful Day for Thankfulness

Good morning! Isn’t it a beautiful day to be alive? Even though it is below freezing again this morning, the weather is supposed to be pleasant and rise into the 50’s. Long range forecast shows 70 and 80 degree temperatures for next week! I love the sunshine and on days when the sun shines, my spirits are high. When the sun hits my face, it feels like God is smiling upon me. I often wonder how any person can look at a tree, a flower, a bird, a sunrise, a sunset, or a newborn baby and not believe in God. He has transformed my life and I’m grateful from every fiber of my being. I lift my cup of tea this morning as I list the three things I’m thankful for this very moment: this computer which gives me a way to share God’s love to the world, this gift of a new day on earth, and my Bible beside me from which I gain truth and guidance. May your day be awesome and your heart be happy. I pray blessings upon you.