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Snow, Nature and Me

I love the beauty of nature. I often post my morning view from my office window because I love the peace and serenity I see. God’s work. I love what is revealed in spring and summer, fall and winter. I did a little research and found the sounds of nature trigger the part of the brain that lets us experience rest and relaxation. This is truly what I gain from my views as I sit at my computer every day and watch the darkness turn to the light of day.

Yesterday it snowed. I love the snow. I love to see the flakes falling from the sky and slowly covering the earth like a comfy blanket. I no longer enjoy driving in the snow, as I did when I was younger, but from my office window I love what I see. In my research, I also learned that snow absorbs about 60% of background sound. I hadn’t realized how true that is! The morning sounds of traffic on the road adjacent to my condo complex is silent this morning, yet I hear the call of the geese even louder than usual. Yesterday, just as the snow started falling, the ground was filled with birds seeking what they could find before the snow covered their feasting place.

I heard them chattering even through my closed door as I took these pictures. I didn’t enjoy my drive to church as it was slow going, but there were those who didn’t want to be careful. I saw several cars that slid into the ditches along the rural roads I travel on.

The snow was a wet snow and I watched it continue to fall throughout the day. The snow for me means serenity and calm. A peaceful and quiet atmosphere. When I see the beauty God creates, whether in sunny weather or the cold of winter, I feel positive and filled with joy.

Senior Life

Here’s To A Snowy Day

Sunday night snow began falling and we had several inches on the ground when I woke. As I was taking pictures through the storm door, Templeton saw the snow collected in the corners of the glass and tried to lick it. LOL! Poor little confused cat!

Monday was a perfect day to stay inside. I need to buy a filter for my house humidifier as the inside humidity has been 24 degrees. I so dislike getting shocked every time I reach for a light switch. But there was no way I was venturing out. Instead I nurtured a pan of boiling water on the stove throughout the day. Didn’t help much, so I will get that filter as soon as the weather allows.

I was able to Skype with my dear friend who is also my accountability writing buddy. We haven’t been able to visit face to face much in the past two years, so Skype is a wonderful tool for us.

Spent 30 minutes on the elliptical as well as working through another scene in the book. All in all it was a productive sort of day.

Snow days are kind of fun for me! I am thanking God for the beauty of the snowfall, the joy of watching a younger than me neighbor walking in the snow to look at the pond, and remembering the days when I used to shovel snow and enjoy it! God’s handiwork is always indescribably beautiful!