Finnegan's Diary

Mommy Made Changes! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi! There have been changes to my house. Mommy moved the bed under the window so now I can lay there and look outside at all the things that happen when it’s dark out there! I like that change a lot.

But then mommy moved the sofa under the windows in the living room and my cat tree had to be moved, too! Now it is next to the television. Her chair is now where the part of the sofa used to be that I liked to lay on. So, just to show I don’t like change, I started sleeping in her chair! I took her spot! Ha!

It took a few days, but now I like the rearrangement. Mommy is always saying things out loud like, “your daddy would love you!” I don’t know who daddy is, but of course he’d love me. I’m a lovable boy! She laughs a lot when I run around the house and play. That makes me happy. When I showed her I didn’t like the furniture moved, she said, “You are just like your daddy used to be.” I guess he must be a really great guy then.

Now I like where everything is. I have more room to play with my toys and I don’t mind jumping on the back of the sofa to look out the windows. Let me tell you more about my cat tree. I can lay on the bottom carpet place and play with my toys. I like to run through the house and zoom under the tree that way. I like to climb up and sleep in the little cave room. When I climb higher I can still look down and watch to make sure my toys are still safe. And when I sit on the top I’m as big as mommy. That’s where I keep an eye on her so I know where she’s going. Here’s some pictures.

I like to sharpen my claws on the ropes of the cat tree, too. My life is full and happy, but sometimes I cry a little. I look around because it feels like there should be another cat here. I can’t find it. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see it, but it won’t come to play.

I do like to sleep. At night I fall asleep looking out the window. Later I sleep against mommy’s legs. I used to sleep under the bed, but I like it better on the bed where I get warm next to her. I sleep on the floor during the day or on the bed in her office when she’s busy there. And sometimes I fall asleep in what mommy says are weird positions.

I guess that’s all I have to share this week, but I’ll be back next Wednesday! Bye for now! Until then, maybe you will find a perfect cat, just like me, if you go visit Cat Welfare! I have some buddies there who need a good home. Bye!