Memorial Day Thoughts

We are having a chilly beginning to this Memorial Day. I’m content to sit inside at my desk and plan some coloring for this day. None of my family have planned a get together, so I’m going to spend the day alone. I decided to fill it with inserting some color combinations for my various pencils. By putting them in a special spot in my Colorpedia Notebook, I will be able to refer to them when I’m looking for colors that blend well together. Then I will probably spend the afternoon coloring a new page.

This weekend has been one where I’ve thought about my mom and her younger days. I always wished she would have talked more about the time she and my dad had together before she passed. See, my dad was one who gave all in World War II. He was killed on a naval boat on December 7, 1944, just two weeks short of his 20th birthday. I have one picture of him and I sent to receive his military records, so I do have those. I also have just a few letters written to my mom while he was deployed. He died when I was one year old. Those days are lost forever and I can only imagine what it was like at that time. I do have a memory of a memorial service for him after his remains were returned home. I must have been very young. I just recall flags, folding chairs, and I see me bending over the seat of a chair as young children do. As a few tears sting my eyes, I cling to the promise God has made that I will be reunited with him in Heaven.

Let me move on before I become too maudlin. I did color a few pictures this past week, and I can share the picture I colored with my daughters this month as well. I’ll show that one first. I colored it with Faber Castell Pitt Pastel pencils (which is like a chalk). I added some dots with white gel pen to imitate “sparkles.” The book is Fairy Companions, artist Selina Fenech, and the picture title is “Glow and Shimmer.”

The second picture is titled “Angel Eyes” from the book Fairy & Fantasy 2, artist Christine Karron. This picture was colored with Brutfuner oil pencils. I was aiming for a very pastel angel effect and I hope I accomplished this.

This next picture was also colored with the Brutfuner oil pencils, which have become my favorite pencils. I received them as a gift in 2018. The book is Colouring Heaven Steampunk Special Issue #74. I just received this book and this is Dawn first picture colored in it. The artist is Dawn Davidson. The title is “Errand Boy.”

The next picture is from the Chibi Girls Grayscale. I’m still hoping to complete this book by the end of the year. I colored it with Belleza alcohol markers and used some neon and white gel pens for some “glitter” around the lights which I tried to portray as revolving neon lights. LOL!

These last two pictures were colored in Colouring Heaven Steampunk Special Issue 47, artist Hannah Lynn. This is another book I’m trying to finish this year. I colored them with Caliart alcohol markers and Brutfuner oil pencils.

And that is all I have to share for this week. I wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day. Until next time…

Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – My Dad Gave All

Another cool morning with cloudy skies, and brisk wind. It has been a crazy season so far, jumping back and forth between fall and summer! Not sure what happened to spring. But each day, regardless of what the weather brings is a gift to be opened and enjoyed. A blessing from God. Tomorrow is the day chosen in the USA to celebrate “Memorial Day.” A day to honor all those soldiers who gave all for their country. My dad was one of them. I hope folks don’t lose the understanding of why they have a long weekend to enjoy.

I don’t know why God’s plan was to take my dad at such a young age. When I was just a baby who never got a chance to know him. But, I’m assured, through Jesus Christ, to be reunited with him one day. That is the hope and the truth of the cross. Lifting my cup of tea and giving thanks to God for the promise of eternity in Heaven.