The Joy of Changing Seasons

I am delighted Autumn has arrived! I slept so soundly under my comforter as the outdoor temperature plummeted to 40 degrees. I haven’t used my A/C or heat for two months now. There’ve been nights when I’ve struggled as the inside temps rose to 80 degrees. Thank goodness for overhead fans! Now it is a comfortable 70 degrees inside.

Last winter there were many times when my body temperature dropped and I shivered and couldn’t get warm even though the inside temperature was 70 degrees. I am going shopping for thermal underwear because I’m setting my heat to 68 degrees this year in response to the rising costs of natural gas.

Oh, if one spends time watching news, there is danger of growing fear over inflation, supply chains, and such, but what good is it to worry? Worrying only means one doesn’t trust in God. I do. He gave us common sense, but many don’t use it.

There are people saying Christmas isn’t happening this year! Why? Because of supply chains. Crazy, right? The world wants to make Christmas a commercial holiday. I’m not buying into what the world has to say. Christmas is a holiday Christians celebrate to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Supply chains can’t deter that!

As for my cat, Templeton, he is doing great! His digestive system has calmed down after many months where he continued to decline and I feared he would die. He is now eating a digestive health canned food along with his dry food. Life is back to normal for him and me. I’m humbled by answered prayers.

I’m enjoying my small group Bible study and the camaraderie of these beautiful women. Every Wednesday I have lunch with a dear friend, and on Sunday after church she and I have lunch together. I spent a little time with my daughter on Friday and she presented me with a gift for my upcoming birthday–a fantastic outfit. My favorite part is a very warm, cuddly long cardigan! I’ll be wearing this a lot as the weather continues to change. It’s perfect for snuggling in when I’m reading!

Last week I did a lot of reading. When I get caught up in reading, I have difficulty tearing myself away from the story. As such, I didn’t work on my Christmas cards, nor did I do any research for my winter book project. I did work on a puzzle in short spurts of time, but it’s going to be another week before it is finished. I colored a few pictures, too.

As Autumn brings beautiful colorful changes into view, I’m happy to enjoy every moment with gratitude. And I realize how special each day is, bringing unique opportunities. I’m thankful to learn new things as God teaches me how to age gracefully. Lifting my cup of tea and leaving you with these words: The Word of God should be the source of truth for our lives. Until next time…

Morning Inspiration – Don’t Dwell on the Trail of Brokenness

Wouldn’t our lives be better if we woke up every morning and said “This is the first day of the rest of my life. Thank you, Lord, for this day. I will make the most of it and not look back. Thank you for forgiving me and loving me.” If we have the Holy Spirit living in us, our thoughts are always filled with thanks for the small blessings each day. All of us have left a trail of brokenness behind, but we don’t need to dwell there. Every day is an opportunity to change, but we must have a realistic outlook. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but when we stop and ask God for direction instead of relying on ourselves, we begin the journey to healing and a better life. Lifting my cup of tea with a good morning smile and thanks for another day with unending opportunities. You’ll find them if you ask God to direct your footsteps and listen for His answer.

Morning Inspiration – God’s Handiwork

Good morning! Did you thank God for the gift of a new day yet?

Rain is expected later today, but the forecast also includes temperatures climbing to 80. I’ll take it with much gratitude! As I gaze across the freshly mowed landscape, I’m filled with peace and joy. There is something miraculous in the quiet of the morning amid God’s handiwork. Such beautiful green colors with the treetops moving softly in the breeze. A robin is having breakfast in front of my porch. My neighbor’s tulips are bright and beautiful. The little pine tree that last week drooped beneath a cover of snow, is standing tall and spreading branches to welcome the day. Life is all around me. And I am in the midst of God’s majesty. I am blessed.

Lifting my cup of tea as I smile with true joy at this gift God has given on this morning. May your day be sprinkled with happy views, loving kindness, and gratitude.