Coloring, Covid Vaccine, God’s Timing!

This has been a quiet week for me. Our small group decided to meet at our church where we could be socially distanced and we met on Tuesday afternoon. However, everyone took off their masks since the feeling was social distance made it safe and easier to talk. Then on Saurday, I learned that our facilitator was very ill and pretty sure she had Covid. Ugh. So that meant I had to postpone a lunch scheduled for that day with my daughters. And I missed church. I decided to self-quarantine just to make sure I didn’t pass any germs on to other people. I am pretty sure I already had this virus in March of 2020 before doctors were diagnosing this virus. Instead the doctor said I had a very bad strain of the flu. It was the worst ever and I don’t get sick…don’t get the flu. I did recover without having to be hospitalized and for that I give all thanks to God!

And though I really want to get the vaccine, I didn’t realize how nearly impossible it would be to get an appointment! I am, as I write this, in an online “in line” queue to see if there is any availability at the grocery/pharmacy chain I frequent. I still have 20 more minutes to wait to even check for availability. I received an email from my local hospital at 5:43pm on Friday with a link to register. I clicked to get an appointment at 5:55pm and all appointments had been filled! Should it be so difficult? But I have given this over to God, because all things happen in His timing, not mine. When it is time, I will be scheduled. It’s the impatient part of being human that causes the frustration! UPDATE: After my time came, I learned nothing was available around me. I’ve tried all my alternatives and today is the first day for those over 75. As I said, all in God’s time.

All in all, I accomplished very little outside of normal cleaning, laundry, and picking up my new glasses. So my hours were filled with listening to audio books and coloring. I played around with pencils, markers, and my new pastel pencils. Below are the pictures I finished. Coloring makes me happy and fills in a lot of empty hours in my day. I thank God every day my youngest daughter got me started with this hobby! I am constantly learning and it’s fun!

Illustrator: Hannah Lynn
Book: Sweet and Simple Whimsy Girls

I pulled out my pastel pencils to color this lovely lady. I found it so much fun to use the pastels and they were super easy to blend! I’ll be using these more as time passes.

Illustrator: Jane Maday
Book: Adorable Animals

I’ve had this book for a while, but I rarely color in it. As I looked through, I found a picture I’d started and never finished. So I grabbed pencils and finished coloring! I love the result of coloring this picture with various pencils.

Illustrator: Jane Maday
Book: Adorable Animals

Another picture I found partially colored. I only had the birds, apples and a couple of flowers to color to finish it.

Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale Published by Jade Summer

I used markers to color this fun picture. I wanted to make a pink motorcycle, so that put me in a dilemma as to what color to use for her outfit. I think the light green turned out okay.

Book: Chibi Girls Grayscale
Published by Jade Summer

Another marker picture. These are fun and don’t take a lot of time. Relaxing.

Image purchased from Etsy store: leanasanjoseart

Colored this beauty on tan paper with Prismacolor Premier pencils. I like the result achieved, though camera doesn’t do justice to the coloring. Next are the pictures I colored with markers while watching television!

Rose Windows book by Creative Haven, Illustrator: Joel S. Avren

Rose Windows book by Creative Haven Illustrator: Joel S. Avren
Rose Windows book by Creative Haven, Illustrator: Joel S. Avren
Rose Windows book by Creative Haven, Illustrator: Joel S. Avren

I wish you all a beautiful week filled with joy and God’s blessings! Until next week…