Going Undercover

Last night Templeton decided he liked sleeping under the covers. We long ago determined I had one half of the bed and he had the other. But sometimes he will sleep at the foot of the bed on my side. When that happens, I can’t stretch my legs. In order to do so, I have to move to his side of the bed.

Well, as of last night, he wanted to try sleeping under the covers on his side and I gladly let him for my own sleeping comfort. He was very content except those times I moved from my left side to my right side. When that happened, he let me know he didn’t like being disturbed by uttering little whiny noises!

Honestly, my cat is very spoiled. But how can I resist? He’s going to be nineteen this summer. He’s an old man who has difficulty with arthritis in his hips. He spends most of the time sleeping these days. I don’t mind giving up a little of my own comfort to accommodate him. We have our routines and he has given me such joy over the years.

I’m not sure how long the undercover sleep will last. He tends to get bored with sleeping arrangements. The nice soft bed he used to sleep in all the time is ignored. The red crocheted afghan he was enamored with for a couple weeks is ignored. My warm wrap with sherpa lining he adored is being ignored.

For now, I’m going to enjoy being able to stretch my legs at night!

A Visitor with a Message of Hope

I believe this is a heron. Could be an egret.

There he sat, perched at the peak of my neighbor’s roof. My mouth opened in awe. A sight never seen before. I watched as he sat motionless on one leg. Like a statue. The grungy sky appeared to be pressing on him, yet as a breeze ruffled his feathers, he kept his balance. I couldn’t stop looking at him, nor did I want to, as a message became clear. A reminder to keep my balance no matter how dirty or grungy the world around me might be. A reminder that beyond the darkness lies hope eternal. Then, mission accomplished, he flew away. And I whispered, “Thank You, Lord.”

The past week held more worry and tears. I still miss my sweet Charlotte, and the thought that at any time, her siblings might also cross rainbow bridge, remains close in my thoughts. After all, they are now the equivalent of 88 human years. Older now than me. On Wednesday, my Templeton, didn’t quite complete a jump to the sofa beside me and it caused his hip to go out on him. I snatched him up, holding him close and telling him over and over that it was all right. That I had him. At 2:30 the next afternoon, I handed his carrier over to the vet tech. I sat in the car waiting to hear, dreading to hear, the results of x-rays. I prayed a lot. I cried a lot. God is good. Templeton is doing well on cosequin for felines and seems to be his old self again.

Still, my world’s colors have faded somewhat. No sunshine to lift my spirits. I cling tightly to knowing God loves me and this is only my temporary home. All I want for Christmas is for my family to be healthy and happy. Tangible things mean little. I would love to see healing and a cure across the world from COVID. I would love to see peace around the world. These are things I know God can fix, but in His big plan, only He knows why and what the outcome will be. We must endure the storm, and never lose sight of praising Him for the free gift of eternal life.

And so, as I end this weekly post, I leave you with my prayers, my love, and my wish for each of you to never, ever let go of hope.

Here are the few pictures I colored this week.

From Chibi Girls by Jade Summer

From Rose Windows by Creative Haven Illustrated by: Joel S. Avren

From grayscale Fairies, grayscale coloring book by Ruth Sanderson