How Much for a Can of Soup?

Early morning dentist appointment for cleaning and x-rays. I love when I get a good report. I want to keep my teeth as long as possible. If I should ever need dentures they would have to do surgery first to remove the extra bones I have in my mouth. Ouch! So I try to take good care of the teeth I do have.

Stopped to pick up some cat food at the store and I needed a can of broccoli cheese soup. Yikes! $2.00 a can!! Inflation is really hurting people like me, who have a fixed income that just covers living expenses. I feel so sorry for those who are raising children right now. Putting my faith in God and his promise to provide what is needed. Time now for everyone to focus more on what is needed and put aside wants.

We’ve become a nation of more is better. So this morning, as I wait for the floride treatment to continue working, I’m not enjoying a cup of tea. Instead I offer a simple prayer to God, asking for Him to intervene with our government leaders to see the needs of the people instead of focusing on going further in debt, and filling the pockets of those who are twisting laws to increase their wealth. May your heart be filled with hope, happiness, and gratitude for what God has provided today.

Morning Inspiration – Wishing for Wants

Running late with posting today as it is that “day” when I balance my checkbook and pay the bills. The day that sometimes has me wishing my income was just a little higher. The day when I rethink my decision to retire from writing novels. But, I never did make the “big time” with my writing. I was one of the tiny minnows in the huge sea of great big fish. I never thought of my writing as a career. It was always a ministry to me. A way to share how God can work in lives of people like me to change bad into good. To show people’s journey to letting go and letting God. To be successful at writing, one has to invest and spend time in marketing. Something I didn’t do.

But each month, God has provided the means for me to meet my obligations. He provides for my needs. My wants aren’t necessary. I don’t need to have the same things my friends and neighbors have. I need to be content with what God provides. If He had wanted me to be a successful writer, I believe He would have given me a passion to market what I wrote. Or maybe I listened to the wrong voice. I’m not sure, nor am I going to second guess now. The desire to write books is not inside me any longer. I want to write other things. Like these morning posts.

See God takes care of me. I am blessed. I have all I need. Life is good. My heart is happy. I’m enjoying where God has placed me and I want to convey this to others. To help them understand there is always hope. God loves all of us. He wants only good for us. My life will not look like other lives. But I know He loves me and will take care of me and I am looking at working for God’s Kingdom, for eternity, not for the world.