Finding Positives in the Colors of Autumn

Life goes on as autumn takes over preparing us for the colder months ahead. The colorful array of trees are shedding their leaves now, creating crispy blankets on the ground. All around me are the gorgeous colors of fall!

One thing I’ve become aware of is how the wearing of a mask will be helpful on a cold, bitter winter day! There is always something positive to find in the controversy and negatives bombarding our lives.

Good news for me. The cardiologist found mild plaque in my left arterial downward branch (LAD) but no blockage. Another change in medication will hopefully stop further buildup. Still one more test to go next week. I’m grateful to have a cardiologist who is thorough in his assessment.

My coloring this past week continues to be slower producing than usual, but the positive here is God has given me a life allowing me to have days without commitments. Not days of luxury, I don’t need that, but the ability to choose my daily actions. Retirement can be good, even when one doesn’t have a huge bank account. It’s called being content with what God provides. It’s finding joy in the little things, being joyful for others without jealousy. It requires prayer and being honest with God.

Okay, enough deep thinking. So what did I do besides cleaning my two closets last week? Here you go!


Colouring Heaven Issue 63 Dragons Special (added stickles to the dragon after coloring)
Jade Summer
Chibi Girls Grayscale
Chibi Girls Grayscale
Jade Summer (stickles on mermaid scales)



Colouring Heaven Issue 49 Woodland Fairies – Rosehip Fairy
Artist Christine Karron
Hanna Karlzon Jewelry Box
Mariola Budek Art

Hurray! Introducing My New Blog Site!

It’s launch day! I’ve been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks, ever since I announced my retirement from writing novels. It is time for a change in my life and my lifestyle. This new blog will feature inspirational thoughts, stories from those good old days, stories about my cats, and pictures of my hobbies of coloring and diamond painting.

I titled my site Seasonal Changes because I love the changing of the seasons and also because in our lifetimes we go through different seasons, too. I love color. Seeing the seasons change through my office window touches my spirit and makes me smile. I feel closer to God when I view what only His hands can create.

The subtitle, My Colorful Journey, I hope, sets the stage for the colors in my life., including pictures of my coloring pages and diamond paintings, We can all find the beautiful colors in our lives if we focus on the positive. No matter how dark the storms we might walk through, there is something good God will show us.

It is October, my birthday month, and I am looking forward to sharing themed colorings with you. So thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you will continue reading my future blog posts.

May you have a blessed day and remember to be kind to others and to you.