What I See in the Rain

After many hot, dry days, this morning it is overcast and raining. Right now it is a gentle, soft rain as if to prepare the ground for more to come. This rain from God is calling the trees, grass, and foliage to stand straighter, to cool the parched places and take hope in what is to come. God is giving life to the dying.

As things cool and the air becomes easier to breathe, I stand with my arms outstretched. Little droplets fall on my skin cooled by the breezes blowing through the trees. The windchimes tinkle. I am refreshed.

This temporary home has not been forgotten. God is working. He is changing something right now. Through faith in Him, I know I have a secure inheritance in Heaven. Jesus is coming again. All things will be made new. I will be reunited with loved ones from whom I have been temporarily separated. God’s promises can be trusted. While the world changes, He remains the same. In that knowledge, I have eternal hope.

Thank You, God, for this rain. This sign of hope. This drink of life. This time to still, breathe, and be thankful. Sitting at my porch table with dampened skin, sipping my tea, smiling, and thinking I love a rainy day.

Changing Desolate Wastelands

Everything needs water. The grass is brown and crunchy underfoot. Birds are scarcely seen. I stare at the landscape this morning and pray for rain. For the life-giving rain only God can send.

Water is essential to all life. Both physical water and spiritual water! I’ve seen humans bowed under the lack of spiritual water, their souls wasting away with bitterness and pain. I’ve been there before, too. In a place where I thought I could never escape…a hopeless place.

But God changed my desolate wasteland into a beautiful place of love, peace, acceptance, and hope. So as I lift my cup of tea this morning to pray for rain to bless our land, I also pray for the spiritual outpouring of water for the souls of all those lost in despair.

Morning Inspiration – The Old Rain Barrel

I grew up in a little community nestled in a “hollow” among hills and trees. In the olden days, it was dubbed “Dutch Hollow.” The road we lived on was and still is Dutch Hollow Road. A smattering of homes, most without indoor plumbing, is where all my friends lived with their families. Our water came from a pump outside and also some rain water captured in a large barrel.

Washing hair with the water from the rain barrel was supposed to make it healthier, though in retrospect, I suppose the well water was also provided due to rainfall. This water was used for watering flowers and even washing my dad’s car. Life seemed to be simpler then, but I’m sure it was only from my child’s eye view. There are times today when I wish I had an old rain barrel. We take water for granted today. Tomorrow my water supply will be cut off for three hours. I have to prepare for having a supply of water ready during this time. How nice it would be to have that old rain barrel to fall back on!

Life goes on, but memories linger. I enjoy rainy days like today when I open up my memory bank and smile at the young, naive, girl who grew up in a world much different than today. I have a refrigerator with bottled water. Imagine that! Water that comes through the magic of a faucet inside my home. A toilet that actually flushes and isn’t filled with spider webs and splinters. Lifting my cup of tea and thanking God for His goodness and for the memories of the old rain barrel.