Finnegan's Diary

A Finnegan Thanksgiving (Finnegan’s Diary)

Good morning, to all my faithful followers! It’s been a long week and seems like a month has passed since I last sat at this keyboard. I’ve been getting my exercise by zooming around the house and running through my tunnel. I still love my tunnel! I also discovered a plastic ball with a bell inside that rolls all over the floor when I bat it. I love chasing it and it’s easy to find since it makes noise.

On Thursday, mommy watched a lot of movies, and I spent time on her lap. She explained to me about Thanksgiving being that day and how thankful she was to find me. Don’t tell her, but I’m the one who found her. When she was walking around and looking in the cages, I gave her my “please pet me” look and sure enough it worked. Once she knew what a loving boy I was, she couldn’t resist. But I let her think it was her who found me. I mean, that’s what we cats do. We have choices and we decide who we are going to adopt as our parent/s.

I digress. We didn’t have family for Thanksgiving. It was just the two of us, and that was fine with me. But on Friday afternoon, people started coming through the door…people I didn’t know, and some I did. I wasn’t afraid or nervous at all. I let everybody pet me and play with me. I did remember the little girl I met before. She was running around the house like I do when I get the zoomies. She played with me a lot. She also picked me up and carried me, which I tolerated but didn’t particularly like.

Everybody ate except me. I stayed in the living room and watched mommy hoping she’d remember me, too. And she did. When everyone finished, she fed me. And then it was back to the living room to get more attention. It was a good day. I hope we do Thanksgiving again this week.

Mommy likes to watch other kitties on her television. I like them, too. I wish we had another kitty, so I’d have a buddy to play with when I want to. I wouldn’t want it to try to sleep in my favorite spots, though. And mommy said no, that if she let another kitty come to live with us, she wouldn’t have enough money to feed us both. And I don’t want to share. I like my food. So maybe she’ll get me a stuffed one for Christmas. One that purrs and is big like me.

(Big yawn!) I’m looking at my window bed and thinking how good it feels to sleep there. Time for my morning nap. See you next Wednesday!

Love, Finnegan

Author's Life

No Food, No Table for Many

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. A day people look forward to throughout the year. A day to eat turkey and pumpkin pie, and all kinds of side dishes. A day to eat way too much and then watch a football game. I remember cooking for my rather large family for years. Truly I enjoyed all the cooking and preparation, and the wonderful smells from the kitchen, and mostly, the family at the table.

In recent years, my daughters and their families have done the cooking and our gatherings have grown smaller. We are doing our celebration today, the day after the official holiday.

I’m reminded there are many who have no families to celebrate holidays with, and many who are homeless. Thanksgiving Day may not mean the same to everyone that it does to me or to you. Typically, we sit around a table and share the things we are most thankful for before eating. But rarely do we remember there are people who do not have a table. Many who do not have food.

This puts a different perspective on thankfulness. Everything, and I mean everything, we have has been provided by God. We should not take credit for it. God is our provider. A homeless person might be thankful to have a meal at a local mission. A family who cannot afford food for this day might be thankful for a church providing the ingredients. Others, like us, think nothing of having all we can eat.

Today as my family gathers around a table of Thanksgiving offerings, I will be thinking of the most important things in my life. I’ll be thankful for having a roof over my head, family at my side, and most of all for God loving us so much. Thankful I am rich in all that matters.

Finnegan's Diary

Cat’s View of Thanksgiving (Finnegan’s Diary)

Mommy was telling me about Thanksgiving. I heard the word but didn’t really know what it meant. She explained that Thanksgiving means focusing on the things that God has provided in our lives and telling Him how thankful we are. She said gratitude has a lot to do with attitude, and that even though our lives might not be all we want them to be, we should find the blessings and give thanks. She said we should look for the important things we are thankful for, like family, and love.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this word. I decided the most important thing for me is my mommy. She rescued me, and she shows me every day what it means to be loved. She feeds me and keeps my tummy full and even gets on the floor to play with me. I’m thankful for her.

Showing Mommy how much I love her isn’t hard. I follow her everywhere she goes. I like to touch her and give her kisses and hug her. Most of all I like sleeping on her lap. I’ve been doing a lot of that since she explained about Thanksgiving because I want to show gratitude.

Another thing I want to show gratitude for is my tunnel! Mommy bought it for me and I have so much fun hiding inside and running through it as fast as I can! Sometimes mommy will throw one of my fuzzy balls in the tunnel. I run through and when I come out the opposite end, I have the ball in my mouth. I toss it high in the air and then chase it around the floor. Mommy says I’m getting my exercise. So I’m full of Thanksgiving for my tunnel, too.

Mommy says I need to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving before I close my blog today. Wishing all of you lots of turkey and all the trimmings, full tummies, lots of smiles, and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Morning Thoughts

Peaceful Anticipation

I am aging gracefully this morning with a cup of tea and comfy lounging PJ’s. I wait in peaceful anticipation of our small family gathering tomorrow at my youngest daughter’s home. I can imagine the wonderful scents of thanksgiving: roasted turkey, gravy, potatoes, vegetables, pies, and so much more. Best of all will be the joy of being with family as we voice our love and the things for which we are most thankful.

Today is a stay at home day wearing comfortable slippers and loungewear while I work on addressing Christmas cards. Other than tomorrow’s gathering, I won’t be leaving the comfort of my home again until Sunday morning. No shopping sprees for me. Once I finish the Christmas cards, I’m going to dedicate a day to remove the fall decorations and replace them with Christmas things. That day will consist of music, singing off key, smiles, and thanks to God for it all!

This is the season for me of peaceful anticipation of the most joyful celebration of remembering Christ’s birth and the hope He brought for all of us! The greatest gift of Christmas–the gift of a beloved Son to save the world.

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing everyone a Happy Day of Thanksgiving.


A Heart of Thanksgiving

This is Thanksgiving week. I’m happy to be joining family gathering at my youngest daughter’s house and to not cook a turkey. She always gives me easy things to contribute. But I do miss the smell of Thanksgiving and the leftovers. I did purchase a 3 pound turkey breast which is in my freezer. I’ll make a mini Thanksgiving meal for myself in December when I decorate for Christmas.

This time of year can bring moments of sadness with missing those who have been called home. I’m thankful to turn into the arms of Jesus for comfort. He reminds me this is only temporary and one day He will lead me to them. In the meantime, this is the life I’ve been given and each day is a gift to enjoy. I smile because this life is good and filled with blessings.

Yesterday my grandson called to tell me he had proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes! Oh, what happiness filled my heart. Other family members are struggling in various situations. I know God is working in their lives, too, and I trust Him for healing their hearts. He is faithful.

The world is filled with suffering and hate. Yet, I stand firm in my faith that God is working in the background and there is no reason to fear. I’m looking forward to family gatherings, family meals, laughter, love, old memories, and new memories to be made.

Trying to give my eyes rest this week, I colored one picture this week while skyping with my daughter. It has been a quiet week of resting and prayer.

It is my prayer that I will live each day from this day forward with a Thanksgiving heart! Until next time…