This Writer’s Journey

I’ve been in cave mood this week, perched on a chair in my office running every scene of my book through a new editing program. Hope to finish today. Then one final reading and I’ll be going into the publishing phase. It’s exciting when the book reaches the final stages of publication. Then I wait anxiously for the sample paperback to ensure it is correctly formatted. The next step is the best…when I say publish it now!

I love the entire process of writing to publication. Unfortunately, a lot of writers have no idea what goes into making a book publishable. I don’t want to ruin my reputation by just writing and hitting publish without making sure the book has been properly edited. Writing is hard work, patience, and perseverance. It is being dedicated to a goal and having a passion to fulfill that goal.

Along the journey, since 2001, I admit I’ve faltered. So easy to fall into a trap of believing there are no more stories left to tell, to feel lost, broken, and useless as a writer. At times it is difficult to decipher between God’s voice and Satan’s voice. And, sometimes, we just need a hiatus. A resting period, because life requires so much from us, there is nothing left for storytelling.

This is the year God called me to return to write for Him. To share His goodness and how he takes brokenness and changes it to joy. In this soon to be published book, I named a little girl, Joy. The significance will become evident as you read Katy and Ben’s story.

Now back to cave mode.

If Only…Whining About My Office Chair

If only…

I could find a chair for my office that fits my body. One that supports my back, but allows my feet to sit comfortably on the foot rest. For years I have found myself sitting on the outer edge of my chair. I even tried sitting on a balance ball for a while. Since I can’t do anything about the length of my legs, perhaps I need to find a desk that is lower to the ground. LOL!

There’s the possibility of sitting in my recliner with my laptop, but the arms get in the way. And then, when I’m coloring or making cards, I need to sit at my desk. My kitchen table is even higher so that’s out of the question.

I do love my big desk. It was a purchase made in celebration of receiving my first book contract. It has served me well for over sixteen years. I don’t want to replace it, just my office chair. I know I’m not the only one who has this kind of problem, so if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

And Then They Went Where?

My dear friend and fellow author’s books are always so long, her editor has her cut back on the number of words. We write in different genres, but I doubt I could ever write as many words in a novel as she does. I write contemporary inspirational romance novels which typically are around 65,000 words.

The biggest struggle for me is creating different locations for my characters to keep the setting interesting. Sometimes I get hung up on doing this, when it probably isn’t necessary. My books are heavily character driven, so I hope the reader is invested in the characters instead of where they are at any given moment.

Still, it would be terribly boring if every scene was staged in the very same place. People don’t spend their entire days in one spot. Oh, wait, for the most part, I do! LOL! Most days are spent in my office! Now that would be a very boring book! The author sat to write. And she wrote that day, and the next, and the next. I’m envisioning Snoopy sitting on his doghouse writing those words after it was a dark and stormy night.

Writing is a fun adventure. I admire all the authors who create new worlds of fantasy. New words, new languages…I love to read them, but what a mind-boggling task it would be for me to attempt. Which I won’t. Ever. Instead I’ll sit here moving my characters through scenes, hoping I vary the settings just the right amount.

I Didn’t Expect It To Be Fun

…and it wasn’t! I spent most of the day working on my fiction writing. Well, not writing but setting everything up. First I had to finish the Books by Carol Ann Facebook page. That took most of the morning.

Next I wanted to update the Books page on this blogsite. I added the links to the books on Amazon and added blurbs about each book. That took most of the time right after lunch.

Since I’m fasting from watching television in the evenings, I decided to make sure I still had the partially written book from 2019. I searched and searched but couldn’t find it on my laptop, nor on the flash drive. I had moved the desktop computer into my bedroom for safekeeping so I decided to check it. Yay! I found it. I copied it to the flash drive, but then I began thinking how much I enjoyed writing on the desktop because of the larger monitor. The only problem is I need a pull-out drawer for the keyboard because my desk is a bit high for me to do a lot of writing without having issues.

I began thinking about a small portable table I have that slides under the sofa so I can color or diamond paint in the living room. It might be just the right size to hold the desktop and keyboard and at a good height. Oh, those thoughts we get when we want to make something work!

Actually, the all-in-one computer fit perfectly on the little table. The mouse, though, wouldn’t fit alongside the keyboard. Then I turned to look at the desk again. If only I had a pull-out drawer for the keyboard. I could also keep my laptop there. Sigh.

Then the brainstorm hit. I bet the table would slide under the desk and it would hold the laptop and the keyboard! So I moved the all-in-one desktop computer to my desk and plugged it in. Sure enough the table works perfectly underneath the desk. I just need to be a little careful when I slide it out.

Happy with the new setup, I turned on the computer so I could update to the newest version of my writing program. The download went great, but then I had trouble entering the license key. Part of the problem was trying to see around the cat who was insisting on sitting right in front of the monitor. After four tries, I was sure they would think I was trying to steal the license! On the fifth try I succeeded and was happy to see the notice that I could legally use the purchased software on more than one computer.

Now the book is ready to for me to complete. I’ve saved it on both computers and the flash drive just as a precaution. But looking at the clock I saw it was 9:30pm. I’m usually in bed around this time, but I had to write a blog. So here I am!

Thanking God for giving me patience to accomplish what was needed to get back to the business of writing!

Until next time…