Love is An Action Word

Lately my posts have been all over the place as far as content. My plan is to refocus back onto the theme of aging gracefully!

Yesterday God reminded me that love is an action word. I’ve become content using words to try and convey my love from the comfort of my home. The past two years have changed the way a lot of people communicate. The greatest blessings of my week are when I attend church each Sunday and when I meet with my small group sisters.

So how do I put love into action? That’s the question I’m asking myself. This will be the focus of my vision board for 2022. It is time for me to move, to put my faith into action, to share love in a more action-oriented way. My prayer is for God to open opportunities, lead me and guide me, and to stop me from being a boulder along the way!

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and a wish for you to be blessed today with seeing and being “love in action.”

Morning Inspiration – Happy Mother’s Day

Yesterday my heart was blessed so deeply by children and grandchildren…and friends! One of my daughters lives out of state and is here visiting for a week. Her daughter and granddaughter drove in from a bordering state to visit for the day. Oh, the blessings of seeing and holding my one year old great granddaughter! God created us to be mothers and when our children grow and become parents the blessing continues!

My oldest daughter called and asked if she could stop by for a brief visit. What a joy to see her and also my beautiful granddaughter who is grown and working as a nurse. My youngest daughter and her husband stopped by after they had left. I counted my blessings as I silently thanked God for His many blessings.

The doorbell rang and I opened the door to find a sweet and dear friend had stopped by to bless me with some coneflowers to plant in my garden! What a surprise. My heart was overflowing with joy to see her and with the sweet heart gift she had brought. I’m hoping we will get a chance to really visit soon.

Today my youngest and second youngest daughters are stopping by and we are having a taco Mother’s Day lunch after church! I’m so overjoyed at times with how good God has been to me by filling my life with children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and beautiful heart friends! I was raised as an only child though I had a brother and sister in other states. I always longed for a real family and He has given me one!

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing each of you who care for children, whether from your own womb or not, a very Happy Mother’s Day. This is a day to give thanks for the love you share, for the arms that hold and protect, for shoulders to cry on, for hands that wipe tears, for a heart that never stops loving. God bless you!