Morning Thoughts

Weather Patterns in Heaven?

How white the pear blossoms look against the stormy blue sky this morning. The landscapers mulched all the gardens this weekend, despite the cold, rainy and windy weather. It doesn’t matter that April has arrived breathing winter weather, spring will be coming. Seems as if it might be short-lived with summer chasing close behind.

Changing seasons delight me. I’ve never longed to live in Florida, Texas, California, or any of the warmer states. I like snow. I even like cold weather if the wind isn’t stealing my breath. I enjoy watching soft rainfall and storms. I love sunshine. I love feeling the kiss of sun on my face.

I’ve never thought about weather patterns in heaven. I doubt they exist. There will be no need. It will be a place of perfect beauty, beyond my imagination. If I try to think about it in any detail, I’m overwhelmed. And so, I breathe in every moment on earth, the place God created for us to live temporarily. I appreciate the different seasons of weather, and the different seasons of life.

Morning Thoughts

White Coat Syndrome

Today I see my primary doctor. Of course, my BP was high when I took it this morning. It is always highest when I see either of my doctors. Sigh. My cardiologist calls it “white coat syndrome.” It’s like being in school and getting notified to report to the principal’s office!

No matter what our physical age might be, we never outgrow the uncomfortable feeling when facing those who have authority over us. What will happen when I meet Jesus? I know I’ll be in awe of Him. But will I be fearful or anxious? The Bible tells me He died to save me. He loves me that much. More than I’ve ever been loved before. I can relate to the song, “I Can Only Imagine.”

I’ll be thinking about Jesus and my forever home when I see my doctor this morning. Maybe that will cure the white coat syndrome.