Navigating the Complexity of Insurance and Drugs for Seniors

Navigating medical insurance and prescription drugs is becoming a nightmare for seniors on limited incomes. I’m 78 years young now and the idea of working is daunting. Businesses don’t look at seniors as capable as those under 50. I could maybe get a job as a greeter for Walmart, but I’m sure there are many other seniors like me who are waiting in line for any opening like this. Many don’t have the income necessary to survive.

As a diabetic, I should be eating a much healthier diet. But with the rising costs of groceries, I’ve been stocking up on canned goods, beans, rice, and other staples that have long shelf life. I don’t have the means to shop every week picking out fresh produce and meats. Honestly, I rarely eat meat. I have cut back on portions and don’t eat foods fried in oils. I do my best to eat a fairly balanced diet at least once a day. I do oatmeal for breakfast and leftovers for lunch.

Now after my big rant against the high cost of necessary medications by big pharmas in an earlier post, I’m caving in. With the increasing AFIB situations I’m experiencing, the idea of having a stroke is worrisome. I know the aspirin regimen does help with thinning my blood, but according to the information I’ve been reading, the medication my cardiologist has prescribed, Eliquis, will also help to prevent blood clots and strokes by a significant percentage over aspirin. I’ve worked out a way to afford the medication for 2022. Not that it isn’t a significant cost factor, but I’m cutting back in other areas, including reducing my insurance for 2022.

I’m also thinking I can cut back on the med by substituting aspirin on some days. If this doesn’t work, then I will talk to my doctor about switching to a less expensive drug, like Warfarin.

I spent the morning researching doctors, pharmacies, and drugs accepted by my insurance for 2022. For those businesses who don’t think seniors have a brain, believe me it is necessary to navigate the medical information!

There are other people, including seniors, who are in much worse situations financially than I am. I live a comfortable life, so I’m not complaining. Instead, I am praying for those less fortunate than me as well as myself. I still have hope that God is working to turn things around! Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and a thankful heart.

How Much for a Can of Soup?

Early morning dentist appointment for cleaning and x-rays. I love when I get a good report. I want to keep my teeth as long as possible. If I should ever need dentures they would have to do surgery first to remove the extra bones I have in my mouth. Ouch! So I try to take good care of the teeth I do have.

Stopped to pick up some cat food at the store and I needed a can of broccoli cheese soup. Yikes! $2.00 a can!! Inflation is really hurting people like me, who have a fixed income that just covers living expenses. I feel so sorry for those who are raising children right now. Putting my faith in God and his promise to provide what is needed. Time now for everyone to focus more on what is needed and put aside wants.

We’ve become a nation of more is better. So this morning, as I wait for the floride treatment to continue working, I’m not enjoying a cup of tea. Instead I offer a simple prayer to God, asking for Him to intervene with our government leaders to see the needs of the people instead of focusing on going further in debt, and filling the pockets of those who are twisting laws to increase their wealth. May your heart be filled with hope, happiness, and gratitude for what God has provided today.