Morning Thoughts

Googling, Ladders, and That Annoying Noise!

After my hubby passed, I began to learn things I’d never had to know before. I counted on him to know, or figure out, how to repair anything broken or needing attention. Though we never had a garage, I’m sure he wouldn’t have put up with the extremely noisy garage door I’ve been tolerating for four years. Sigh.

So I’ve been googling noisy garage door fixes. I’ve read that WD-40 can be used, but the can I have is Specialist Penetrant. I purchased it from Amazon, not realizing it wasn’t the normal can my hubby always had on hand. It’s not the one I see in do it yourself videos. It is great for loosening rusted screws though! I’ve proven that. Who knew there were so many kinds of WD-40? Not me!

This morning I’m heading off to my local hardware store to look for garage door lubricant. My son in love only has a couple days left before he goes back to his teaching job. I’m counting on his ladder and him to get the job done! Believe me, if I had a ladder I would probably attempt to do this myself! And I’d listen to my kids tell me how I shouldn’t be doing things like that! Shh. Sometimes I don’t tell them everything. LOL!

Being independent, and stubborn, is something I’ve dealt with all my life. In fact, my hubby told me I should have been a man because I would try to fix small things myself and usually succeeded. Mostly computers and small gadgets. Not big things requiring a ladder because I get vertigo in high places! If God allows us to look down from heaven and see our loved ones, I’m sure my hubby is cheering me on to rely on my son in love for this fix!

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile of amusement at myself. Going into a hardware store, I feel so out of place. I’m sure I look like the clueless widow I am. Have a bright and happy day!