Morning Thoughts

Seeing Through Another’s Eyes

How easy it becomes to find fault with others. To point fingers. To judge their decisions, their clothing, their lifestyle. So easy to forget the grace God extends to us!

No single human on earth is perfect. We are all sinners. We need to stop looking and comparing, judging and condemning others and ourselves! We need to remember that God loves us and wants the best for us. That doesn’t mean we will all be the same or have the same things. He gives us what we need. Not always what we want.

He gives us grace. When we sin, we find grace and forgiveness. It is ours, given through the cross, and we don’t have to earn it with good works or going to church every Sunday. It requires one thing. Believing in Jesus Christ, believing in our heart that He was crucified, died, and was resurrected. Accepting our sinful nature and asking for forgiveness. Accepting Him as our Savior. Only then will our hearts be changed and we will become new. We will be reborn.

I want to always look through the eyes of Jesus Christ. To see others and myself as He sees us. To love unconditionally and extend grace. Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and a wish for each of you to be filled with hope and peace.

Morning Thoughts

Morning Inspiration – Tumbling in the Wind

I have two plants I place on wire stands on my front porch. Every time a strong wind kicks up, they take a tumble. The entire stand falls over. Sigh. I thought the wind would just blow through the spindly legs of the stand with no problem. Now I’m thinking I need to purchase a new two in one shepherd’s hook to hold them.

This morning, a blustery wind is blowing outside in the colder temperature arriving after a day of rain. I have placed my plants in a safer location, on the ground, close to the house.

Sometimes those sudden strong winds blow in our lives, unexpected and unwanted, and we wobble under the force. There have been times when I’ve fallen, just like my plants. But like the plants, I had Someone who lifted me and put me in a safe place. That’s the peace of being in Christ.

Lifting my cup of tea with a grateful heart for the gift of this new day and the grace of God.