Senior Life

But God…

My Bible Reading Plan had me reading chapter 31 on Genesis yesterday. I noticed how many times the phrase “but God” appeared. Jacob was a deceiver, ran to escape his brother’s wrath, and ended up living with another deceiver! After 20 years, God told Jacob to go back to his father’s land, the land promised to Abraham and his descendants. Jacob thought he had been the one to deceive Laban with the flocks and thus acquired many as his “wages” per agreement with Laban. However, God is the One who saw what Laban had been doing and thus multiplied Jacob’s flocks. The outcome of Jacob’s flight from Laban could have been much worse, “but God” had a different plan.

I know there have been many, many times in my life where things could have gone so wrong if it hadn’t been for God. I smile whenever I see the words, “but God.” If I could write songs, I would write one about those two words!

When I see a homeless person, I know that could be me without God. There were times when I fretted over changes I didn’t forsee, but they always turned out to be so much better than what I had planned. Isn’t it wonderful to have God’s interference in our lives?