Always be Joyful

Do you ever stop and thank God for the gifts of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste? Or do you take them for granted? Being honest, I admit I never take my sight for granted as looking at nature opens a natural thankfulness for all He has created. Yet, while I enjoy the sounds I hear, the feel of my hands petting an animal or pressing the keys on a keyboard, the taste of my favorite foods, and the smell of flowers and fresh air, I forget to thank the One who has given me these things.

There is so much beauty in the fall months, I am sometimes overwhelmed by what I see. Today I’m focusing on the sound of the geese calling out as they fly in formation over my home, and I give thanks. I close my eyes and really feel my fingers on the keyboard, and I give thanks. I smell the comforting aroma of apple spice tea, and I give thanks. I tasted the oatmeal I prepared differently than usual this morning, and I didn’t like it, but I ate it and gave thanks.

I received a new mug from my dear friend yesterday, along with the apple spice tea, and it makes me smile this morning as I sip the warm liquid and read the scripture and the word on the mug. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 and the word “Joyful.” This verse and this word feel as if they are etched on my heart. I believe these will become my focus for 2022.

Lifting my cup of tea to wish you a joyful day.