Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – My Dad Gave All

Another cool morning with cloudy skies, and brisk wind. It has been a crazy season so far, jumping back and forth between fall and summer! Not sure what happened to spring. But each day, regardless of what the weather brings is a gift to be opened and enjoyed. A blessing from God. Tomorrow is the day chosen in the USA to celebrate “Memorial Day.” A day to honor all those soldiers who gave all for their country. My dad was one of them. I hope folks don’t lose the understanding of why they have a long weekend to enjoy.

I don’t know why God’s plan was to take my dad at such a young age. When I was just a baby who never got a chance to know him. But, I’m assured, through Jesus Christ, to be reunited with him one day. That is the hope and the truth of the cross. Lifting my cup of tea and giving thanks to God for the promise of eternity in Heaven.