Senior Life

Believe You Can and Do It!

An aging body is not for sissies! With the sudden glorious weather, I felt inspired to get off the elliptical walker indoors and take a nice walk around my condo area. Full sun from early morning until sunset, low humidity, and temperatures in the high seventies to low eighties, these days are meant for enjoyment.

Tuesday I defied Satan and his whispers in my mind telling me my hips, back, and feet could not handle walking for any distance. Putting on my walking shoes, I stepped out on faith. Each time I reached the beginning point of the five loops I made during a forty minute span I could hear Karen Abercrombie as Miss Clara in War Room saying “Oh, devil, you just got your butt kicked!”

I felt fantastic when I concluded my walk, but on Wednesday morning, my hip joints didn’t want to move! Of course, the best thing to do with muscle soreness is to move, and I had plenty of that going on. Finally, after lunch, I decided to defy the devil again and take another walk. This time four loops in thirty minutes. On Tuesday I was in full fat burning mode, but yesterday I was in cardio mode most of the time. Since I take medication to keep my heart rate low, getting into cardio is a major workout for me. I prefer to be in the fat burning, but have difficulty in maintaining.

The walks have been therapeutic for me. I met two new neighbors who moved in this year and shared brief conversations along the way with those I’m already acquainted with. This move has been wonderful for me as I feel so safe. In my old neighborhood, walking wouldn’t have been safe without staying on my own block. I’ve met more people here than I knew in the 33 plus years I lived in my old neighborhood.

As of this morning, I’m a little stiff but muscles are much better. I’m planning to walk again today. All is quiet this morning as I write this at 7:30 am. It is 53 degrees outside. I may slip on a light sweater and walk soon. Aging bodies aren’t for sissies, but they aren’t useless either. Attitude makes a difference and believing that with Christ you can do what you set your mind to achieve. Happy walking, my senior friends!

Senior Life

Front Porch and Sunshine

Oh, what a glorious two days! I opened my windows to let in fresh air and sunshine for the first time this year. The temperature rose into the low 70’s. I cleaned out my front garden and found coneflower stems coming to life. God gave me glimpses of coming months and my heart lifted with renewed hope.

Wednesday was a perfect day to arrange my porch for outdoor sitting. Then I decided to take a short walk around two of the condo units. With my arthritis getting more severe in my back, toes and ankles, I need to take it slow and work up to longer walks. Thursday I lengthened my walk to making a full circle around the condo community. I needed to sit when I returned, but both of those walks brought me joy!

I also spent several hours sitting at the table on the porch and wrote. I love writing outside! The time is coming when I can sit outside in the mornings and enjoy my tea while I write. Today and tomorrow God is bringing rain. It’s all right. I know rain is needed for spring to bring forth new growth with beautiful colors.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time enjoying the weather on my front porch. I sat quietly and rocked filling my heart with gratitude. I even colored for a little while, although the sun began to melt my colored pencils causing me to stop. I’ve been working on another picture in the Worlds Within Worlds book. It’s the Belongs To double page spread. One side of the tree is finished, and I hope to finish the left side today while skyping with my daughter. Then I can begin adding other colors. May your hearts be filled with love, joy, and trust in the Lord.