Author's Life

I Am a Writer

I’m a writer, but sometimes there are no words. Times when I sit here in the morning and wonder what God wants me to say. Because the words aren’t mine. Without Him, there are no words.

Writing sessions can be this way. Painful. Meaningless dribble onto the page. Write and delete. No gain. I sometimes wonder how some authors release book after book continuously. Theoretically I could produce three books per year. The numbers show the possibility. If I stick to writing at least 5 days a week, 1,000 words per day, a book could be written every 13 weeks. My plan, not God’s. My gift from God.

Writing, and life in general, is not in my control. If I try to take God’s place, I fail. And so prayer is vital. I seek His guidance. I ask for Him to give me the words which will bring Him glory, not me. I pray I get out of the way so I don’t become a stumbling block.

Somehow God provides the words. My fingers move on the keyboard, but the words are not mine. I praise Him for everything. For breath, for life, for the gift of each day, and for words.

When there are no words, He provides. I am a writer.

Morning Thoughts

I Am Abundantly Rich

This morning I am feeling abundantly rich. I have a comfortable home and enough money to sustain it. I have food in my pantry and refrigerator. I have a connection to the outside world through the internet with the funds God provides. I have clothing in my closet and dressers. I have a laptop on which to write. There is running water in my home and a toilet that flushes.

I have paper and pens, Bibles, and books. Coloring books and supplies, diamond paintings to complete and puzzles to work. I have family and friends. I have a cat who loves me and provides companionship. I am healthy.

I am not rich by the standards of the world, and my discretionary income is lacking, but I know that God always provides what I need. I am truly a rich woman in all things that matter because God loves me.

Lifting my cup of tea this morning with a smile and a heart filled with gratitude!