Senior Life

The Little Faith Sheep

It is Thursday evening as I write this post for Friday morning. I returned home from my small group gathering a short time ago. We were finally able to have our little Christmas party which we postponed several times due to illnesses.

Oh, the wonderful food made by everyone! We had veggie pizza, banana muffins, chicken salad on croissants, cheeseball and crackers, grapes, pretzel candies, apple pie biscuit bombs, and vanilla ice cream. Needless to say we had plenty of delicious food to eat.

Our table conversation had many elements. We talked about fish. All kinds of fish and seafood, including sushi. Should say everyone else talked about fish they liked…shark, octopus, red snapper, crab, salmon…and I just shuddered. I am not a fish or seafood lover. Some of the things they talked about made me wish I hadn’t eaten prior! Like fish prepared with the head and tail intact, including eyeballs! Oh, no!!

Finally we switched to talking about our churchwide fasting and what each of us had decided to give up. We talked about our prayers and scriptures. We all shared different things and what we were doing. I told them about the more in-depth Bible studying I’m doing this year and about my verse mapping journal.

Then we decided to play our game with the presents we had brought. We picked numbers and chose a gift, opened it and then another person would choose, decide if they wanted to open the gift or exchange with someone who had already opened a gift. Not a single person chose to exchange. I was delighted with the little faith lamb I received.

It is sitting by my monitor on my desk to remind me to keep faith as I write. I know God is leading me and whenever Satan tries to place doubt, I will be reminded about having faith and trusting God when I look at the sheep.

It has been a wonderful day and a good week. I’m enjoying the evening quiet time so much. Why did I ever think television was a good thing? Until Monday…may your weekend be filled with God’s blessings.


Gaithers, Lost Vehicle, Puzzles, Pictures, Oh, My!

Why, yes, yes, I was at The Gaithers concert this past Saturday evening! My daughter’s small group, my daughter, and me gathered together taking up 20 seats to enjoy this spectacular night. It was an honor to be included. This group was my mom’s favorite gospel group. I remember her sitting in her recliner and watching them on television the year she came to live with us. Three of my favorite songs were written by Bill and Gloria: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; Something Beautiful, and Because He Lives. The old standards live in my heart. We laughed, cried a little, shouted, and sang…and we got lost in the parking lot and couldn’t find our SUV! Once we thought we spotted it, only to suddenly have the vehicle lights come on, revealing someone inside. Wrong vehicle! So much laughter. Of course, we finally found it, but it’s a memory we will remember always associated with this fun night.

Other than that, it was a fairly quiet and normal week for me. I did get my hair cut, took a short trip with a friend, and managed to color a couple of pictures and work on the puzzle. Since this week is going to be super hot, I will be spending most of my days in the A/C. Need to make a few more cards this week. Oh, and daughter told me about a puzzle game which I bought. I like to use my brain while I’m spending time with a game on the computer. My winter months look as if they will be full of activities I enjoy.

I finished my buddy color picture of the month this past week, but can’t show it for a couple of weeks yet. I also finished two other pictures. One I did with the Pitt Pastel pencils and the other with markers. The first picture is in my Fairies coloring book by Ruth Sanderson finished with the pastels. The second is in my Love 4 Flowers color by number book by Prachi Dewan Sachdeva.

The month is quickly drawing to an end and cooler weather will be upon us soon here in Ohio. The pine trees are sporting a healthy array of pine cones, and some of the leaves are turning yellow on my elderberry bush. It won’t be long before the pond becomes visible between the trees as the leaves begin to turn colors and fall. I’m grateful for the mornings I have been able to spend on my porch and anticipate more as the weather begins to cool.

I’m lifting my cup of tea to wish you all a wonderful week. May your hearts be filled with joy, your lips lift often in smiles, and your prayers be heartfelt. Until next week…